NBDE Part II breakdown

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Aug 12, 2016
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Decided to follow in suit of @Incis0r and post a breakdown.

Studied for 2 weeks and passed. Got my score back in 11 days. Studied 6-8 hours a day.

Materials: Mental Dental, Mastery app

- did the app 1.66x
- watched mental dental on 3x and did not watch the ortho chapter

Overall, the exam felt easier than Part 1 since its mostly stuff you learned second year of dental school. Most of the questions were fairly obvious or you could think thru them. There were a bunch of tricky questions and random questions i had to guess on. I finished day 1 in 6 hours and day 2 in 3 hours.

I am a third year student and our school let us take boards early since we had so much downtime not being in clinic. It probably helped that a lot of this stuff I had just learned a few months prior.

Study, go with your gut, and pass!

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I just took the ortho course at my school haha. I felt I knew enough to not have to watch his chapter (which is also the longest chapter in the series). I do love ortho though and will apply after I get out of the navy!
Honestly it's the right move, studying ortho felt really low yield for Part 2. Some sections it just feels like it's easier to take the hit and get some questions wrong.
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