Need Advice for DAT (Dental Admission Test)

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Jul 23, 2017
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First, I would like some advice from people who took the DAT or people that know what sort of material to study with.
I'm currently studying the Kaplan DAT 2016 Strategies, Practice and Review. I went over the entire book once, and now I'm going over it a second time. I don't know what else I need to incorporate in my studying. I obviously need practice exams and questions. I heard DAT destroyer and Chad's videos will do, but can anyone clarify this for me or provide me with what they think is necessary materials to study for the DAT.

Second, I have a question regarding my chances of being accepted.
I'm a recent graduate from Wayne State University with Overall GPA of 3.65; science GPA is 3.39. I have a BA in Biological Sciences. I have never really did any extracurricular activities, and I only did 1 semester of Bio Elective where I did lab work. After graduating, I did 150 hours of volunteer dental assistance; part of my duty was to welcome patients in, seat them in the room, pull up their file and x-rays, and prepare them for the dentist to work on. I also helped the dentist from time to time in taking x-rays, dental fillings and cleaning, as well as cleaning and sterilizing used equipment.
What score do I need to strive for on DAT to apply to Detroit Mercy or University of Michigan?

Third, I'm considered a URM "under represented minority", does this actually change anything in the real world; if so, why?

Thanks to all in advance for answering my question, I really need the help and very appreciative of all suggestions.

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Study materials for the DAT - I would definitely not be solely relying on a Kaplan book as preparation. In my opinion Kaplan's material isn't worth going through twice, or even once if I'm honest. Cliff's AP Bio, Bootcamp, Destroyer, and Chad's videos (although Bootcamp has chemistry videos now that are quite good) are commonly used by students to prepare for the DAT and I think they're all very valuable resources. Are there any specific areas of clarification you need on these resources?
So am I wasting my time with Kaplan? Also, in what order should I go through the material you provided for me?
-Thank you
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So am I wasting my time with Kaplan? Also, in what order should I go through the material you provided for me?
-Thank you

I think Kaplan is a waste, just because other review materials are far better and more tailored to the DAT. Cliff's AP Bio, Chad's videos, and Mike's videos (on Bootcamp) are all content review and should be done first, in parallel. Once you're comfortable with the content review and want to start testing your knowledge, you would use Bootcamp and Destroyer (Bootcamp has practice tests and questions written in the style of the real DAT, while Destroyer uses a different question style that's knowledge testing based). I would also use Bootcamp's PAT generators to practice that section ASAP.