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  1. dentaldawg123

    Contacting schools for unofficial DAT scores // Help contacting Touro

    Hi all! Do you guys know if we can contact schools and ask if they accept looking at unofficial DAT scores before its verified? Also I tried contacting Touro over the phones and it seemed as if their phone line did not work. Then I tried emailing them and they have not responded in weeks. Anyone...
  2. 9

    Is my DAT score high enough for top schools?

    Hello, all! Just a quick question that I always find myself pondering: are my DAT scores good enough to get into a competitive dental school? I plan on applying next cycle, so I’m kinda down to the wire. Here are my numbers: GPA (science and non-science are roughly the same): 3.8-3.9 DAT...
  3. lgk5x4

    Any school that'd accept my DAT score?

    Hi All, I wanted to know if there is any school that would accept my dat scores, I tried to lookup them up, however, dental schools usually post their avg. dat score. any help would be appreciated! QR 15 RC 15 OC 18 Bio 19 GC 19 PAT 20 AA 17 GPA 3.79
  4. V

    DAT Breakdown 2018 (19 PAT/20 QR/25 RC/18 BIO/16 GC/25 OC/18 TS/20 AA)

    Hello! I am planning on applying this June, but am a little worried about my numbers. I have a 3.0 GPA and I didn't do super well (Bs and Cs) in my core science classes in undergrad. I don't have high hopes in terms of top schools, but would I be able to get in to any schools with my GPA + DAT...
  5. D

    DAT Score Question

    Hi dental nation; I hope all is well. I took my DAT on Monday 2/19/18, and the score breakdown was as follows: PAT: 19 QR: 20 RC: 22 BIO: 22 GCHEM: 22 OCHEM:19 Total Science: 21 Academic Average: 21 For the most part, I'm satisfied with my results, but conflicted as to whether it'd be wise to...
  6. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win a free DAT PAT book from Gold Standard!

    Win a DAT PAT book to help you ace the PAT section. This book contains: detailed discussions and colored illustrations of strategies for each PAT section (keyhole, TFE, angle ranking, hole punching, cube counting, pattern folding) 1 full-length practice test with explanations covering the NS...
  7. D

    DAT Scores

    Hello, I am a rising senior biomedical engineering student at UConn with a 3.95 cumulative gpa and a 3.93 science gpa. I just took the DAT and ended up with the following scores: 25GC 21Bio 20Orgo 19QR 19PAT 17RC 22TS 20AA. In your opinion, do I need to retake the test? I hope to end up at...
  8. W

    Need Advice for DAT (Dental Admission Test)

    First, I would like some advice from people who took the DAT or people that know what sort of material to study with. I'm currently studying the Kaplan DAT 2016 Strategies, Practice and Review. I went over the entire book once, and now I'm going over it a second time. I don't know what else I...
  9. D

    Waive DAT Score

    Hey SDN, So here's my situation: I've been planning for several years to take the DAT and apply this cycle. However, about 3 months ago I went through a pretty significant life crisis and decided to postpone taking the DAT and applying until next cycle. Unfortunately, I had already paid for the...
  10. socal6

    April 2017 DAT Breakdown: 23 AA, 24 TS

    Hey guys, just reposting this here since I accidentally posted on the main forum! AA: 23 TS: 24 -- Bio: 25 GC: 26 OC: 22 PAT: 23 RC: 23 QR: 20 DAT Bootcamp average Bio = 23.5 GC = 22.75 OC = 20 RC = 20.5 QR = 18.5 PAT = 19.5 2009 scores Bio = 24 GC = 23 OC = 19 RC = 21 QR = 19 PAT = 22...
  11. B

    What schools to apply to as a canadian?

    Hello guys, I am a Canadian student (UofT - Human Bio major) applying to American Dental schools. What Canadian-friendly schools should I be applying to? I have just finished my American DAT (24AA, 25TS, 21PAT), with a 4.0 GPA (thanks to the CAD->USD conversion), 100+ hours of shadowing...
  12. A

    Should I retake DAT?

    Hey guys, I just took the DAT. I am unsure to whether I should retake it or not. I am planning to apply for this cycle (2017 cycle). Would have any chances as a "late"applicant with these scores? PA:19 RC:19 QR:16 GC:17 OC:20 AA/TS/PA :18/18/19 My cumulative GPA: 3.7 Science GPA: 3.51
  13. V

    Engineering student.. Can I get into a dental school?

  14. D

    How do I check which dental schools have my DAT score?

    So last year I took my DAT, and made sure when I signed up to send them to every dental school in the US, or I am pretty sure I did...but recently received an email from rutgers saying "In order for your application package to be completed, we must receive your DAT scores through AADSAS" So I'm...
  15. T

    DAT Inquiries

    Hope all is well. I am wondering if you could please answer some questions about DAT/dental school app. Thank you so much!! 1. Should I start working on the dental school application now? Would it be okay if I submit the application without the DAT score, meaning do schools review the...
  16. D


    Hello! I finally finished the DAT!!! YAY! This was my second time taking the DAT and I want to share my DAT experience with everyone on sdn. If anyone has a question, don't hesitate to ask. =) SCORES: AA: 20 BIO: 20 GC: 21 OC: 23 QR: 18 RC: 19 PAT: 19 TS: 21 MATERIALS USED: BIOLOGY: Cliffs AP...
  17. Z

    Are these DAT scores good enough?

    DAT SCORES PAT 27 QR 24 RC 20 Bio 24 GChem 18 Ochem 19 TS 20 AA 21 Hello everyone, I took the DAT earlier this year and now that I am starting the application process, I am a bit anxious about my scores. I am an adult student, my GPA is about 3.3 and I still have 4th year of undergrad to...
  18. DATanimelover

    May 2016 DAT Score

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if my scores are good enough to get into any dental school, I was kind of disappointed because of my low science scores, I thought I would do better in them then in the PAT and RC, haha other way around, and I was a Bio major :wtf: My gpa, off the top of...
  19. kirby123

    Just took my DAT Today: Chances/Competitiveness?

    Hi all, I scored AA 19/ TS 19/ OC 19/ GC 20/ Bio 19/ RC 20/ QR 17/ PAT 20 I'm not too happy about my QR 17 considering it's "average" but I really want to avoid going through the whole DAT process if I can.... :'( My cumulative GPA is 3.727 and my science GPA is 3.735 A little background: I...
  20. T

    DAT Score competitive?

    Hi, I just recently took the DAT, and I was wondering if I should consider retaking. My DAT scores were: AA 20 TS 19 PA 22 QR 19 RC 22 Bio 18 GC 19 Orgo 21 My cumulative gpa is a 3.31 and my science gpa is a 3.33. A little background. I initially struggled in college, and by the end of my...
  21. 8

    What DAT score will guarantee going to dental school?

    Okay, let's just create a hypothetical scenario. (This is NOT ME Let's just assume something) Let's say you have your average Joe dental applicant. He has about a 3.6 GPA, he does some service and has the average job shadowing time, ect. What kind of DAT score could a person like this get but...
  22. Mhines24

    GPA and Dat Score For Admissions

    I went to 2 undergraduate schools so I have a gpa from each school. ECU (First 2 years, 53 hours) - 3.26 gpa NCSU (Last 3 Years, 78 hours) - 3.6 gpa Combined GPA - 3.43 Last 2 years GPA - 3.78 Science GPA (BCPM) - 3.32 BCP GPA - 3.35 BCP and BCPM are more in 3.4-3.5 range if counting...