mcat 2015

  1. F

    how do mdphd programs view multiple mcat scores

    just wondering how multiple scores are viewed.. thanks.
  2. C

    TBR or EK?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing fine. I am close to start studying for the MCAT which I am planning to take on April 2023. I got my hands on used books from TBR and EK thanks to some friends who passed them down to me. I was wondering which ones would be better to use for content review. For now my...
  3. mcarder30

    MD What are my chances? 123 CARS

    Just got my MCAT score back. First time test taker and mortified to see I got a 123 on CARS. My other scores are 129/123/129/130 for an overall score of 511. Just some background I served four years in the United States Army as a combat medic and since being honorably discharged in 2018 I have...
  4. M

    New MCAT Study Tool - Memm (Content Review & Memorization)

    Hello SDN! My name is Kevin Jubbal from Med School Insiders. Today, my small team and I launched a separate company called Memm. This has been in the making for about 2 years and we're so proud to finally have a product that we're proud of and that our 100+ beta testers found value in. What is...
  5. avalonisland888

    P/S Q

    Isn't the basal ganglia also involved in emotion especially since dopamine is involved in this area?
  6. A

    AAMC Chem Qpack #49 explanation.

    When 2.0 mL of 0.1 M NaOH(aq) is added to 100 mL of a solution containing 0.1 M HClO(aq) and 0.1 M NaClO(aq), what type of change in the pH of the solution takes place? Hey ya'll, so the answer here is . I do understand the "intuitive" way of answering this (which is the basis of the AAMC...
  7. avalonisland888

    UWorld Clarifications

    1) On UWorld, it says dNTP cleavage is exergonic but phosphodiester bond formation is endergonic. I thought bond formation is exergonic since energy is released whereas cleavage is endergonic since energy needs to be put in? Unless this is the only exception? 2) Increasing carbon-oxygen bond...
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  10. P

    mcat timing

    Hi there, I've taken all the pre reqs for med school besides biochem so far. I take biochem this fall. I want to take the MCAT in January 2020, so if I use a test prep company, would it be best to start studying for the MCAT now (~6 months of studying) or wait until September when school...
  11. Pillar Prep

    MCAT FREE Daily MCAT Passages

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  12. J

    2 weeks out from MCAT

    Just took the AAMC sample test C/P : 80% CARS: 75% B/B: 81% P/S: 83% I feel like this was a fluke since I was scoring on average 62% on EK 1,2,3 Finished content review and have been doing Uworld for the last 2 weeks and am about 1/4 done with it and plan to do more questions per day. Is...
  13. J

    Exam Krackers score relative to real exam

    Took FL1 AAMC prior to content review and got a 490 (pretty low, I know). But I'm almost done with content review for EK ( 2 weeks out ) and just recently took their EK test 3. I've been scoring on average 60% for the first 3 EK exams and my score dropped for the third exam (CARS was brutal)...
  14. C

    Less than 3 months, and I only have the TPR set - best schedule?

    I've been browsing the forum and alot of schedules rely heavily on EK or TBP, and I can't seem to find one that focuses more on TPR. Anyone have any suggestions? Edit: I would also like to incorporate khan academy if possible
  15. CaneMD2022

    FULL MCAT PACKAGE SET: Kaplan, The Princeton Review, Barron's

    A great MCAT score opens great opportunities to medical school. This is what I used to increase my MCAT score from 65 percentile to 91 percentile, from zero acceptances to three: FULL MCAT PACKAGE includes: Complete Kaplan 2015 Review and Lesson Books from Kaplan MCAT Course, includes High...
  16. K

    LOW MCAT diagnostic NextStep

    Hi everyone. I'm extremely concerned about the MCAT. My test date is in May and I just took the NextStep half length diagnostic exam. My score was a so low, my stomach dropped and I about passed out. It was 482. My goal is a 511 at least on the actual exam. Is there any hope? Should I just...
  17. Argentarius

    MD What MCAT would I need to stand a good chance at an MD School?

    So I've never been a great student and I've had a lot of trouble with depression and motivation over the years. I graduated UCSD with my B.S. in Physiology and Neuroscience. with cGPA 3.429 sGPA 3.38 and nsGPA 3.65 which is not catastrophic but when you include all the screwing around I did in...
  18. prairiemusic

    MCAT Timing Questions (finishing early)

    I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way as I understand this is a nice problem to have. But I've found that I'm finishing in roughly half the allotted time (e.g. I started a FL today exactly at 8 and I finished around 11:30). I have a couple questions about this - 1) On test day, do we...
  19. prairiemusic

    Formula Sheets

    Do many people make one? Like memorize it and then dump it on the scratch paper once you sit down? Or is it more useful to just learn the relationships between variables?
  20. D

    What are my chances, what schools to apply for :)

    Hi this is the first time I'm writing a post like this. I'm wanting to know what MCAT score to absolutely shoot for to have a fighting chance. I know my GPA is on the lower end my my ECs are pretty solid. I calculated my cGPA and sGPA w/ a AMCAs calculator excel sheet I found on here (hopefully...
  21. D

    Self studying Genetics from this text...which chapters should I care for most?

    Hi All, I have taken biology/biochem and will be taking cell bio before the MCAT, but I am unfortunately forced to self-study Genetics before this test. I know it's not technically a required class but from what I've seen it certainly wouldn't hurt to know genetics off the back of your hand...
  22. P

    For Sale Brand new: AAMC The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam 4th edition

    Hello everyone. I have a copy of the AAMC official guide to the MCAT exam 4th edition. This is for MCAT2015 (the new MCAT). This guide is from AAMC and it has all the topics that will be tested on the MCAT plus some good information on how to prep for the mcat and a lot more helpful info for a...
  23. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT Ask Me Anything About the MCAT

    Hi guys! My name is Andrew George, the head tutor at MCAT Self Prep, the creators of the free MCAT prep course. If you have any questions about how to get ready for the MCAT, feel free to comment below. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Warm regards, Andrew George
  24. W

    AAMC Unscored Practice Test

    Hey guys, i took both aamc full length practice tests the last time I took the mcat and got around a 507 each time. Didn't get the score I wanted so I'm retaking. I got the books and kaplan pretty hard and I've improved in every subject. Since I took both full lengths I don't have an aamc score...
  25. G

    tanking mcat scores

    I finished studying all of the new TBR books (70% or higher on ALL passages in ALL books), and it took me about two and a half months. When I took a diagnostic TBR, I scored a 130. However, when I took Kaplan diagnostic and TPR diagnostic, I consistently scored no higher than 500. I just took an...
  26. D

    Studying using 2011 TBR so what should I do about biochem and ochem?

    I'm using the old version of the Berkeley Review to get ready for the exam, but I am worried that the 2011 version that I am using will not adequately cover biochem. Also I think their ochem might be more in-depth than I need for the 2015 MCAT. Any suggestions as to what I should do especially...
  27. G

    Next Step Full Length Inflation

    I have been taking Next Step exams and have scored NS1 503 NS2 503 (58% Correct Overall) However, I did really poor on one section (P/S 49% correct) and Next step gave me a 125 in that section. So how accurate are these scores? I had a friend take all 10 Next Step exams and average...
  28. M

    MCAT Materials for Sale

    Selling EK 10th edition (full set) + Kaplan 7th edition (full set + quick review) Books/binding/pages are in great condition (original box included) but both have highlighting/markings $60 each or $100 for both sets + S/H obo
  29. W

    AAMC FL 1 and 2 Questions

    Hey guys...6/30 test taker here. Scores come out in 5 days and I am freaking out. I took several kaplan tests pretty early and made 500, 501, and 502. I heard they were pretty deflated so all is well. AAMC FL2 (2015) afterwards and made a 507 (127, 126, 128, 126). Better and closer to my goal of...
  30. B


    MUST GO-ASAP $200 for everything! EVERYTHING you could possibly need! TPR MCAT CARS WORKBOOK-Never Used TPR MCAT CARS Review- Never Used TPR MCAT BIOLOGY- Never Used TPR MCAT BIOCHEMISTRY- Never Used TPR MCAT GENERAL CHEMISTRY- Very Lightly Used TPR MCAT Organic Chemistry- Never Used TPR...
  31. H

    7 weeks enough time to study for the MCAT?

    Hello! So I recently graduated this past May and originally planned to take the MCAT earlier in the summer so I could apply during this cycle, but I ended up deciding to take two gap years instead of one and will be applying next summer. I have been obligated with research commitments for the...
  32. palumacella

    Low GPA: chances into Carribbean Med School?

    I graduated with a degree in bio (2.78 gpa). I haven't taken the MCAT yet and my ECs are mainly various volunteer activities including hospital patient care. What's an ideal MCAT score to shoot for to get into mid tier Caribbean schools like St. Matthew's, AUA and the like?
  33. R

    MCAT Books for Sale (Examcrakers, Princeton, Kaplan, Nextstep)

    Will sell to the best offer!!! Will charge a $6 shipping fee. NextStep books-most are untouched, few have some writing Princeton Review- quite a bit of highlighting and notes taken Kaplan- some books are highlighted...others untouched. Will include Psychology/Sociology book Examkrackers-...
  34. R

    Selling tons of MCAT Prep Materials (Sell to Best Offer)

    I am selling Princeton Review, Examcrackers, Kaplan, Nextstep prep books! Will sell to individuals that quote best offer! A $5 shipping fee will be charged. Not pictured but will include the psychology/sociology book for both Kaplan and ExamKrackers!!! Princeton Review has a lot of...
  35. AdaptPrep

    MCAT Tips on Prepping for the MCAT

    MCAT Hints & Tips: 1. Register and prepare early! Register earlier rather than later for the MCAT so that you can apply to medical school sooner as well U.S. MCAT Testing Calendar and Score Release Dates UNDERSTAND THE TEST 1. Review the AAMC guidelines regarding what the MCAT...
  36. A

    For Sale Cheap SN2ed MCAT Books - MUST GO!!!

    ALL BOOKS IN BRAND-NEW CONDITION UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE PM WITH OFFERS - EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! NOVA MCAT Physics Book ($25 or best offer) Kaplan MCAT Flashcards ($20) ExamKrackers MCAT ($20/book or best offer for all) 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning (plus FREE techniques book) Verbal...
  37. C

    Long Term MCAT Stud (7+ months)

    Hi all. Im just starting to plan for my MCAT study. I plan to take the MCAT late March or April 2018. I'm planning to start studying around September. I know it truly is long term studying, but I am not interested in anyone who says not to study that long. I study the best long term and will...
  38. I

    MD & DO June 29 or july 22 MCAT??

    Hello, I am currently registered for June 29th MCAT. I took AAMC practice test 2 yesterday and only scored a 501. Now I am debating pushing it back to July 22 ( the next earliest exam day). I want to apply to MD and DO schools. Would it be considered to late of an MCAT? I will try to get my...
  39. L

    What are my chances to get into MD/PhD programs?

    I'm slightly concerned about my chances of getting into a MD/PhD or DO/PhD program (or really any DO or MD program) with my stats from undergrad. I'm currently applying for the 2018 cycle. I'm also wondering if my upward trend in GPA over the last two years will help my lackluster cumulative...