1. P

    Hunter College DPT Class of 2025

    Hi, I am starting this thread because I have not seen another one with the incoming class in Hunter's DPT program this year. I currently have an apartment in Far Rockaway but I was looking for housing closer to campus and was wondering if anyone else in the class was as well.
  2. B

    Summer course needed for older non-traditional applicant?

    Hi everyone - I’m a 40 year-old non-trad in the middle of a DIY post-bacc. As an undergrad 20 years ago, I majored in neuroscience and took most of the premed courses, but my sGPA was a less-than-stellar 3.31 at a top 5 liberal arts college. Based on past advice of SDN and others, I’m in the...
  3. L

    Choosing DIY Post Bacc in CUNY

    Posting for the first time as I am about to officially start my journey to become a Physician as a 31 year Old Non-Trad. First step is to choose a college to take all the prerequisites. Looking for advice from current or former CUNY students as to which school i should choose. I am currently...
  4. StudentX

    New York Phd. in Hearing Sciences Applicant

    Hello, So I'm currently an undergraduate senior at a City University of New York preparing my graduate school portfolio for some PhD. Programs both instate and out fo state: - SUNY Buffalo - CUNY Graduate Center - Syracuse University - Northwestern - Vanderbilt There are some...
  5. R

    SUNY Purchase Post-Bacc Pre-Med Program

    Hi, Has anyone applied to SUNY Purchase to complete pre-med requirements as a post-bacc? I am looking to do a DIY program but it looks very risky considering that post-baccs get last pick on classes and labs are separate from lecture. Anyone that has been there or know someone who has? Would be...
  6. K

    NYC Biostatistics Programs

    Hello all, I am planning on applying to MS (not MPH) in Biostatistics programs for next fall and am trying to land myself in NYC. Does anyone have any opinions on the quality of the various programs in the city? Which are worth the application? As of now I am aware of programs at Columbia...
  7. O

    CUNY Hunter College

    Hi, anyone who went to Hunter College for pre-med, could you give some insight into the experience. How are classes, student life, dorms ect. Thanks!
  8. O

    CCNY Experience?

    Could anyone that goes to CCNY pre-med share some insight on what its like, as well as what the surrounding area is like? How are classes, what do you do for fun on weekends, ect. Thanks!
  9. C

    MPH Information on CUNY SPH?

    Hello, Is there anyone that is very knowledgeable on CUNY SPH's biostatistics program? The program seem to be relatively new compared to others and it is very difficult to find any information on their program, nor could I find much in studentdoctor either. The faculty seems great with most...
  10. A

    Macaulay Honors at Hunter or Cornell University

    Macaulay Honors College at Hunter (CUNY) Pros: - Full Ride (No Debt) - $7500 Opportunities Fund for Study Abroad or Research - Priority Course Registration (Important to graduate in 4 years) - Personal Attention/Mentoring - Free Dorm first and possibly second year Cons: - Not nearly as...
  11. P

    Comparison of CUNY schools' Science Departments

    I am looking into pretty much most of the CUNYs (Hunter, City, Queens, John Jay etc) and since I am going to premed route, I was wondering which schools have the best science department? Also, which ones have the easiest science prereq courses? A lot of the folks I have been talking to are...
  12. TheSuperColider

    Cuny F replacement policy vs med school policy

    I go to a cuny and have replaced 2 F grades that I got in freshman year to As. The cuny system removes the F from my gpa calculation but the F stays on my transcript. Will med schools look at my GPA the same way as cuny does? Or did retaking those F grades not help my GPA ?
  13. G

    PhD in Clinical Psych - CUNY Queens vs. City College

    I am planning to apply to a CUNY PhD program in clinical psych this year and I'm trying to decide whether to apply to the Queens program or the City College program... Can anyone share their experiences/knowledge about either PhD program? Also, does anyone know how many applications each...
  14. Z

    New York and Florida PostBaccs

    Hey there, I am a career-changer looking for a postbacc program. I have local housing in New York and Florida and I currently live in New York. (in-state tuition is why im telling you this!) My first thought was I wanted to stay in New York so as to keep my life relatively normal taking these...
  15. ThatGuy15

    PhD/PsyD Research Experience Somewhat Unrelated to Current Interest

    I am currently a senior at NYU and will be graduating by the end of Spring 2017 term. My academic interest is to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist and further specializing in neuropsychology. However, before I apply to Ph.D. programs, I first would like to earn a master's degree and...
  16. N

    What should I do now? (Private Undergrad To CUNY/ SUNY)

    So here's what happened? I am an underrepresented minority male who graduated '15 from a top-tier private university in the Midwest. Where I traveled/study abroad in China studying the language and taking classes. But when I returned—despite following my adviser advice and fighting for getting...
  17. D

    What should the next step be? Speech path/audiology undergrad major to med school

    Hey guys! I've been following this forum for awhile but this is my first time creating my own thread. I've seen a lot of good advice being given on here so I figured I'd give it a shot - I'm desperate! I'm currently in my senior year as an undergrad with a Speech Language Pathology and Audiology...