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Nov 12, 2005
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This 2006 match race has been a very crowded and suffocating experience so far. Any program I call exclamate that they have received applications in thousands and that this year has recevied an unusually large volume as compared to the last year. In fact some programs have mentioned to me that they have received in excess of 1000 applications as compared to last year. I was wondering as to what could be the reasons
1-Maybe, there has been a great surge of potential residents from all over the world.
2-Last year, quite a lot of IMGs fell short of the match as they did not receive their ECFMG certification, due to the delay in CS results.
3-Lots and Lots of Americans are doing their medical school away from America and hence they have joined the rat race of IMGs. I mean, they become FMGs and so you automatically get very defensive and the thought of "NO MATCH" haunts you and so you throw at everything.
4-Maybe Internal Medicine is beginning to catch the taste buds of Americans, bascially for fellowships.
5-Maybe the scare is building everywhere.
6-Guess it is a combo of the above

Question is, what is the improtance of this
Well, this affects the number of interview calls you get.
I think those who have applied on September 1st will get definitely above 10 calls.
How many interview calls are considered a minimum for a match as per the 2005 statistics or even otherwise?
Any thoughts on these?
All the best to everybody.Cheers.
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