Non-conference presentations on CV?

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Apr 8, 2016
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I've seen a few postings on this general topic, but none that specifically mentioned this scenario. I'm not always available to present my research, but I know that it's perfectly acceptable to list it on one's CV:

Vader D, Skywalker L, and Hut JT. "In a galaxy far, far away." JAMA, 1:1, 2016.

My question is this: some of my research is presented in academic, non-peer-reviewed settings. My PI, for example, is a PI at the Commonwealth fund, among other such academic organizations, and has presented our research for these groups. They're invited presentations to academics (and others), but not peer-reviewed. I don't generally add presentations that aren't peer-reviewed (like departmental presentations), but these seem different. Any thoughts? CV is for general use as well as ERAS.

Thanks in advance!

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