Sep 21, 2017
Hi all,

This is my first SDN post so I am welcome to any criticism for improper questioning/ wrong location/ etc.. Anyways, the college I'm attending does not have a Pre-Med Committee. I have read quite a few threads about the weight and value that committee LORs carry and am wondering if anyone has had any experience with Non Pre-Med Committee LORs. Meaning, I have an Advisory Board for my Biology or Neuroscience major (undecided- currently second year undergrad) that consists of three members. Each major has its own board, while some professors are on more than one (ex. the Cell Bio prof. is on both).

My question is to wether or not a LOR from either Advisory Board would be of value to ADCOMs when applying to schools. I am assuming that it would, considering three people would be contributing to one letter rather than one, but would like more experienced answers.

I have decided to ask during second year in order to take at least one course with each AB member while I still have options for the courses that I can take (while doing my med school pre reqs).

I would still pursue a second science LOR and non-science LOR from other professors.

Appreciate any comments,
Green Turtle
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