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  1. W

    Interviewer said "Hopefully we get to see you next year" three times. Good sign?

    My interviewer is on the admissions team. He said that to me at the end of the interview one time, by the end of the interview day when I said goodbye a second time, and when he responded to my thank you email a third time. He also replied to my thank you note very fast. I sent it at 8pm on a...
  2. Blaba123


  3. N

    Summer session courses: count in GPA during application year?

    Basically, since I'm applying for this upcoming cycle, would the courses I take over the summer (summer '22) also be counted in the GPA calculations even though I'd be (ideally) submitting my app by early June (prior to summer courses finishing)? Would I send an update about the grades after the...
  4. Dr. ThorStrange

    Should Course Updates be Sent?

    Should updates about courses be sent if they are different than what was included in the application? If the application indicated taking a course but that course was not taken and a different course was taken instead. Grades for prerequisite courses were not available at time of application...
  5. girlinthebar

    Help Choosing Schools! 3.6 gGPA 3.0 uGPA 513 MCAT

    First MCAT (2013) 26 (55%) - expired Second MCAT (2015) 29 (73%) Third MCAT (2017) 513 (90%) - 128/128/128/129 State: NJ Resident Race: Asian Gender: Female (27) Undergrad: Private Top 30 (Economics) Grad (MS): Private Top 20 Med School (Physiology) - Finished in 10 months + completed...
  6. dundermifflinthisispam

    your classic re-app need of wisdom

    Hi all! I'll keep things brief, any advice is appreciated.. It's looking like I'm joining the re-applicant team in a few months, and I can't decide whether or not to sit a cycle out. After applying to 25 MD schools this cycle, I only had one II and I am currently waitlisted (but I'm not...
  7. D

    517 MCAT, 3.72cGPA Help with School List?

  8. A

    Should I apply?

    Hello :) I am a senior graduating this December. I anticipate on taking the MCAT latest by March. Unfortunately, I goofed off a lot in college and did not take it seriously, and am at a 2.92 GPA (it should be a 3.0 by the end of this semester). I know this is a very low number and the...
  9. Green Turtle

    Non Pre-Med Committee LORs

    Hi all, This is my first SDN post so I am welcome to any criticism for improper questioning/ wrong location/ etc.. Anyways, the college I'm attending does not have a Pre-Med Committee. I have read quite a few threads about the weight and value that committee LORs carry and am wondering if...
  10. a_modern_prometheus

    MD WAMC WAMMI Applicant Non-Trad

    Year in school: Post-Bacc (Finance Bacc) Country/state of residence: WAMMI State Schools to which you are applying: Albany BU Case Columbia Creighton Dartmouth Drexel Duke EVMS George Washington University Medical School Georgetown University School of Medicine Hofstra Jefferson Loyola Mayo...
  11. M

    MD what are my chances?

    Hi guys, I have a 3.52 cGPA with a MCAT score ~518 (hypothetically, taking it tomorrow!) I am part of 4 clinical study/projects at Sickkids and Mt.Sinai in Toronto and in one of them I am the first author. I presented my work overseas during summer in California at an annual conference for...
  12. J

    What are my chances of getting into a decent MD program in the United States

    Hello everyone, I recently graduated for one of the big ten schools with a very low gpa (2.2). I am not sure what my chances are of getting into Medical schools. But my mcat score is pretty high (525). I have a year of research experience, about 2 years of clinical volunteering and I worked...
  13. C

    MD cGPA 3.27 sGPA 3.61 Taking MCAT in August WAMC???

    I have scheduled my MCAT for August 18th. Due to a family member being ill it has taken me longer to prepare for the MCAT. Will it kill me if I take the exam in August and submit my application now during July so it can be processed? cGPA: 3.27 sGPA: 3.61 Even though my GPA is low I have an...
  14. lifeguard2014

    MD Help a mere pre med in need!

    If anyone is feeling generous, I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at my personal statement. Its been a tremendous struggle, and I am attempting to submit in a week.
  15. Z

    Is it too late for me to apply this cycle???

    Hello! So basically I am hoping to apply to both M.D. and D.O. schools this summer, but I was just wondering if I could get some advice/insight on the timeline of my application. So some background: I just recently graduated this May with a degree in cell biology and neuroscience and a minor...
  16. S

    Reapplying MD

    Two years ago I applied to med-school using AMCAS and did not adequately prepare for my MCAT. Upon learning that I did not preform as well as I hoped I didn't bother to email each school individually and withdraw my applications. This being the case I was technically rejected as I did not...
  17. lickerwhicker

    ***Can adcoms tell if you write your own LOR?***

  18. lickerwhicker

    CA Res, school list, need more safeties?

  19. H

    bad freshman year chances?

    Hi all, I am just coming to the end of my freshman year and I have had an extremely rough time. Just before school started I had mono which lasted most of the first semester, at the beginning of second semester I had to have my tonsils taken out, and now between April/May I have had two family...
  20. lovinlife7

    Medical Admissions Tutor

    Hey everyone, I am a current medical student and an admissions consultant. I have worked with students for the past three years with great success at getting people in. I have applied twice, taken my MCAT three times, interviewed at 10 schools (MD and DO) and received acceptances at 5 schools...
  21. OnedayIlloperate

    MD & DO Basic comparison documents

    I will be doing the MD one next, please private message me with source to correct something. The cost to apply to every DO School is $3,270. DO Schools: Post-Bacc/Premed programs: The cost to apply to every DPM School is $515 Podiatry Schools: Caribbean Schools:
  22. inGenius Prep

    Medical An InGenius Prep Overview

    With over 100 Former Admissions Officers and Admissions Committee Members from top medical schools, we work with students to perfect their applications to MD and DO schools. Ask us any questions about our services, or check out some of our counselors on our website Medical School Admissions...
  23. I

    Help Senior! To apply or not apply? And if not, gap year advice?

    Hi Guys! Please don't be scared by the long post, i've just thought long and hard and really need your feedback on what I should do next in my pre-med journey. So I am currently a senior entering my last semester as a cell & molecular biology major. Right now, I have a 3.4 cGPA and 3.1 scGPA so...
  24. M

    Online Science classes -DO & MD

    Hello ! I've been on my journey to med school for quite some time; and fortunately, medical schools in my area accept online pre-req. my heart is Stanford, however, I'm open to which medical school accepts me and have broaden my horizons to going after DO and not just MD. Does anyone know of any...
  25. 7

    TN Resident, 3.7 cGPA, 3.7 sGPA, 516(127/131/128/130), help with list

    I attended two schools (a liberal arts school and state school; will be 2 years at each) so I've broke my resume down by school. ExtraCurriculars: School 1 (small liberal arts school): -Pre-Health Society (SGA Representative 2016) -Honors Student Council (Class representative 2016) -Chemistry...
  26. mango1300

    MD 519 MCAT, 3.54 cGPA, 2.9 sGPA

    I'm a nontraditional student- I've been working for the past 2 years since finishing school as an ICU nurse. I was going to wait and apply next year when I can get my GPA up for MD level competition but my MCAT gave me a thread of hope. WAMC? (LizzyM score = 72.4) 1) cGPA: 3.54/ sGPA: 2.9 (fml)...
  27. B

    MD 514 MCAT, 3.81cGPA, 3.65sciGPA

    Here's some basic info: 23 yo Female, white resident of IL. Undergrad cGPA 3.82, sciGPA 3.65 (BS, Saint Louis University) Graduate cum and sci GPA : 4.0 (MS, George Washington University) MCAT : 514 (129/124/131/130) I was a Division I athlete, nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year, Senior...
  28. P

    Personal statement review & comments!

    Hey all! Looking for some feedback on my PS, if anyone is willing to read it and give comments, I would truly appreciate it! Looking for comments/opinions on content rather than grammatical editing. Thank you! If you're interested, just let me know and I can send it to you.
  29. M

    What schools to apply to with stats?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I could have a few suggestions on OOS MD schools to apply to given my stats and background. UMN Biochemistry major. Neuroscience minor. Old MCAT 2014 score: 31. New MCAT 2016 score: 515. cGPA: 3.82. sGPA:~3.75. 200+ hours shadowing MD/DO physicians in many...
  30. P

    Canadian Applying to US MD- August MCAT

    Hi guys! I'm a Canadian student thinking of applying to US med schools and not too familliar with the process. I have a lowish cGPA at McGill- 3.6- although in my last two years my average is 3.9 (it was first year that got me). I'm only considering applying to lower tier MD schools (New York...
  31. I

    504 MCAT 3.81 cGPA 3.70 sGPA - M.D. / D.O. Applicant - What are my chances!?

    Hello there, I just received my scores for the June MCAT, and I would like to see whether my application is at all competitive or acceptance worth for the following Florida schools. (I am FL Resident) USF NOVA LECOM UCF UM UF FIU (Number 1 Choice) FAU FSU (Number 2 Choice) Honors Biomedical...
  32. M

    AMCAS Course Work q

    Hello, So I took an EMT course through another university and received a B...kinda sucks because I didn't realize at the time this course would be included in AMCAS. Regardless, I am including it, surprised that it is worth 9.00 quarter hours. Doesn't AMCAS ask for credit hours? What is the...
  33. C

    31 yr old Non Trad 3.0 Top 3 Ivy - 2nd Bachelor's + TX Fresh Start vs. Formal Post Bacc? Any chance?

    Not sure which forum this best belongs in, but I'll try posting it here since I am pre-MD: -- Hi fellow forumers! I'm a 31 (almost 32) yr old Non Traditional aspiring pre-med who has been lurking for awhile, getting educated on the many helpful threads, and am looking for some advice on what to...
  34. turtles43

    Diversity Essay

  35. turtles43

    Out of the country in July. Secondaries?

    I will be out of the country from July 3-July 19th without electricity or access to my email. My application was verified June 8th. Will this mess up my timeline of applying early if I am unable to submit or write secondaries during this time? When do secondaries typically arrive?
  36. M

    Is it still possible to get accepted to an MD/PhD program with C grades in Gen Chem?

    I've been working in a microbiology lab for two years at my school and I'm spending my summer as an intern at a pharmaceutical company in NY. I love the research I've been doing in both settings and the pharmaceutical company has offered me first hand experience in biomedical research in...
  37. J

    What md schools should I apply to?

    Already applying to many do schools. I am a borderline applicant with 508 mcat spring 2016, 3.5 cumulative gpa univ of virginia(science gpa is higher), medical experience in 2 labs, medical sales, hospice administration.
  38. T

    MD Need help w/ realistic school list (517 MCAT, 3.83 cGPA) + Avg EC's

    1) MCAT 517 - 96th Percentile (129 PS / 130 CARS / 130 BS / 128 Psych) 2) 3.83 cGPA - 3.80 sGPA 3) Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill 4) NC Resident 5) Asian EC's: A) Undergraduate Clinical Internship x 2 - NYU ED x 450 Hrs - 3rd World Country Rural ED x 150 Hrs B) Clinical Volunteering - ED x 110...
  39. D

    INTERNATIONAL, 3.93/ 514, just got my score, WHAT NOW?

    Hey everyone, Typical beginner here, also I'm overseas and very far from my prehealth office, so I can't run to them for help. I got my MCAT score last night, and so far I have shortlisted about 20 schools, and begun my AMCAS. The committee letter is currently being written by the prehealth...