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  1. S

    Does a LOR from a microbiology lab professor count as one from a science professor?

    I am a biology/philosophy major and have an LOR from two non-science teachers, a physician I worked with, my supervisor during my time as an RA, my A&P teacher, and my microbiology lab professor who I also worked with as a LA. It’s the last one I’m kind of worried about? I know schools require...
  2. Welshman

    MD Advice: Writing my own residency letter of recommendation - points to hit & topics to include

    Hi everyone, I've been lucky (IMO) to be tasked with writing my own LoR for a surgeon I've worked closely with throughout medical school, mainly in a research capacity but a few cases in the OR. My main question is what do PDs/reviewers like to see in these letters? I'm planning on hitting...
  3. E

    Dental Hygiene LORs for AADSAS Dental School Application

    Hey everyone, I'm applying to dental school this year, and I'm in a bit of a unique situation with my LORs. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Predental/Dental Hygiene, and I've been working as a dental hygienist for 2 years. I asked two of my professors from my Dental Hygiene program for...
  4. S

    Nonscience LOR from a Professor who was a Research Mentor?

    I am applying MD this cycle and I have heard a lot about how you need to have a minimum of two science LORs and one nonscience LOR. I have one LOR from a law school professor who teaches at my university but I didn't take a class with him -- I was his research assistant. I was wondering if this...
  5. A

    Question about LOR for VSAS

    Hello! I've recently applied through VSAS to aways that opened April 1. I'm currently waiting on my LORs to be uploaded by my home institution, but I only need to have one letter for completion. Is it better to have any LOR uploaded as earlier as possible vs. waiting on a specific letter that...
  6. ?

    LOR from Dean Emerita?

  7. M

    I have LORs from two oral surgeons but none from a general dentist, is that OK?

    So I’ve been working with two oral surgeons for over 2 years now and developed a pretty good relationship with them. I accumulated over 1000 hours of shadowing and DA experience from their office. This is probably my what I’m most proud of in my application. They are both writing me LORs but is...
  8. I

    LOR Question

    Is it appropriate to ask a medical student for a LOR? We've worked pretty closely together for the past couple of months and I'm thinking about using her letter as a supplementary LOR.
  9. whosnisarg

    No Science LORs?

    Hey, all! Humanities and Philosophy major here applying to a school in May 2021 that is waiving the MCAT. Given I was planning to take the MCAT in 2022 anyway, I may as well take my chances applying to this 1 school (but this isn’t my issue). They require 1 committee letter or 2 science...
  10. optimist99

    How many LoRs to send - OBGYN application

    So I'm applying to OBGYN this cycle and can't decide how many LoRs I should send programs that say things like "a total of three (3) LoRs is required for final review" and "a complete application contains... three (3) LoRs including the dept chair letter." Does this mean I can't include a 4th...
  11. sasukeuchiha33

    LOR Question- Submitting from AMCAS

    Hey all. So, I'm using Interfolio Dossier Deliver to send letters to AMCAS. However, I have also noticed that AMCAS has an option where you can choose which letters to send to which schools. This isn't really something I'm worried about, as I intend to send all of my letters to all the schools...
  12. P

    Letter Head for LOR

    Can anyone please help me with the following issue: Due to covid-19 the physicians that I was volunteering for are no longer working at the hospital. Now they both have agreed to write the letters but are concerned about the letter head. Should I make them a letter head, are there any tips on...
  13. sasukeuchiha33

    How to classify LOR from professor at another school?

    Hi all! So I'm in the midst of getting my LORs in sorts and had quick question. One of my recommenders was my professor whom I had when I was a freshman; however, she since moved on to teach at another university. In AMCAS, when filling in the LORs it asks if your recommender is associated with...
  14. Ramona Flowers

    Letters of Recommendation Question

  15. B

    Need help with LORs and a specific situation regarding LOR.

    Hi everyone, I am currently preparing for the next application cycle and I am unsure about how I should approach my letter of recommendations. I have heard that interfolio is a good start, but I am not quite sure what this application does. Regarding, an actual LOR situation, which is my...
  16. R

    DO - Letter of Recommendation from Pre-Medical Advisor / Committee

    I recently applied to a DO program and their LOR policy requires applicants to submit a LOR from science faculty, a DO/MD physician, and a pre-medical advisor or committee. Unfortunately, I do not have an advisor or committee contact and was wondering what I should do next. I emailed the...
  17. P

    LoR after submission

    I'm an int'l student MD reapplicant (GPA 3.84, MCAT 520) and submitted a whole bunch of secondaries, completed between mid-July and mid-August. Radio silence so far other than 3 Rs. Wondering if I can add a LoR from my current employer to my file and if that would make a difference? Started a...
  18. M

    Letter of Recommendation "power" question

    Hey guys, I'm an IMG applying for the 2020 Match. I have very little USCE. As a graduate (2018) they're mostly observerships and externships (< 12 weeks) In terms of a LoR... I have a few LoR from doctors who have/are: 1 - Graduated from home country but did residency and fellowship in the US...
  19. L

    Feel like I'm screwed on LOR's

    So I graduated in May and will be applying for the 2021 cycle (2 gap years). I currently have 3 LOR's: 1 science professor whom I've TA'd for and received an A in both courses I took with him. My research PI (psychology which AFAIK is not considered "science" in terms of med school), whom I...
  20. F

    LOR for Applying IM

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for IM this year and am confused about letters of recommendation. I have 1 from an outpatient endocrine attending, 2 from my core IM rotation attendings, and 1 from my advisor/FM attending who worked with me inpatient (so all 3rd year letters). I have...
  21. D

    Committee Letter / Maximum number of LORs - question

  22. U

    Physician LOR more valuable if attended specific school I'm applying to?

    I have worked as a scribe for 1.5 years with about a dozen physicians. There is one physician in a leadership position that would be the obvious choice were I to ask for only a single letter, but it has occurred to me that I can request an additional ~8 physicians with whom I have established...
  23. G

    LOR questions - science faculty and physician letter?

    1) My school doesn't have a neuroscience department, but my major has an emphasis in neuro that I took psychopharmacology and cognitive neuroscience for (both in the psych department). In terms of LOR, could these count as science faculty? I asked my pre-med advisor and he said it depends on the...
  24. ChipSkylarkxxxshinyteeth

    Professors are letting me draft my own Letters of Rec before they add their own sauce!!!

    I’d like to say that I’m in a pretty lucky however stressful situation where two of my professors I reached out to for LOR’s from are actually suggesting that I write key points and anything I'd like in the letters about myself. Has anyone else been in this same situation? If yes I need your...
  25. P

    PhD/PsyD Third LOR Advice

    Hello, everyone. I have finished my Master's degree last year and will be applying (again) for clinical Ph.D. programs next Fall. As of now, I have two tenured professors who agreed to write letters of recommendation, but my third choice said she will be way too busy for this during the next...
  26. V

    Letter of Rec From Shadowing

    I know the general consensus is that letters from shadowing are given little weight since the activity is done passively.. but I shadowed a doctor at a private clinic over the summer once a week (total about 50 hours) and did a mini project for her organizing patient outcomes from her past...
  27. M

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  28. N

    Letter of Recommendation Question

    Hi, So I've been scribing for a doctor and he agreed to write a LoR for me, but the problem is that he might be retiring soon (in the next few weeks). I am planning to submit my app this cycle (May/June 2019). Is there a way he can write a letter for me and store it right now/if so, how? I...
  29. G

    Seeking LOR Advice

    Hello SDN, So I had built a strong enough relationship with my prehealth advisor of four years and a science faculty professor to be confident in their ability to write a strong LOR. Very recently, both got fired. Additionally, due to a lot of changes to my school's health advising office...
  30. B

    LOR advice needed: Weird relationship with PI and supervisor

    Hi SDN. I'm stuck with my situation and would appreciate your help. Reasons I should ask for a letter from this research experience: Mid-author on late breaking abstract published in high impact journal and a couple conferences The research supervisor, who is a DNP, and the PI said they wanted...
  31. C

    How to get yourself off the post-II waitlist?

    Any tips or advice about this will be greatly appreciated. I know letter of intent helps, but how to write such a strong letter. Also, will getting a new LOR help? - Like from your new research PI?
  32. 7

    Where should you ask your professors to send a LOR?

    Currently a sophomore and won't be applying till next year but I still want to ask for LOR's now since I did really well in my core science classes. Since I don't have an application ready, is there anywhere I should ask my professors to send my letter so it can be stored for future use? And...
  33. T

    Letters of Rec

    I wanted to ask for a letter of rec from my neuroanatomy professor. Unfortunately the class is listed under the psych department, despite the fact that it's 100% biology of the brain. Would this work as one of my 2 letters of rec from a science professor?
  34. 7

    How do you get to know professors?

    I am asking specifically for getting LOR's. I go to a really large Uni, 40k + students, and all my classes have 300+ students in them. My professors don't really know me except for when I get a nice 100% on their exam and they call out my name in the next class period. I never go to office...
  35. R


  36. M

    Question about LORs

    Hey everybody. So I have been planning on using a committee letter for my application this cycle, but the committee can't guarantee having it submitted until either late September or early October. Do you think I should just wait it out or should I get each of my individual letter writers to...
  37. D

    LOR on unofficial letterhead. Will med schools care?

    One of my professors submitted my letter to interfolio and they showed that the letter was signed but was only on unofficial letterhead? Will med schools care about this? all my other letters are fine.
  38. D

    Will Unofficial Letterhead Work? what med schools care?

    One of my professors submitted my letter to interfolio and they showed that the letter was signed but was only on unofficial letterhead? Will med schools care about this? all my other letters are fine.
  39. P

    What should a physician include in a LOR?

    I'm wondering what I should have a physician that I have shadowed for 100+ hours over 3 years include in his letter of recommendation. I feel like maybe have him mention more of my personality, how I interacted with his patients, how I acted in a medical environment, etc. I believe it should...
  40. 1

    Need Help with Problematic LoR Situation!!!

    I'm planning on submitting my 2019 AMCAS application next week, and so the last of my LoRs are being sent in to my pre-med advisor now. One of the people I asked to write a LoR is my volunteer supervisor. This volunteer position happens to be one of my most meaningful activities (and is...