comlex level 1

  1. Futureleader2024

    ARCOM Arkansas new curriculum and stats

    My friend at ARCOM told me they are changing their curriculum up this year. Anatomy will be a whole year and content is being evened out. Skills lab is being redone to allow more practice on board relevant things. Level 1 first pass is 93.75% this year. And they matched 100% of the class last...
  2. C

    Should I start Anking as a rising M2??

    I did very mediocre my first year (lots of C's) and I'm realizing I didn't retain much. Is it worth starting Anking now??? Or is too late? I'm looking at the number of cards there are (over 40k) and I have no idea how I'm going to all of this in and finish by like April of next year. Are there...
  3. I

    Failed COMLEX level 1 twice. Can I still get into an IM residency?

    Current 4th year in dedicated for level 2. Like the title says, I failed level 1 twice and passed on the third try after focusing on the OMM aspect of the exam. I have been a below the average student up until third year where I became a bit more average passing all my shelf exams and getting a...
  4. T

    attn: OMSIII & OMSIV (comlex Q bank)

    Hello all, I am an OMSII and getting ready to take comlex 1. I am interested in rural fam med and only planning to take the comlex. I would like to know, based of your experiences, what resource is best for someone in my position. I understand Uworld is the pinnacle but I don't know if it would...
  5. D

    Failed comlex level 1 twice passed on third try but got a good score for level 2 on first attempt

    what does mean for residency for me? I will be applying next cycle but does anybody know anyone that has been in this situation?


    RADSTEP is the only comprehensive course which covers the entirety of radiology image interpretation for the USMLE & COMLEX exam. 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED ACCESS FULL ACCESS TO COMPLETE VIDEO LIBRARY OVER 7.5 HOURS OF KEY CONCEPTS FOR BOTH USMLE AND COMLEX EXAMS OVER 1 HOUR OF NORMAL RADIOGRAPH...
  7. CoolCat53

    Can you make up for Low COMLEX 1 with COMLEX 2?

    So I scored pretty low on COMLEX 1 (under 500) and was wondering if I should bust my butt during my third year and take Step 1 to make up for it (which is extremely difficult in itself) or if I should just focus on COMLEX 2 and try and do really well on it. Say I get upper 500s or above, will...
  8. I

    Future for med school after dismissal?

    I go to a DO school and have failed the COMLEX twice with a 375 the first time and a 393 the second time. I took it for the third and final time yesterday and came out feeling like I bombed. If I don't pass this time, I will get dismissed from school. I was getting 70s and 80s on combank, and...
  9. BruceWayneJr

    COMLEX New Blueprint

    So I'm confused as to the changes that are happening with this new blueprint. I'm currently taking COMLEX on June 3rd, and the new blueprint gets implemented on the 1st. Does anyone know if the content is actually changing? or just the way they organize their "blueprint"? Basically should I take...

    USMLE/COMLEX OMT Review 4th Edition has been released.

    Hey Osteopathic medical students Dr. Savarese has just released the latest edition of OMT Review book, a.k.a "The green book." The book has been completed updated with the latest content tested on the COMLEX exam. Also, he just launched a new COMLEX level 1 and 2 question bank with OMM videos...
  11. Doc_Ock

    Air Force should I give a s*** about my COMLEX?

    First year DO student going for rads, already started on Step 1 material. Assuming I get a good Step 1 score, is anyone gonna give a crap what my COMLEX score is? Obviously the main distinction is COMLEX has OMM, but tbh I don't even wanna bother studying that. Basically if I have a good step 1...
  12. M

    Low COMLEX score, can I still do internal?

    Got my COMLEX level 1 score back today - 428. Never been good at standardized testing, and would def say I had a ****ty test day. Currently on my 3rd year rotations and I'm totally digging internal and the whole hospital environment in general and could positively say I would choose this over...
  13. C

    Comlex 610 USMLE 216

    Hello Everyone, I received my usmle score today and am blown away with disappointment. I am an third year medical student. I was okay with my comlex score, however, before taking USMLE I was scoring at a 250 on NBMEs, with my baseline being a 230. I scored a 252 on NBME 18 a week before step. I...
  14. FutureDO88

    USLME examination during rotations?

    Hi all, I took NBME 16 before taking the COMLEX and made a 173 and then just took NBME 17 today well after COMLEX and made a 182. My comsae score was a 445 before taking the COMLEX in case you are wondering. I was curious if anyone has taken the USLME exam during rotations and is there any...
  15. H

    Non-UFAPS resources geared towards COMLEX Level 1?

    (erased for privacy)
  16. btolsen5

    COMBANK level 1 practice test

    Has anybody else taken the new CB level 1 practice test yet? If so, how did you score, how did you feel about the questions? I scored 580, but I felt like many of the topics were either poorly written about, or really obscure! Reviewing the questions I've googled many of the questions because I...
  17. D

    UWorld vs. COMBANK

    I know this has been debated multiple times, but I've been getting so many mixed opinions from older threads, and so I want to see what the latest opinions are - I have 1 week left until COMLEX, I've been doing UWorld, but would it be more worth my time to do COMBANK instead? I'm planning on...
  18. DOorDONT


    Hey everyone. Well, I've been reading SDN since 2010, when I entered college and for better or worse, this website has always been a resource I've come back to. Now, I'm in medical school, DO, and in my 3rd year. I'll be graduating next year, hopefully, in 2019. During that time AOA residencies...
  19. samac

    Average COMLEX score

    This year the national average for COMLEX Level 1 is a 558. My mind is blown. It just makes me wonder how PDs are going to look at scores for the class of 2019. Anyone else blown away?
  20. D

    How to increase your COMLEX Level 1 score

    Deleted post. I was simply trying to share my testimony about what God did in my life & what I did to increase my comlex score by 230+ points. The posts below are extremely rude & disrespectful. I refuse to be part of such negativity - especially when I was trying to do good. GB.
  21. D

    BOTH Facebook Page Dedicated to Medical Mnemonics

    I have set up a facebook page called "USMLE Step 1 Mnemonics" dedicated to sharing medical mnemonics useful for both USMLE and COMLEX. I'm new to this website so I assume a mnemonics section exists within this forum but I thought this could be an easier way to post mnemonics. Thanks, David
  22. C

    COMLEX Level 1 Failure

    I've made an anonymous account, just for the sake of the number of people I know on this site. I got a 357 on my COMLEX. Much lower than expected. I completed Boards Bootcamp and COMBANK. My overall COMBANK average was a 62%, while my last 100 questions were a 66%. I took COMSAE D and got a 466...

    USMLE/COMLEX Revamped COMLEX Level 1 QBank (+ raffle $369 value)

    SDN will be choosing a member who contributes to this thread to win a free 1-year COMLEX Level 1 subscription ($369 value)! COMQUEST creates and regularly updates high quality question banks for osteopathic medical students preparing to take national exams. The COMLEX question bank was just...
  24. W

    EM Residency with low comlex level 1

    Hi! I'm fairly new to student doctor network but got my comlex level 1 score back today and am really in need of some guidance. I had really been looking into doing an EM residency but after getting my comlex level 1 score today of 504 I'm very worried that this isn't a possibility. I took...
  25. D

    BOTH For DO-Students Taking Both USMLE/COMLEX Step 1- Study plan/practice scores/actual test scores

    I just recently took both USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 (Scores at bottom of post). I remember having a difficult time finding relevant SDN threads for people taking both exams, in regards to test prep/schedule/practice test scores and the correlating final scores on exam. I'm just posting...
  26. I

    Zanki Vs Brosencephalon

    After talking to a couple rising third year students, it has come to my attention there there is a new anki deck (zanki) competing with brosencephalon. Can anyone provide insight on to which is the better of these two decks? To those who have just taken boards, any thoughts/comments on what you...
  27. B


    I have my COMLEX level 1 in 4 days. Can't seem to find any good/consistent information on how to interpret/use the COMSAEs to know if I'm actually ready for the exam. COMSAE form A 3 days ago- 581. COMSAE form C today- 469. COMBANK avg- 66% (I've only done about 3/4 of it so far) Should I be...
  28. D

    COMLEX Level 1 = 496 for ACGME FM?

    Hey guys! Could not find this question answered elsewhere, but I recently got my COMLEX Level 1 results. I got a 496, which was significantly lower than anything I'd gotten previously on COMSAE's, so I was a bit thrown for a loop. I want to do FM, but am most interested in dually accredited...
  29. S

    Firecracker Practice Tests

    Any idea on how accurate Firecracker's Comlex I and Step I practice exams and diagnostics are to the real thing?
  30. A

    Accommodations for COMLEX 1

    I was wondering if anyone was able to get accommodations for comlex/usmle? What wording did you use? Would accommodations be possible for someone who's first language isn't english and is having a hard time reading the questions within the given amount of time?
  31. N

    COMLEX 1 OMM bump?

    My school had us take COMSAE D to clear us to take COMLEX Level 1 a couple weeks ago. I got a 569, but my score report said I was borderline in OMM and pathology. I have been studying both. I am taking COMLEX 6/12 and I have been doing some COMBANK OMM and savarese each day along with my other...
  32. R

    BOTH Conrad Fischer Step 1 Cramathon this weekend

    Just wondering if anyone attended/knows someone who attended the last Cramathon and has any feedback at all? Mainly about the material covered...did he really tie strings together from all subjects well or was it more of spending lots of time on dissecting specific questions similar to his...
  33. D

    If I don't take the USMLE Step 1, am I confined to only Primary Care Residency?

    I'm currently an OMS II preparing for my COMLEX this spring and I can't decide if I want to sit for Step 1. I am undecided as to specialty and am not against being a PCP, but does anyone know a resource that shows residencies that are not primary care and will take a COMLEX score? Thank you!
  34. D

    BOTH How to Approach Studying for Step 1

    So I've decided that Uworld FA and Pathoma are going to be my resources. Im 6 months out from Step 1 and Level 1. I wanted to get some feedback from students who have gone through the tests and done well. Here is my plan. Please let me know what you think. Im starting UWorld now to finish 1...
  35. stevenejohnson

    BOTH Step 1 Podcast/Advice USMLE 259 COMLEX 681

    Hey everyone I am a 4th year at a DO school in SoCal headed into EM next year. I posted my scores in the title since that seems like how to get people to care about your post on SDN lol. I started a Step 1 podcast to help out with studying. So far I only have 3 episodes up on my blog site. I...
  36. M

    257 USMLE, 826 COMLEX, AMA

    Hello! I've had several people ask for my schedule, so I did a write up on tumblr. If there are any other questions feel free to shoot them my way Schedule in excel form is included at the end.