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Oct 22, 2001
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Anyone know of any quality OD/PhD programs, and if so, what is best field in which to get that phD? I'm sure you can, if motivated, create your own OD/PhD programs at large optometry schools, but I was jus wondering if anyone has ever come across an already existing program like this, or knowes of profile of a distinguised researcher that has done this. I know of only one - at Cal Berkeley many people get a Doctor of Optometry degree as well as a PhD in Vision Science. Cool stuff and a great alternative to Ophthalmology. I'm also sure that biomed engineering/nanotechnology will have some great applications into ophthalmology as well as the optical industry alike.


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Apr 25, 2001
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UHCO has a OD/PhD program.. I have a friend who's in it. It's a six year program.
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