Ohio State March interviewees....

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Oct 21, 2000
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Has anyone who interviewed at Ohio State in March heard anything yet? I interviewed at the beginning of March, and I don't remember exactly what they said about when in April to expect a response....
Post if you know anything! (well, if you know anything about Ohio State!) With y'all out there on SDN, I should be more careful with what I say.

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Of about 625 applicants interviewed, 260-265 are accepted by the end of March, at which point the class of 210 is oversubscribed by about 50. Almost all the rest are placed on the wait-list since few interviewed candidates receive outright rejections.

The wait-list is not rank-ordered, but the list is separated into resident and non-resident categories. Neither the applicant nor advisor should call to check status. Useful supplementary materials are updated transcripts, additional letters of recommendation, and notice of recent honors. Greatest movement from the wait- list occurs during May. Approximately 30 are accepted after June 1. To remain on the wait list an applicant must respond to a wait-list form.
Wow... gower...
How do you know all this stuff?!?!