1. H

    MD & DO Pathway to Academic Oncology Specialization in Lung Cancer

    big dreamer here: if you were starting out as a first year med student, what is the path you’d take to secure a dream job specializing in lung cancer and related environmental research/advocacy at an academic medical center? what about while adding on an MBA and wanting to combine academia with...
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  4. M

    MBA Value to Private Practice Groups

    Hi, I was wondering how much value having a MBA degree would add when applying to private practice groups after fellowship. While I'm guessing it is more wishful than realistic to think that an MBA will reduce the time before one becoming a partner (which is roughly 2-5 years depending on the...
  5. D

    MPH MPH/ MBA/ MHA Questions

  6. D

    MPH/ MBA Dual Degree Related Questions

  7. K

    Tufts vs Minnesota? (dual degree)

    I'm set on doing an MD/MBA program, and I have been fortunate enough to have two great options in terms of schools. I'm IS for Minnesota but am hoping to be on the east coast. My biggest question is, will it be worth the cost? Tufts +Heart of Boston (my dream city and I'd like to stay around...
  8. MedicineN'Jazz

    MD and online MBA

    Hey yall, Has anyone here completed a MD/online MBA while in med school? I'm looking at one program that's less than $13K, only 10 courses with a duration of 7 weeks per class, fully accredited and was thinking of completing it in my fourth year. I have a very strong feeling this has been done...
  9. D


    Hey guys I got accepted into school that both offer the DDS-MBA program. Still debating which one to go to, lol. I was just wondering if you guys think that getting the DDS-MBA degree is worth it and do you guys know what else I can get into with that kind of degree?? Thanks
  10. DocConk

    What business-related concepts do you wish schools did a better job of exposing to medical students?

    My school has a Healthcare Management and Business Principles interest group that I help to lead, and I'm trying to find future topics for our lectures and group sessions. MY QUESTION: What business-related topics do you think physicians ought to know about, if they ever want to get involved...
  11. A

    University of the People MBA

    There's a lot of talk about the free Smartly MBA and the lower cost EMBA, but does anyone have experience with the tuition free University of the People MBA? It seems that the issue with Smartly is the lack of accreditation. University of the People is nationally accredited by the Distance...
  12. D

    MBA or Retrain?

    I am nearing the completion of my current residency. I had my doubts about the field overall, but ultimately decided to stick it out and finish. Needless to say, I am still concerned with the employment prospects which have been mediocre to poor even in unsaturated areas. I am not interested in...
  13. A

    Gap year(s)?

    I am currently a junior in undergrad and am coming up on decisions this summer. My current cGPA is a 3.23 and sGPA is 2.85 (semester is going great, almost to finals and expecting a sGPA of 3.08 and cGPA of 3.32 after this semester). Chemistry is the weak spot, C in gen chem 1, B in gen chem 2...
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    deleted sorry
  15. swgadoo

    Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt vs UTSW

    Hi SDN! I'm so thankful for a successful application cycle. I've been WL'd to my favorite school, Duke, but if I don't get off of that waitlist, then I'll be making this decision, most likely. I want to go into academic medicine, but am open to any speciality right now. COA at NW and Vandy would...
  16. D

    LMU-DCOM's DO/MBA program

    Hi! Just wanted to some input about LMU-DCOM's DO/MBA program for any current or past students. I have heard that having a MBA makes you a more competitive applicant for residency. But is the actual degree useful when practicing medicine? Aside from opening up your own clinic/running a business...
  17. B

    MBA during medical school (Best Option)?

    Hi y'all, I will be starting medical school in July/August and am currently working on completing my MPH degree. I want to pursue an MBA at some point down the line either in medical school (5 year program with a gap year for it potentially) or after medical school, or after residency even. What...
  18. R

    How long can one defer residency after medical school?

    Hi, I’ve been unable to find an answer to this question after a lot of searching. I would like to know how long can one can defer residency after graduating from a US medical school. Long story short, I’m a third year medical student and I’m considering become an Air Force pilot and then...
  19. Z

    Advice Needed

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I was accepted to the MD/MBA program at a Canadian university and have decided to defer my admission for a year (until Fall 2018) to complete my CPA, CA designations. I am currently 24 and will be 25 when I do matriculate in Fall 2018. My end...
  20. L

    Career after medical school

    Hai. I'm currently a final year medical student in Malaysia. I would like to know if anyone can guide me further for healthcare management/administration jobs. Is it necessary for me to do my residency or I can just start working in the management part? I'm also thinking of studying MBA in...
  21. T

    Should I bother with doing a PharmD/MBA?

    My school offers a joint degree (PharmD/MBA). I could start taking some business classes now that will allow me to finish both within 6 years. I'm looking at either going into geriatrics/long-term care or managed care. Is it worth the trouble getting the MBA or will it not make a huge difference...
  22. D


    For current dentists, do you think an MBA would have helped you out a lot? Do you wish to go back and do part time MBA? My current dental school is offering a dual degree of DMD/MBA. It will cost an extra $21,000. Since it is a private school the tuition is already on the high end for DMD. I...
  23. C

    Ohio State University Medical Center CEO vs Physicians

    I have been following with interest the saga at Ohio State University Medical Center. If there are any MD-MBA/business professionals or physicians in training with an MBA, I am curious to know your thoughts. I have my own thoughts but I'd would like to know the analysis of others. it is...
  24. F

    PharmD / MBA program

    Hi everyone! I will be starting pharmacy school this fall at Concordia in Wisconsin and was given the opportunity to pursue a MBA degree alongside! I am really considering this option and have heard from numerous pharmacists currently working in the field, but I was wondering if anyone else...
  25. C

    Possibilities with Multiple Dual Degrees

    I am currently a fourth-year pharmacy student and will graduate in a few months with a PharmD and MBA. I am waiting for results of the residency match process, but have began formulating possible backup options just in case. One of my professors has advocated also obtaining a Masters in Public...
  26. L

    MBA, MPH, or SMP? (Low-average GPA, average MCAT)

    Hello SDN, I am currently in the application process to matriculate this Fall of 2017. It isn't looking good, however, as I have only had 1 DO interview and no MD interviews. I am still waiting for a number of schools to respond, but I am thinking about plan B now. I have a 3.47 GPA (3.6...
  27. X

    Taking a year off to do a MBA at different school

    Just wondering if anyone who took a year off to do an MBA at a different school during med school could comment on their experience? I'm considering doing this, but haven't talked to anyone else who's done it. Do you feel like it was worth it? / Was it an enriching experience? / Did the...
  28. L

    Any benefit to pharmd/MBA?

    I was thinking about doing a joint pharmd/MBA but I have read mixed things about whether it's is beneficial or not... I am interested in clinical oncology pharmacy with the goal of going into a management position if that matters
  29. L

    Pediatrics vs MBA

    Hi there, I am currently doing intern year, after completing my MBBS. Some facts which can be helpful for providing your opinions. 1. I love Pediatrics as medical field. I have always excelled in my Pediatrics rotation. I have three months of clinical experience as house officer in the field...
  30. J

    Need help deciding between TX medical schools

    Hey y'all, So I got accepted to UTHSCSA, A&M, and TTHSC. I would love to hear from med students what they considered when choosing a medical school and what advice they would give to themselves if they had to do it over again.
  31. E

    Alternative options with a PharmD

    I recently began doing research into attending pharmacy school, and there is a lot of negativity on here about the current state of the industry (mostly market saturation in some areas for pharmacists). I'm thinking though that the degree is pretty versatile and there will be good options in a...
  32. S

    MPH Online / Distance MPH - Quality over Cost?

    I'm looking at applying to online/distance MPH programs for Summer or Fall '17. I've chosen the online format due to the inability to quit working for two years to go to school, and due to the fact that I'm quite disciplined and excel at working independently. I have an undergraduate degree in...
  33. S

    MBA now MD/DO later, does this make sense

    Hi All, Firstly I just want to say I read the "what was your backup plan" and "success stories" thread and am in awe of so many in this non trads section. I'd like to write an honest post and elicit some feedback. I graduated from a well regarded ugrad with a very sub 3.0 GPA, D in 1 science...
  34. ChymeofPassion

    MD vs MBA Earning Potential

    As the cost of a medical school education increases, as well as the fact that one is postponing making any money for 4 years during medical school, and not making "doctors money" during residency, is it worth it to pursue medicine for money anymore (not saying that this is right in the first...
  35. D

    Post-MBA career

    I'm an anesthesia resident in my second year and I have enrolled in a 2-year MBA program (Healthcare management). I'm currently considering what will I do after graduating. I would like to finish my residency which will last for 5-6 years. Maybe a part-time job in management will work. I...
  36. Just1voice

    Taking pre-med requirements in business school?

    I just found out the b-school I'm considering attending this fall allows students to take classes throughout the university. I'm very fortunate this won't affect my finances if I can schedule science classes around my MBA curriculum, but it could affect my GPA. I'm also hoping to work in...
  37. D.O. OMM boob

    DO/MBA joint and FM/OMM vs NMM/OMM for residency

    I hope to be accepted to and complete a 5 year DO/MBA joint program. I want to do this so that after my residency (either FM/OMM or NMM/OMM) I can open up a private practice confidently and start performing OMT on patients. FM/OMM is a total of 4 years (1 year internship) while NMM/OMM is a...
  38. M

    Other Master's Degree Healthcare MBA/MPH BU vs Johns Hopkins

    Was recently accepted into both and need to make a decision soon.. BU's MBA program is much more highly rated, but Johns Hopkins is so well known for health care and has the best MPH program in the country. What do you think is more strategic??
  39. A

    MBA after medical school

    Hello .. I'm a fresh MD graduate ..and i'm interested in non-clinical careers health administration ,hospital management ..etc .. Also i want to be an entrepreneur / business owner at some level of my life . and i'm considering doing MBA ..before going to residency .. (if i got...
  40. M

    DIY MBA/MHA Resources and Advice

    Good Afternoon all from San Diego, Since graduating from UG last year with a dual degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, I have had my mind set on obtaining and MBA/MHA and pursuing the business end of medicine (ie. operations.. ultimately CEO). First a little background: I have worked in...