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  1. D

    Dual degree essay prompt questions

    Hi, I am currently in the process of applying for a dual degree program at the medical school I was admitted. While looking at the graduate degree (non-MD) prompts, I noticed that they were identical to the secondary questions I had previously filled out and submitted for their medical school...
  2. D

    MD to PharmD? Has anyone done it in this order, and is it worth it?

    Hello, There are a few posts out there about people doing PharmD --> MD, but has anyone with an MD done a PharmD after? Is there any sense in doing this? I am an MD student at an accredited international medical school. My fiance is a DO student in the US. We both want to start a family as...
  3. A

    DVM and MSc - is it worth it?

    I recently accepted a seat at SGU starting this upcoming fall, and I have been toying with the idea of pursuing a MSc (not MPH) along with that. I have done quite a bit of neuroscience research in undergrad and absolutely loved it, and I'd be ecstatic to continue research through graduate...
  4. D

    Can you do a dual degree MPH program if selected for the NHSC scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I know this cycle hasn't even opened yet, but a huge goal of mine is to be able to complete an MPH degree while a dental school. I'm interested in applying for this scholarship, but I would reconsider if they wouldn't allow me to do the dual degree in dental school.
  5. Shino’s Beetles

    DPM PhD revisted

    Anyone else considering doing a DPM PhD. I couldn't choose between podiatry and PhD so I'm planning on choosing both but it seems like a lonely road. Interested in anyone's thoughts on it. Some questions like is it worth the length and difficulty? After doing the PhD portion I would be out of...
  6. L

    Gap Year Dillemma

    Hello! So I’m planning on pursuing a BA/BS in Music and Biology. However, I was contemplating on whether or not a gap year between undergrad and medical school is a good idea, per say. I either want to take one year to become a flight attendant or become a musician in the marines.Would any of...
  7. R

    Senior Year..Not sure what to do. (DO? PA? MPH? PA/MPH???)

    Hello, this will be very complicated so pay attention and hopefully, you can give me some good advice. I am 21YO white male and I graduate this semester in May with a 3.2cGPA, a Cell and Molecular Biology major with a Biochemistry minor. I started my first semester of freshmen year with a...
  8. khatuba

    Dual Degree

    My program has a couple options to receive a dual degree. The ones that looked interesting to me were the Master of Laws, Master of Higher Education, and Master of Public Health. I read a lot of MD threads, but does anyone have any experience or perspective on what practical opportunities would...
  9. M

    Jobs for Pharmacists in Public Health??

    Hi everyone.... I’m currently pursuing my PharmD and am, as always, considering what I am actually going to do with it. I know right now I am going to get my MPH (Masters of Public Health) dual degree. So now I’m left wondering... what all can a pharmacist do in the public health sector? I’m not...
  10. D

    Nuclear pharmacist patient interaction, job security, and job flexibility (to also do research)?

    To those who work in the field of nuclear pharmacy, I have been searching nuclear pharmacy forums like crazy since I found out about some months ago. I am finding somewhat older and broad forums. I'm hoping for an updated and more specific answer to my lingering questions. I'm aware of the...
  11. D


    For current dentists, do you think an MBA would have helped you out a lot? Do you wish to go back and do part time MBA? My current dental school is offering a dual degree of DMD/MBA. It will cost an extra $21,000. Since it is a private school the tuition is already on the high end for DMD. I...
  12. C

    Possibilities with Multiple Dual Degrees

    I am currently a fourth-year pharmacy student and will graduate in a few months with a PharmD and MBA. I am waiting for results of the residency match process, but have began formulating possible backup options just in case. One of my professors has advocated also obtaining a Masters in Public...
  13. ExtraEspresso

    MD Funding After PhD

    I am currently in my first year of my PhD program, and I decided just too late that I am interested in pursuing both an MD and a PhD. I am working with my current program to try to switch from PhD to MD/PhD, but there is no guarantee that that will be possible or that I will get accepted. If I...
  14. S

    MPH Online / Distance MPH - Quality over Cost?

    I'm looking at applying to online/distance MPH programs for Summer or Fall '17. I've chosen the online format due to the inability to quit working for two years to go to school, and due to the fact that I'm quite disciplined and excel at working independently. I have an undergraduate degree in...
  15. A

    Dual-degree programs

    Anyone have any experience/thoughts on dual-degree programs?? I am looking at the University of MN's DVM/PhD or DVM/MS programs. Thanks!
  16. T

    Am I screwed? Help please

    I am going to be applying for dental school and truly thought about it and now want to switch to medicine. I am out of time and have to apply to dental school and take the DAT because I haven't taken courses for mcat yet. Would DO/DMD be a good option if program was offered? What are career...
  17. DocJuan

    AMCAS, Secondaries, Public Health Intentions

    So I have a specific interest in global health policy and management. I intend to pursue an MPH and indicated as much for several schools on my primary (I'm hoping it won't have some sort of negative impact on my likelihood of getting an interview). While filling out secondary applications for...
  18. N

    MD/MPP or MD/MPH

    Hi all! I'm wondering if any of you are pursuing a dual degree with an interest in health policy? How feasible is it to be both active as physician in the clinic and pursue health policy in my career? I am especially interested in policy affecting children (in parallel with my interest in...
  19. T

    General Admissions & OTCAS Dual MSOT/MPH Degrees?

    Does anyone know about a dual degree in OT and Public Health? I saw that Washington U in St. Louis and Colombia offer dual degrees, and that this broadens the scope of practice and policy for occupational therapy. But I also know that it is very new--does anyone have any idea about...
  20. A

    Transfer to DDS/PHD or DMD/PHD program

    Has anyone transferred from a DDS(DMD) program from one school to DDS(DMD)/PhD program in a different school? Or know anyone who has done it?
  21. A

    Transfer to DDS/PHD or DMD/PHD program

    Has anyone transferred from a DDS(DMD) program from one school to DDS(DMD)/PhD program in a different school? Or know anyone who has done it?
  22. W

    MSW MSW/MPA Dual Degree Programs

    Hey all, Does anyone know anything about joint MSW/MPA programs? How selective are they? Do the two disciplines balance/complement each other well? Do people in these programs tend to be (1) current/future social workers who would like to move into managerial positions, or (2) those who...
  23. prepremed18079

    Dual degree... M.D. Pharm.D ?

    Okay, so Rutgers University in New jersey just created a dual degree program which provides a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Pharmacy. Sounds very interesting, but is it worth the money and extra work? Doctors, Pharmacists, Medical students please feel free to answer! Here is the link to...
  24. #science

    MPH at a School w/o a Dual Degree Option

    I was recently admitted to Rush Medical College. Although I LOVE the school, they don't have a Master's of Public Health program, and I was hoping to finish medical school with both degrees. Perhaps I could take part time MPH classes at Northwestern or get it by taking an extra year after M2...
  25. S

    My chances? Back-up plan advice/recommendations?

    Like many I am worried about my current medical MD and DO application cycle. I just submitted my application and my transcripts are waiting to be reviewed. My concerns are due to my low MCAT score (which I took only once due to taking it August 28th) and the "late" submission of my application...
  26. ipreferyoucallmedr

    Help decide my future please

    Hello everyone! I am a current P2 who works as an intern at a big chain and I hate it. Luckily, I have found that I love love love health outcomes research. I've been given the opportunity to apply to get a PhD immediately after finishing my PharmD (basically it's a program where I get a little...