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May 10, 2017
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Hi guys.
So currently, I have just finished my junior year of undergrad. My current but yet horrendous stats are cGPA: 2.75 & sGPA: 2.40
Unfortunately, all the pre-req's I have take that are required for PA school, I have received Cs in.

I really want to become a PA, but I know how hard and competitive it is. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with what to do next. I am an EMT and currently working as one as well to get the minimum hour requirement in for clinical experience; but with an EMT license I do wish to further become an ER Technician.

My plan for the summer was to not take any classes and solely focus on getting more HCE hours in, along with studying for the GRE and take it by August.

With that being said, what should I do? Should I take a summer course of the classes I have received Cs in at a different institution, do a Post Bacc program after I graduate in May 2018, or do a one year Master's program in the health sciences after I graduate? I know I have screwed up, but I want to get back to the right track, but I am afraid that I am too far in to get out of this hole.

Along with this, I wanted to know what are some other healthcare professions that I can pursue in because I really do want to PA school, but my grades are holding me back at the moment. Are there other healthcare professions that I can look into that might be a little less competitive? I do plan still working as an EMT or ER Tech (hopefully); I just am very confused as what to do with the given stats.

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As a junior, you only have one more year of undergrad ahead of you, and quite a few credits behind you. It will be incredibly difficult to make a dent in your GPA's at this point, even if you were to retake and get A's in all your retakes. It will also be difficult to actually get A's in your courses you will take next year, because it seems like you are struggling now, and there's no indication anything will change. Its possible for you to redeem yourself, but the question you should ask yourself is how much time you are willing to put into it. It literally could take years for that turnaround to happen. And honestly, more health care experience isn't going to change that. Both your GPA's would need to be at least 3.0 for any school to look at you. Most of the PA schools I've looked at in my day had 10 applicants for each seat they have. I don't see PA school happening.

I would retool. Set your sights on becoming an NP. There is a more forgiving path to get there. I think its a far better goal. Start to figure out what schools you would qualify for, even the expensive ones. The RN programs that are private and expensive are often ones that don't care as much about grades. NP schools are relatively cheap. So even if you pay $75k for RN school, and then go to a $30k NP school, you still are ahead of many of the folks who go to PA school, because PA schools often can cost well into the $100k price range. I really think that's your only hope to become a prescribing provider. And that's not a bad thing.
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Agree with (everything) pamac said. I don't see a way for you to become a PA unless you first pursue a graduate degree (and get near 4.0 GPA in it).
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Agree with (everything) pamac said. I don't see a way for you to become a PA unless you first pursue a graduate degree (and get near 4.0 GPA in it).

Agreed and even then it will be a long shot.

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Hey guys I'm seeking advice applying to PA programs. I just graduated with my psychology BS and finished all the pre-reqs and took plenty of science classes (bio1/2, chem1/2, orgo1/2, micro, physics1, calc1, and A&P1/2) my current GPA is 3.5 and my science CASPA GPA is about 3.1 (I really messed up in my math classes). Do I have a shot getting into a PA program? Thank you in advance.