1. rcollinb

    Which Masters Program Should I Choose Before Dental School (POLL)?

    Out of these programs, which program would prepare me the best for dental school (in poll)? Which program would look the best to a dental school? I understand it depends on the success of the program, how well I could do, and what I enjoy, but I am looking for an outside opinion that I may not...
  2. I

    Which Masters program should I go to prior to medical school?

    Hello all, I'm in a bit of a pickle right now when it comes to making a decision between which masters program I should go to. For the record, I think both of them are fantastic options. University of California - Irvine (UCI) - M.S. Biomedical Engineering (Thesis based) or McGill - M.S...
  3. rcollinb

    One year Masters before dental school question & advice!

    Hey folks! I hope all are well during the strange times. I just wanted to post my situation right now to see if any of y’all wouldn’t mind giving me some advice! I am just about to graduate and I did not gain a seat to dental school this cycle. It left me with a gap year to do something...
  4. jwarren10101

    Do schools care about unrelated foreign masters grades?

    Hi all, I am currently doing a masters abroad in a social science field during my gap year. I know that AMCAS does not have an option to upload foreign transcripts - but do you think schools would want to see my grades during this program?
  5. T

    RVU vs. KCU

    Hi all I am having trouble choosing between the rocky vista an kansas city masters program. They are both extremely far from me, so location isn't a problem. I heard many positives and negatives from both programs making my decision even harder. At first I was leaning towards kansas city and...
  6. J

    ARCOM vs. KCU masters programs

    Hey guys, I have a quick question for y’all! I am a current DO applicant but most likely won’t get in this year so I’m planning on doing a post Bacc program with either KCU or ARCOM. I was wondering what your thoughts were on either one? I interviewed for ARCOM’s med school this year but was...
  7. D

    Texas Master's Programs Fall 2020

    Hey guys! This is basically a place to keep a list of programs that I am applying to this cycle and to see if anyone else has applied as well. These programs don't have a lot of information to work with so since I've submitted my apps, I've kind of been in the dark as far as what to expect. If...
  8. M

    Is a Masters or Post-Bacc Necessary?

    Hi all, I'm going to be reapplying this cycle and was wondering with my GPA if it's necessary to get a masters? This past year all I've been doing is working volunteering and taking an anatomy class. Therefore, would it look good on my app that for a year I went back to school for a masters...

    Drop out of Masters Program

    So I'm tryna find advice on here if I should drop out of my current masters program. I am in the second semester of my masters program and I was doing well this semester but unfortunately I had mental health problems arise. Turns out I've been suicidal since I was 6 and trying to find...
  10. stilltryingtogetintoMD

    SMP Decision Help!

    Hi all, I am applying to both MD and SMPs this cycle and need help deciding between SMPs. I want to stress that if not accepted into an MD program this cycle, I will reapply next cycle before starting a SMP. I have been accepted to: Tufts Biomedical Science Tulane Biochemistry Tulane Anatomy...
  11. J

    How does an informal post bac work? masters or formal post bac?

    I graduated may 2019 with a bio degree, my gpa at my college was a 3.38. Verfied ADEA with out +/- science GPA 3.04 verified adea with +/- a science GPA 2.99. Overall adea verified gpa was a 3.24. september DAT scores: orgo- 21 gen chem- 20 qr-14 PAT-15 Bio- 17 reading-19 ts=19 aa=18 I have...
  12. rcollinb

    Brown University Gateway - Medical Sciences Graduate Program

    Hi folks, I am actually pre-dental, but figured this would be more relevant here. I am applying to the Warren Alpert Gateway program for Medical Sciences at Brown University. The application is due mid May, but the program does not start until mid to late July. Would I have to be completely...
  13. G

    In a Pickle: Advice on low GPA, Masters, and gap year?

    Hello, I am an undergrad junior who would really appreciate some advice. Due to a combination of personal reasons, I did very poorly (an average of B's and C's) on multiple courses in sophomore year, many of them prereqs such as Orgo and Biology. I currently have a GPA of ~3.4, an sGPA of even...
  14. P

    What to do in Gap Year(s): Masters/SMP or Work?

    I am graduating a year early and am planning on taking two gap years before (hopefully) matriculating into medical school. I am currently deciding between applying to some kind of master's or special masters program (not looking for post-bacc) or working. Ideally, I would be working in clinical...
  15. L

    Barry University BMS Spring 2019

    Hey, I just recently got accepted to the barry university biomedical sciences program. I was wondering what to expect from the program and if anyone else is entering during the spring semester?
  16. C

    How do I make an application worthy of MD or MD/PhD (Duke-NUS)

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through what I have written. I'll try to be as succinct as possible. I am entering my Masters of Science (By Research) in Bioinformatics (2 year program) starting January 2020. Following the completion of my masters, I want to enter...
  17. BradyJV

    Considering an online, one-year masters in nutrition during my gap year

    Hello, everyone. Long story short - My grades, LOR's, extracurriculars, etc should be decently competitive for medical school and wouldn't use this masters in a way to try to "boost" my application. I decided to pursue medicine after dietary and lifestyle changes that helped me tremendously. I'm...
  18. M

    Gap-year options for MD schools??

    PLEASE READ TILL THE END AND HELP ME!! Hey guys I would really REALLY appreciate any advice in my very specific stressful situation! I'm going to keep this short so I can get as much advice as possible! Basically, I started college at 17, I was at this school for 2.5 years, I partied a lot and...
  19. B


  20. A

    Masters Program for IMGs

    Hello, I'm a final year foreign medical student interested in applying to the US for residency. I have a gap year before residency starts. I want to make use of the time so one of the things I am considering is a Masters program in the US. Do you know anything about that? Is it a good idea...
  21. G


  22. I

    Help Me Decide: FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificate vs. USF Masters in Medical Sciences (MSMS P3)

    Hi All, I've been accepted to both the Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences program at Florida International University (FIU) Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) and the Masters of Science in Medical Sciences, Pre-Professional Program (MSMS P3/MSP3) at the...
  23. T

    Any good 1-year online masters programs?

    I am applying this cycle but to be honest, I doubt I will get in due to my stats. I am hoping to focus really hard on a 1 year masters and do well so I can reapply next cycle! I want it to be online so I wouldn't have to move anywhere to save on housing. Are there any suggestions?
  24. A

    Drexel IHS 2019-2021

    Hey guys! I was just accepted to Drexel's IHS program for Fall 2019. I noticed there wasn't a recent thread yet for this program and wanted to reach out. Anybody else considering attending? I'm having a lot of trouble finding information about it, so if you happen to be a student/alumnus, I'd...
  25. arrowslinger

    Seeking advice on application and what to do after.

    I am a ORM white male in Texas with a 3.3 GPA and a 2.8-3.0 BCPM GPA (I majored in nutrition and am unsure if certain classes will be counted). I have 332 hours of combined shadowing and 2 internships one from a local pediatric center and one from MD. Anderson in Leukemia, as well as research in...
  26. O

    Need Advice!

    Hi everyone, I am a little confused on what to do next with my life. I applied this previous cycle and got one interview with an 18AA and a 3.21 oGPA and a 3.0sGPA. Over the past year (my senior year) I was able to raise my oGPA to a 3.39 and my sGPA to a 3.1. I am planning on reapplying right...
  27. P

    Any Chance of Getting Into Masters Program with Horrible Transcript?

    Hey. I've been looking around on sdn for a while to see what the best route I should take to get accepted to dental school someday. My overall GPA is a 3.04 right now while my science GPA is a 2.89. My transcript is full of blemishes. I have 2 F's and 3 D's. I have an F Organic Chem 1 and...
  28. A

    Tufts MBS vs. Rush Biotechnology MS (can anyone give pros and cons on either)?

    Tufts MBS or Rush MS in Biotechnology? Why?
  29. 0

    ATSU KCOM versus NYMC masters

    Hi guys. I am currently sitting on multiple acceptances to master's programs and am agonizing over which to choose. So far, I believe I've narrowed it down to ATSU KCOM or NYMC. I'm looking for a two year program with strong research opportunities, which I believe both programs offer. But other...
  30. W

    2019-2020 Vanderbilt MS in Biomedical Sciences Program

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to SDN but I wanted to make a thread for the Vandy Masters of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences because I haven't seen one on here yet! I just recently accepted their offer of admission, and I am curious if anyone in the community is also going to be attending the...
  31. S

    Weighing of Masters GPA

    For those that applied with a masters degree, did you weigh that GPA more when choosing where to apply? Did you find that dental schools put more weight on how you did in the masters program then your undergrad GPA? This is going with the assumption that your DAT is stellar. I am having a hard...
  32. K

    SMP Questions

    Hello, I'm a fairly new poster so let me get right to it... Some SMPs such as Toledo want a 500 MCAT to be accepted into the program which has a great matriculation rate as stated as "65-80%". My question is what happens if a DO school offers an acceptance but so does Toledo SMP? Should you...
  33. R

    Masters Programs

    I'm a senior pre-med student who decided to pursue a Masters degree in my first of (hopefully) two gap years due to a less-than-great undergrad GPA. I applied to a bunch of special masters type programs that are aimed at pre-med students. I've heard back from most of the schools and am trying...
  34. D

    Need Masters advice!

    Hi all, I am writing this post today to ask for advice! Currently, I have a 2.95 GPA and I am projected to have a 3.06 GPA after this semesters DIY postbacc coursework. I took the MCAT last summer and got a 502 and am applying to masters programs right now to begin 2019-2020. I have had...
  35. P

    Postbacc or Masters?

    Hello SDN Unfortunately, I did not get into any dental schools this cycle so my next move is to continue my schooling and take classes to improve my GPA because that is what bringing my application down. I am conflicted between a postbacc and a masters. I originally wanted to do a postbacc...
  36. P

    Western University MSBS 2019-2021

    Hello Friends! Anyone else applying to the MSBS program??? Not the MSMS program... but the msBS program!
  37. G

    Masters in Public Health or Post Bacc Program??

    So I am deciding what I should do for after I graduate my undergrad. I am getting my bachelors in biology but my overall GPA would be a 2.7. I was thinking that maybe if I did a masters program such as Public health it would be a good change and also give me a separate GPA. So far I have applied...
  38. J

    Johns Hopkins Post-Bacc Health Science Intensive Program or retake MCAT?

    Hey all! Just graduated ended with a 3.36 GPA with a major in Biology. Took the mcat rushed through it scored a 487. Been considering applying for JHU HSI because I'll be granted a masters despite it being a post-bacc and also get MCAT help but also been on the fence with just retaking the MCAT...
  39. hiyhiy

    University of Cincinnati M.S. in Physiology 2019-2020

    Suprised there doesn't seem to be a thread for this SMP yet, so I thought I'd start one. Anyone else applied and waiting to hear back?