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Apr 20, 2020
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Hello Everyone!

I am looking for some opinions

I am currently doing a do-it-yourself postbac and have finished last semester with 3 A's and 2 B's. I will be finishing this semester with 4 A's and 1 B (in a non-prereq course). I was thinking of taking a pass on the B because I am trying to obtain Dean's list hoping that will highlight how much I have improved in my studies. If I take the B, I will be on the edge of obtaining Dean's list. If I take the pass, I will get it for sure. In terms of cGPA, the difference between taking the B and not taking the B is 0.01, with the cGPA from taking the B being higher.

My worry however is how med schools will view a single pass amongst all A's. I understand a B isn't horrible but it definitely does not show my capabilities in the course (comparative vertebrate anatomy, higher biology level course) since it was a single midterm that brought down my grade and was due to external issues that had to be dealt with at the same time and all my other grades in the course were high. I was on the way to an A until university closed due to covid-19. I do not want a single midterm to ruin my chances of Dean's list but also don't want admissions to possibly look poorly at a pass thinking I am hiding a C. I definitely can explain the reason why I chose the pass if a school asks but what matters is that I am given that chance.

What would you take? The B and possibly not Dean's list or the pass and Dean's list?

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Mar 30, 2014
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I think the risk/reward here for taking the P isn't worth it. I would take the B and not give it a second thought. Adcom's are unlikely to go through your transcripts carefully enough to notice to presence/absence of a Dean's list on your transcript. You could include a section on your AMCAS for awards/honors and a single Dean's list mention is unlikely to make an impact for how you are evaluable. Your postbac GPA will all be reported on a single line in your application. Adcom's will notice if the GPA on that line is higher than your prior years and that should illustrate how you have improved as a student.
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