Please Help: Emory vs. UMN

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Jan 26, 2020
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Hi there, I am currently having a difficult time deciding between an MPH program at Emory University or University of Minnesota. I feel like I have learned quite a lot about Emory University through personal research and stalking this forum for several months however the University of Minnesota’s reputation is still a mystery to me.

Emory University is a highly regarded institution with a strong network and ties to the CDC. I was accepted into the BSHE program, which I am now less interested in and would look into switching into Epi if I decide to enroll. I am thrilled to have been accepted to the Maternal and Child Health certificate as it directly aligns with my career goals and I believe Emory could potentially open many doors for me within this field. In terms of funding I only received a 15k scholarship and a 5k REAL award. While I am grateful to receive this aid it is still an expensive program. With the economic crisis we are currently facing, as well as potentially having to take fall courses online, I do not feel comfortable taking on so much debt.

I really like the program I was accepted into at the University of Minnesota (MCH) as I can focus on epidemiology in the MCH field and earn a minor in biostatistics. I also have identified two professors with similar research interests to my own which is a huge plus. But most importantly I received a very generous financial aid package which covers my first year of tuition and living costs in addition to in-state tuition. If I am able to secure a graduate assistantship by my second year I could walk away with very little debt.

My overall career interest is in program research and evaluation in maternal and child health, so I believe both institutions are a good fit. UMN seems more closely aligned to my career interests, the program would allow me to gain strong quantitative skills, and the financial aid package would be difficult to pass up. That being said it seems like very few people talk about UMN despite it being a top ten program. After personal research I still do not have a firm grasp on UMN’s reputation outside of Minnesota/the Midwest. I am also worried about their network connections being potentially weaker than Emory’s. If anyone has insight on UMN or can provide guidance of any kind I would greatly appreciate it!

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