1. P

    Post-December Interview?

    Hello! I've applied to the UMN dental school and had my application completed 8/31. However, I haven't received any interviews nor anything on my application. I'm concerned as they already passed through August and skipped over me. I have a few questions due to this: 1. Is it too late to receive...
  2. P

    What are my chances? UMN

    Hello! I'm currently waiting for an interview invite from the UMN dental school but I'm a little worried. It's already November and I haven't heard a word, which makes me anxious. What are my chances of getting into the UMN? In-state residence Application Completed: 08-31-2022 Application...
  3. PlumPoppy

    University of Minnesota c/o 2027

    Hi everyone! A little early, but I thought I'd make a thread for us applying for UMN this cycle. Good luck! First-time OOS applicant. But my partner is moving to the Twin City area for work, so hopefully we can get residency if I get in :) We know almost nothing about the area! It's my first...
  4. M

    Please Help: Emory vs. UMN

    Hi there, I am currently having a difficult time deciding between an MPH program at Emory University or University of Minnesota. I feel like I have learned quite a lot about Emory University through personal research and stalking this forum for several months however the University of...
  5. W

    Minnesota (OOS) vs. Case

    Hey guys! Trying to decide between Minnesota and CaseWestern... out of state for both schools let me know what you all think!
  6. DigitalDental

    Do Dental Schools like research experience? (If so, how much?)

    Hey all, I'm kind of a second rate applicant, but the one thing I have going for me is research experience. I've worked in two labs over my college career. Lab 1: I worked about 750 hours over six months (I was employed as a full time research assistant.) at an Audiology lab working with a...
  7. D

    School list

    I know this question is always asked, but I would like some help with choosing schools to apply to. Stats: 1. 23 DAT AA, 21 P, 20 QR, 20 RC, 25 Bio, 23 GC, 26 OC, 24 TS 2. North Dakota Resident (We don't have a dental school, so I plan to apply largely to WICHE schools because I get money and...
  8. ifitfitsyourmolars

    [URGENT] Need a place to crash tonight in For UMinnesota interview

    Hey guys, So i'm in a giant pickle. I'm 20 y/o and the hotel that i was supposed to stay at tonight won't allow me to check in because of their 21 & older policy. I was wondering if anybody had a place I could crash at with them? I am willing to pay half/(whatever percent you want me to pay)...
  9. M

    Please help me choose a Dental School. ~I didn't expect to have this problem

    Hello Everyone, I experienced a problem that I definitely didn't expect I would-especially because the pre-health committee at my school told me that I wouldn't be able to get in to dental school. I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances from multiple dental schools, and I would really...
  10. C

    OSU vs UMN

    So I got accepted to OSU for this upcoming semester. However, I also got an interview invitation coming up for UMN; but I have to reply to OSU about my decision by March 21. My interview for UMN is on March 25. I do not know what to do because I really like UMN. I am an out of state student for...
  11. K

    coming back to CA after OOS pharmacy school?

    Hi, I've been accepted to UMN, UMich and University of Colorado for their Pharm.D program, and I am trying to decide which school would be the best if I'm planning on coming back to California for residency. Or does not it matter at all? Any comments/advices would be appreciated. Thank you!
  12. K

    Help! Minnesota vs Michigan vs Colorado?

    Hello! I have been recently admitted to UMN, UMich and UC for their pharmacy programs. It has been hard to decide which school would be best fit for me so I wanted to ask for some help from current students and graduates from these schools or pharmacists that are practicing in these...
  13. Y

    UMN vs NYU

    Hey Guys. I got accepted to both University of Minnesota and NYU dental schools this cycle and I am really happy about it!!! However, I am having hard time deciding between these two dental schools bc they were both my top priority schools. Since I am OOS for Minnesota, the annual cost will be...