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Dec 12, 2018
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I was just accepted into UNLV and now I am stressing over deciding what school to go to, as I was acepted into MUSC several weeks ago and put down a deposit. I feel like they are such different schools, but they both really interest me. I received a scholarship to UNLV which is a huge factor. I was also very impressed with their facilities and faculty/students. However, I feel as though I would much rather live in Charleston, SC, and I have family only a couple hours away. What makes this even more difficult is that MUSC did not do interviews, so I have no idea what the facilities are like. Unfortunately, I do not think I would be able to fly down and do a tour before I have to give an answer to UNLV by next Friday. If anyone has gone to these programs or has any advice, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!

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I think figure out what you value most whether it’s what you liked about UNLV + scholarship (awesome, btw) or being closer to family! Ultimately it’s your decision. No matter what you’re going to be a DPT.
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I’m also trying to make a similar choice between MUSC and Arcadia right now and it’s so difficult. I did go to MUSC’s open house and their classrooms were housed in a really nice building with the standard technology. They didn’t actually show us inside the buildings where the cadaver lab and the clinic are, they just pointed them out on campus. The campus overall is very pretty. I wish you best of luck in your decision!
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