school decision

  1. N

    Stockton University in NJ

    I am choosing between Drexel and Stockton but torn on what to do. Leaning on Stockton as it is the cheaper school but was wondering if there are any current/former students from either program that could help me out with my decision! Very stressed with making up my mind so I would appreciate it.
  2. T

    Marquette (OOS) VS UConn dental

    Hello all, I have been fortunate enough to get accepted to multiple schools. A little background about me: I am from the east coast and leaning towards general dentistry/public health dentistry. I am considering applying for the NHSC scholarship. Marquette Pros: Urban location in Milwaukee...
  3. E

    Long SOM (UT San Antonio) vs. McGovern (Houston)

    I have currently been accepted to both Long SOM and McGovern and am having trouble deciding between the two schools. Long SOM: I have been offered a full-ride here, so I would be able to graduate without debt. I really enjoyed my interview here, but I've never been to San Antonio nor do I know...
  4. A

    Should I choose Brown's PLME (BS + MD) program over Harvard/Yale/Princeton undergrad?

    Graduating high school senior here—starting college this fall. I thought I should post on this forum given y'all's experience with the whole med school admissions process. Thank you in advance for any insight you may have on this dilemma. I'm not 100% certain that I want to be a physician...
  5. J

    UCLA vs MWU-AZ

    Hello! I was blessed to be accepted into both UCLA and MWU-AZ dental school. It has been hard for me to make up my decision as to which school to attend. I'm not planning to specialize. It would be great if I can get some insights as well as some advices from you guys. Greatly appreciated! ps...
  6. I

    University of California Riverside vs University of Colorado Anschutz

    Hello, everyone. I feel super fortunate to have gotten two acceptances to medical school this year, to the University of California Riverside, and the University of Colorado Anschutz. Since I am a southern California native, I thought going to UCR would be an easy decision if I were to get in...
  7. P

    Please help me decide! UNLV vs. MUSC

    I was just accepted into UNLV and now I am stressing over deciding what school to go to, as I was acepted into MUSC several weeks ago and put down a deposit. I feel like they are such different schools, but they both really interest me. I received a scholarship to UNLV which is a huge factor. I...
  8. M

    OSU (OOS) vs. Case vs. Temple (OOS)

    Hi everyone, I got accepted into Ohio State, Case Western, and Temple this past Monday. However, I'm having trouble deciding which one to choose - any input on the ease of getting IS tuition (I live in VA), the clinical experience, family environment, reputation, etc.? So far, I haven't heard...
  9. 9

    Rocky Vista UT vs Western U Lebanon

    Hello SDN. I am in the lucky and blessed position to have acceptances at both of these schools. I have various reasons for liking each, and I feel that this is the choice between two good options. Just want to see what others might have to chip in about my decision. (+pro, -con) Rocky Vista...
  10. P

    Choosing an undergrad

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am hoping to become a doctor. I have been thinking about schools on the Northeast but out of my state. I work decently hard in school and I want to go to a good undergrad school but I am questioning if it is worth it. I am considering schools like...
  11. C

    Pre-med at UCI (Honors) or UC Berkeley

    Yes, I am making college decisions right now and I need your help >_< Before I start with questions and listing pros and cons, here are things for your convenience to know about my decision-making process: My goal for asking advice is to get into a top-tier medical school, not necessarily a...
  12. D

    dental school selection/ personal statement help

    -Hi so I'm applying to dental school this cycle I got a 23 AA, graduated from UTSA with a 3.52, have done around 100 hrs shadowing, and just got a job as an RDA I need help on a couple of things and would really appreciate some help So 1st off, can someone please look over my personal...
  13. H

    Advice on Schools

    I was accepted to go to UF to finish my undergrad degree, and I was accepted to Nova Southeastern. I was also guarenteed admission at Nova's DO school. I will hold an associate degree after this semester, but I was still eligible to apply because I did it at the same time that I earned my high...
  14. K

    Should I try to transfer

    I was accepted into Concordia's pre pharm to pharm program, but decided to go to Madison instead for undergrad. Is it a good idea to try and transfer back and avoid taking the PCAT or try Madison or MCW. Another factor in my decision is what each school prepares one for, I would like to be...
  15. whosnisarg

    Help Me Decide: MSU & R-NJMS or NYIT

    Hello friends! I am a high school senior currently applying to colleges. Now, this may be a bit premature (ba-dum), but I just want to close a conflict I have. I know it is tough to believe a 17-year-old, but I feel medicine is my calling and have for some time now. For the record, I have a...
  16. T

    Any Schools still worth applying to?

    I applied to 8 dental schools and so far have only heard from one. I was wondering are there any schools still worth applying to? My stats are 22 AA, 23 TS, 23 Bio, 21 Gchem, 25 Ochem, 21 RC, 19 PAT, 19 QR 3.61 overall GPA and 3.53 science
  17. K

    School selection (Low stats)

    Wouldn't mind some insight to either narrow down/widen the list of schools I am applying to. Just finished junior year. Low GPA (3.3 Overall, 3.0/3.1 science and BCP) however from a big name university in MI and very clear upward trend(Dean's list past 3 semesters). Taking DAT late June and...
  18. Gold_Toof

    School decision help

    I've been fortunate enough to be accepted to several schools and have narrowed it down to Tufts and UCSF (unless I get off UF waitlist). I have a feeling everyone will rush to say UCSF but first let me give some background information. UCSF tuition is approx $90,000 cheaper which is significant...
  19. C

    CPH vs MPH to go along with my MD?

    With rise of educational programs and certificates, I have noticed that there increase number of programs for Certificate in Public Health. I am looking to go to med school while concentrating in public health. I was wondering whats are thoughts on someone who is MD/CPH vs MD/MPH. I understand...
  20. K

    know thy schools

    So I saw this posted a long time ago but think it might help us youngins now. Please answer the questions in the following format. Feel free to expand on your response and skip anything you don't want to answer. 1. Name of Your Dental School 2. Your Year (if you're not comfortable answering...
  21. Toothout

    Withdrew before action

    Hey, After been accepted to a school I consider perfect, I withdrew my application in some schools that told me that I was being considered for a post-December interview. I'm 100% sure that I wouldn't go there since their tuition is double what I'm going to pay at UMKC. However, every time I...
  22. J

    Does the level of university prestige matter when applying for jobs/internships post-graduation?

    Is it better to pick a school that has a strong reputation/prestige over a newer-established veterinary school program? How much of a difference will it make when applying for jobs, internships, or residencies?
  23. kirby123

    School List

    Hi all, I based most of my school choices on GPA and DAT score (on the lower end). And I couldn't include some of the more popular schools on the list because they won't accept my AP Calculus credit as a prereq. cGPA 3.73 sGPA 3.74 (upwards trend) AA 19/TS 19/ Bio 19/ GC 20/ OC 19/PA 20/ QR 17...
  24. U

    UCLA PRIME vs. UC Davis SOM

    Hello All, I have been fortunate enough to gain acceptance to two of my top choices for my medical education and I am having a difficult time making the decision. UC Davis is much closer to home (Gilroy) and my entire support network. The cost of living is much more reasonable and I liked the...