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    Does anyone know when ETSU DPT program will get back to applicants about whether they were admitted or not/if they got an interview? I’ve seen mixed reviews about them getting back to students in the month of July or month of October from years ago. I’m not sure how long their process typically...
  2. H

    Emory DPT 2020-2021 Cycle

    Hi everyone! I’m making this thread because I haven’t seen any other ones for Emory DPT for the 2020-2021 application cycle, so I figured we could start a discussion in this! I had an interview with Emory on 11/13, but I haven’t had any updates since. I was wondering if anyone else had heard...
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    Illinois DPT Acceptance Stats

    Hi everyone! I’m a chicago native applying to 9 schools but my top schools are in Illinois. I have my stats below and it would be great if people could give advice on how I can improve. Also, if you’ve been accepted to these schools, it would be great if you could post your stats as well...
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    Please help me decide! UNLV vs. MUSC

    I was just accepted into UNLV and now I am stressing over deciding what school to go to, as I was acepted into MUSC several weeks ago and put down a deposit. I feel like they are such different schools, but they both really interest me. I received a scholarship to UNLV which is a huge factor. I...
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    University of Puget Sound DPT 2019

    Hi everyone just received my waitlist acceptance for UPS and was wondering if anyone has received an acceptance there that could share some info. Thanks, feel free to post your experiences here
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    University of Indianapolis Class of 2022!

    I figured I would start a thread for the incoming class. Has anyone been accepted yet?
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    University of St Augustine Flex (St. Augustine FL campus)

    Hi everyone! I applied to the University of St. Augustine Flex DPT program on the St. Augustine campus for the entering class of Fall 2019. I wanted to create this thread to see if there are any others who also applied.
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    Has anyone heard back from any of these schools?

    I recently (end of August) applied to nine programs. I have received confirmation emails from the schools/PTCAS, but I have not heard anything back from any of these schools yet. I am trying to get an idea of when the schools begin contacting prospective students. :) Has anyone heard back from...
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    Belmont vs. Northwestern PT

    Hi there! I’ve recently been accepted into both Belmont and Northwestern’s DPT programs. I was wondering if anyone could tell me their experiences at these schools? Looking for some honest insight. I am also interviewing at University of Miami, does anyone have any tips on how they interview...
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    DPT schools that allow more then two prerequisites outstanding

    Hey all, So my question is what schools are you aware of that will allow applications from prospective students that have more then 2 prerequisite classes outstanding? I am switching careers (BS and MS in Environmental Studies) and I am currently taking the prerequisite courses. I am...
  11. L

    South College DPT summer 2018 start date

    Is anyone waiting to hear back from South College? If you have been accepted, what was the interview like? What did you think of their hybrid program? I would really appreciate any feedback, thank you!!
  12. S

    Help with how to chose a DPT program!!

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on picking a DPT program to attend. I've made pros and cons lists and all but I am still struggling with what will be best for me. Many of the PTs I work with say that it doesn't matter much because they will all prepare me, but it is such a large investment that...
  13. P

    Shenandoah DPT Waitlist

    Hey guys! I recently interviewed with Shenandoah on December 15th and have been waitlisted. Figured I could start a thread for those who have been accepted (and what did you decide) or waitlisted (and what is your position). I am 85 out of 111 as of the moment I expressed interest for being on...
  14. T

    Trying to decide which DPT school to go to...

    Hi! I've been accepted into the DPT program at Azusa Pacific University and at the University of St Augustine in San Marcos, CA for the January term. I was wondering if any alumni or current students could give me some insight on their experiences. I'm also curious which school that anyone else...
  15. GraigM31

    Acceptance Chances

    Hey everyone, I've recently re-oriented my career path towards physical therapy and will be applying a bit later this year but wanted to get some opinions of my stats. I'm in the middle of taking pre-reqs as a post-bac student (originally psych major with research track, 2016 grad). I've got...
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    Accepted GREs and GPAs at University of st Augustine dpt

    hi! would anyone who was admitted to USA for a dpt program mind sharing there GPAs and GREs... I have 3.2 overall 3.1 science and 298 combined GRE ... is getting accepted (anywhere... thoughts?) realistic?
  17. S

    School in candidacy stage vs $$$ school

    I originally posted this on the Pre-PT side but perhaps it would be better suited on this side for those of you who have already been through PT school. I've heard time and time again on this forum to go with the cheaper school however I have recently found myself in an interesting situation...
  18. marlifts

    Mt. St. Mary class 2020

    hey guys Im new here but im trying to look for other who got accepted to mount st mary in LA, California. couldnt find another thread. Im not sure what im suppose to do now that im accepted? am i suppose to be turning stuff in? also is there a fb page for this?
  19. M

    Accepting multiple DPT School Offers!

    Hi All, Have anyone decided to accept multiple DPT offers to, later on, attend the school that provides the best Financial Aid package? I understand that this can raise an ethical dilemma. The sooner I deny an offer, the sooner the school can contact a waitlist applicant. I got in two state...
  20. M

    FIU DPT class of 2020!

    Hi everyone! Who has been accepted and is going to FIU?! Thought it would be nice to start a thread :) I'm looking into a FB page but I don't know anyone else who's been accepted just yet .
  21. M

    University of Pittsburgh DPT program feedback

    So I got accepted to Pitt's program and while I'm excited for the opportunity I'm a little apprehensive because I don't know too much about it in terms of what the student body and professors are like. I recently heard through the grapevine that the program is really tough and even cutthroat to...
  22. M

    Northwestern vs NYU

    Do any current students or alumni of NU or NYU have insight into how/why you chose the program, and if it met your expectations? I know the cost, class size, stats, etc. for each school but would appreciate some more anecdotal information if possible. Thanks!
  23. E

    What are my chances of getting into grad school?

    This spring I will be graduating with two bachelors degrees one in exercise science the other in health care administration. I currently have a 3.08 gpa and expect it to be at about a 3.1 by the end of the semester. I was considering graduate programs in either DPT, OT or masters in public...
  24. JDH93

    DPT chances?

    So I've already been denied from LIU Brooklyn and I'm starting to loose all hope after my gpa calc was done Bachelors of science in Exercise Science (knes based) cgpa-2.47 preqgpa.2.87 GRE-155v 148q Hours-800+inpatient working 25 outpatient Letters of rec- 2 professors from touro who I work...
  25. T

    Recently accepted to PT school, thought I could help! GRE GPA interview, etc.

    Hey everyone! I recently went through the entire process and thought that some of my experiences could help everyone out! I'll start with my stats (since that is what everyone is asking about). I have a Cumulative GPA of 3.7 and a Major GPA of around a 3.6. I am currently a Biology Major with...
  26. F

    PT Application Help

    I am working on my application for the 2016-2017 cycle for physical therapy program and was wondering what other people thought about the essay prompt. It is: "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?" I feel like this prompt is...
  27. C

    Elon DPT Early Decision

    Hi all, I am a student applying for physical therapy school this cycle. I just submitted my ED application to Elon! I was wondering if anyone knew stats on Elon, as far as how many apply/get accepted through early decision?
  28. R

    Pre-PT FAQs Answered

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkeaE_uo128l-KU41XcmWPcz5XigcsukP As promised, here are my videos discussing what you should know or become aware of as you start the transition into, or finish the application process for physical therapy school. The four videos in the playlist so far...
  29. R

    Common Pre-PT questions?!?

    I am a third year DPT student, and have started a vlog concerning all things PT school. I have had many requests to shed some light on the process of applying, getting in, and so forth regarding PT school. I'm hoping to discover the most common questions you, as Pre-PT students, have as you're...