Post-Bacs in MD, VA, & NY

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Jan 16, 2017
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So, I'm looking into Post-Bac Pre-Med programs because I know my academic record just isn't going to be where I'd like it to be by the time I graduate in order to competitively apply to my med school of choice. I just starting out my research on what institutions provide Post-Bac programs. However, I'm having a really hard time finding Academic Enhancer programs in Maryland specifically. I have looked on the AAMC website and they say there are none. I find that really hard to believe. So, I was just wondering if anyone knew of some reputable institutions in Maryland that have Post-Bac Pre-Med programs and admit students that are applying to boost their academic record. I'm also looking in Virginia and New York. So, any information for those states too would be very helpful!

Also, this may kind of a stupid question, but should I be looking into undergraduate or graduate programs? I'll be graduation from a 4 year university (JMU Go Dukes!! Lol) with a Bio degree, Pre-Med, and concentration in neuroscience in 2019. I know that's kind of far away, but I'm trying to start formulating my future plans now!

Thanks for the help!!

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AAMC has compiled a list for you. Even has an "academic record-enhancer" filter, as well as filter by state.

Master's programs are usually called SMPs. They are meant to be basically the first year of medical school, and tend to be extremely expensive. They're rather a last-ditch sort of effort for people with no other options, as doing poorly in an SMP means your medical school chances drop to zero.

What you need to do really depends on where your GPA (both cumulative and BCPM) stands when you finish.