Aug 19, 2017
Hi! I'm an incoming student at UW. I've known I wanted to be pre-med for the longest time and that's still a decision that I want to pursue regardless of the difficulty. Recently I attended advising and orientation and discovered the concept of curves. Intro stem courses at UW are usually curved to a B-, or C+ average based on the class performance. I wasn't aware of this and wanted to know if I should just attend CC and transfer into UW later. That way I'd complete most of my pre-med requirements. Transfer in directly to UW and take upper level bio courses which have higher curves. What should I do? Should I risk my career path and attend as a freshman or transfer in?


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Apr 6, 2014
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Curving science courses to a ~80 median is not too bad at all, that's very manageable. I would not give up half the university experience just to try and dodge that curve in a few prereq classes. I'd go right to UW and just be ready to work very hard for those few classes.
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