1. K

    How do medical schools view non-traditional gap year jobs?

    Hi everyone. I am going into my second gap year and am applying for the next cycle. I have scribed and worked in research along with all of the other typical pre-medical/gap year jobs. I am moving to another state and am not looking for another $10-$15 per hour job. I was recently offered a job...
  2. MedTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  3. P

    Dentist VS Doctors (Salary, life style...etc)

    Hi, I am a forth year undergrad in Canada, and I am deciding between dentistry and medicine right now. At the beginning, I was only thinking about doing medicine, but then MCAT CARS turns out to be terrible, so I tried DAT (which is a lot easier than MCAT). I got interview invites for dental...
  4. C

    MD vs Comp Sci HELP

    Hey guys, so I am debating between a CS or a MD (and slightly considering dental, but first I want to eliminate or not eliminate CS). I am going to college (a T10) this fall. I am taking an intro CS class as well as pre med requirement classes such as phys and chem, skipping out of intro bio and...
  5. B

    No DO shadowing. Still worth applying?

    So i have no DO shadowing and probably wont either. I plan to apply both MD and DO but truly have no preference and i do respect the DO principle. I think i can sort of explain why do based on my major choice in undergrad. i dont know if its worth it to apply to DO without any shadowing or DO...
  6. I

    MD Dating, Older Med. Student

    Hey y'all, I'm a 29 year old male, plan is to start Med. School at 32. Never dated before, life happened, Medical crisis, procedure, all better now, 100% and I am back in college to go to Med. School. I don't want to be single forever right ... and I am not sure how and when I will meet the girl...
  7. G


    Hi everyone, I am a junior currently. I transferred from a two year college to a 4 year this semester. I am wondering...when I apply to med school, will my gpa from the two year school count in my gpa calculations that calculate the gpa med schools will see? Or will only my gpa for these last...
  8. G

    Question about specialty - psychiatry

    hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Anyway, I am curious about psychiatry. I am in undergrad right now, and psych is an interest of mine. What is it like? I know that is broad but any info or experiences about encounters is psych rotation would be great. Also, I’d love to...
  9. Asclepius293

    Global Health Opportunities in taking a year off med school

    Hey all! I am curious if anyone has taken a year off in order to complete global health related studies in between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th years of med school. I was thinking of either applying for a fellowship, research opportunity, or pursuing a one year masters in public health. The...
  10. S

    MCAT Practice Questions

    Hey everyone! Doing my MCAT in August. Went through the KAPLAN books and wanted to complete some MCAT PRACTICE QUESTIONS in order to find out where I am lacking and focus more on those subjects. Does anyone know a forum, thread, website or anything that have practice MCAT questions we can test...
  11. S

    Major (BME) + Pre-Med??

    Hey all, I am here to ask a question that I am 100% percent sure has been asked before. For frame of reference, I am currently a high school student entering my senior year and am trying to decide on colleges to apply to. The issue is I am having trouble picking a major, but I know for a fact...
  12. F

    MCAT Study Plan Question!

    Hey y’all! I would love your feedback and advice on this! A few things to note before: - I have a pretty solid science background - test is on July 28th - my goal is 510-514 I have been studying for the MCAT for 1.5 weeks and it’s been going well. I’ve been using tpr and finished 2 books and...
  13. J

    Is the Med Flix from the TPR adequate for MCAT prep?

    The title basically says it all. I started by reading through the TPR books and working through the problems, but I noticed that I can hold my attention better with the MedFlix videos. They also give helpful tips as to how to approach certain problems on the MCAT. So I guess I'll reiterate my...
  14. lovehate

    is participating in a summer camp considered matriculation

    I was accepted to a medical school that has a 5 day summer camp next week. Is participation in this camp considered the start of matriculation? I am asking this because I am on the waitlist at another school and I know they can't offer me an acceptance once I matriculate at any other school.
  15. R

    Re-taking MCAT in July good idea?

    Hey all I could really use some advice as to how to handle my situation best. I took the MCAT in january received my score of 503 my GPA is a 3.78 I am a student-athlete with a good amount of extra-curriculars on my application. My question is should I apply to MD programs with my current GPA...
  16. coolbeans18

    Nursing student -- post-bacc option for MD?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to SDN. I'm a junior year nursing student and I'm looking for some advice. Okay, a quick lay-down on my life. I've always dreamed of going to med school but I'm going to nursing school because my dad who's actually an OB convinced me NOT to because of finances. I was...
  17. S

    How many 300-level science courses too take?

    I will be a non-matriculant at a university, so I will only be taking upper level science courses. I was planning to take three 300 - level courses. Is that too much?
  18. U

    I failed 2 classes... am I screwed?

    So, I'm currently a student at a community college, and I'm planning to transfer to a 4-year institution as a Junior this Fall (USC hopefully.) I got D's in 2 online courses (GE's) last year because I forgot to take the finals (idiotic, I know.) I managed to repeat the courses during the Winter...
  19. Kobethegoat24

    People with anxiety, what is a good place for me to volunteer?

    So I have anxiety and volunteering has been though. I volunteer at a homeless shelter right now but it doens't give me many hours and i dont feel as if i am helping people. But when I have to volunteer in a public crowded setting my anxiety acts up badly. Just wondering any premeds with anxiety...
  20. N

    Pitt vs Cooper

    I have multiple acceptances and need to decide. I like both schools. Hopefully you all can provide your thoughts! Cooper Pros: close to where I grew up; much cheaper; great community; new school, meaning lots of opportunity to be a leader and shine; opportunities to improve the region where I...
  21. F

    First-year Med Student summer volunteer research position worth it or waste of time?

    question for med students past MS1 or grads - i'm currently a first year med student trying to figure out plans to keep myself occupied over the summer. ideally i would have wanted to become involved in a legitimate research project, but as of now all that I have been offered is a position as...
  22. Z

    Non-Traditional Student Advice - Prerequisites ...What are my chances?

    Hi everyone! 26 year old nontraditional student here. Graduated from a 4 year university back in 2013 with a double major in Economics and International Business. After graduating I played professional soccer for a couple years. Unfortunately that got cut short due to injuries. I now own my own...
  23. P


    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I can't find much for Canadian Students. I know there are the monthly threads, but there's barely any responses there. Thus I'm posting here, please let me know if I should post elsewhere! Anyway, I'm in my 4th year now of a Science...
  24. Z

    USF Prerequistes

    Hi everyone, I can't find any information online about prerequisites taken at a community college for USF med school. Does anyone have any information on this? Do they allow none, some, or all?
  25. P

    RCSI Med Interviews 2018

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone got an email inviting them for in interview to RCSI med this year!! Specifically in Vancouver, Canada. I'm super worried because a couple of my friends got their interviews last week and I still haven't heard anything back even though I applied like 2...
  26. G

    Graduate School GRE

    I recently took the GRE and scored 156Q and 156V. The graduate school masters program that I intend to apply to (University of Michigan), states that the minimum competitive GRE score is 160 Quantitative and 155 Verbal. Should I consider retaking the test, or apply with the score I currently...
  27. G

    MCAT Advice???

    Hi, I am entering my second semester in my sophomore year (I go to a community college and I will transfer to a 4yr Uni for my junior and senior year). I am wondering a few things regarding the MCAT.... 1) When should I start studying? I plan to take the MCAT in 2019 because I am aiming to...
  28. N

    20 year old Pre med community college student struggling

    Hi there, I am a 20 year old student with autism and epilepsy who wants to be a neurologist. I go to a community college and right now I have a 3.093 gpa and I am trying to raise it. I have 4 C'S in Pre calculus, Japanese, Intro Chem, General Chem 1, and I am struggling to not get a C in...
  29. A

    what are my chances?

    Hi everyone, I migrated to Canada when I was 18 and I did my A-levels in Dubai. My background is that my entire family is quite religious and is from (you guessed it) Pakistan. I did not put in the energy into developing my English in HS and lower and I only took biology, chemistry, calculus...
  30. G

    Question about shadowing

    hi everyone, I have recently shadowed a podiatrist surgeon for a day. I am wondering...even though podiatry is usually its own professional school, will these shadowing hours still help me on a med school application? Thanks.
  31. redence

    6 year foreign med school or go to college and do premed?

    -btw I posted something similar to this in the MD + high school forum a few weeks back- just wanted some input from foreign grads now- I'm a 17 year old high school senior, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I'm interested in the health field, but I'm not 100% sure yet if I want to be either...
  32. redence

    I want to be a pediatrician, should I go to a 6 year caribean med school right after high school?

    Alright so I’m a 17 year old depressed senior in high school, and I’m planning to go to college to do either premed or pre-physician assistant. I’m really interested in the health field and helping people. However, my parents (Indian parents :/) really push me to go to a 6 year foreign medical...
  33. B

    Hundreds of hours of research - no first author publication... will this look bad?

    Hi, I have around 800 hours of volunteer research under my belt now and am applying in Summer 2018. I most likely won't have a 1st author publication submitted in time to include on my apps, just wondering if it looks bad that I spent so much time doing research yet only produced a few...
  34. redence

    6 year U.S accredited foreign med school in Caribbean? or pre-med in a U.S undergraduate college?

    I'm a 17 year old high school senior, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I'm interested in the health field, but I'm not 100% sure yet if I want to be either a doctor (Pediatrician) or a Physician Assistant (PA). I want to go to a U.S college and either complete pre-med or pre-pa, I might...
  35. D

    Trying to Tell My Dad Major Doesn't Matter.... Help?

    Hi there, I have shown my Dad a few threads on here and articles on other sites regarding a major and pre-med reqs. All in all, I know your major does not matter: your MCAT and GPA do. If I don't get into med school, my backup would be to be a PA or Physical Therapist. Because all of these...
  36. G

    am i making good progress?

    hi, I am in the first semester of my sophomore yr in college. I am wondering, with the following info, am I making good progress in terms of setting myself up to be accepted into a MD school or am I lacking?? State of residence:Alabama cGPA:3.87 (not sure about sGPA....ive only made one B ever...
  37. redence

    Should I do foreign medical school? About to graduate high school!!?

    Alright so I’m a 17 year old depressed senior in high school, and I’m planning to go to college to do either premed or pre-physician assistant. I’m really interested in the health field and helping people. However, my parents (Indian parents :/) really push me to go to a 6 year foreign medical...
  38. L

    Unbalanced MCAT score- retake?

    Hey all, I received my score of 130/126/131/130. Should I retake it? This was the first time I've taken the MCAT. I am hoping to get into a Canadian med school. Thanks!
  39. G

    out of state?

    hi, I am an undergrad student in Alabama. I plan to apply to at least 20 med schools (there are four in AL). I am wondering what would be other good ones to apply to out of state that do not give preference to their in state applicants??? I am open to MD and DO suggestions thanks.