1. M

    Letter of Intent

    Hi all, In April, I sent a letter of intent to my top school (School #1) that I was on the waitlist for. A few days into May, I was accepted into my second favorite school (School #2). At this point, if accepted to School #1, I will undoubtedly go. My question concerns when I essentially (and...
  2. renaissancewoman

    GW vs USF (select)

    Hi all, I am need of help deciding between these two lovely schools (George Washington in DC and University of South Florida in Tampa) which seem remarkably similar in many ways. I will try to keep this short and sweet, and any and all thoughts / experiences/ opinions are greatly appreciated...
  3. A


  4. MedKid8399

    Torn in My Decision: NYCPM (Podiatry) versus TouroCOM master's linkage program versus Stonybrook MBS

    Just accepted to TOUROCOM linkage program which links to its Osteopath school, as well as Stonybrook Masters of biomedical sciences, and NYCPM. I have several years of research experiences at NYU Winthrop, 3 publications, many hours shadowing doctors, volunteer experiences, and a year scribing...
  5. manivharat

    University of Iowa MSTP vs University of Kansas MD-PhD

    Howdy all! I've received the privilege of being accepted to two wonderful MD-PhD programs. However, I have been having an extremely difficult time choosing between the two schools. I have been given the deadline to accept my offer to one of these schools by March 25th. For some context, my...
  6. M

    Stritch vs Georgetown? (UPDATE: P/F STEP 1 NOW.... should this affect my school decision??)

    Hey guys. I was recently accepted into both Stritch and Georgetown for medical school next year and was wondering if I can get some insight on which to choose. I really care abut research and the academic side of medicine, health advocacy, a condensed curriculum style, and where I can match well...
  7. VanillaClassic

    Touro-Nevada vs UIWSOM

    Hello, I am here to get some feedback from both schools. I am having a hard time trying to decide between the two schools. I am from Texas and plan to come back to Texas after medical school. For specialties, I am leaning away from PC and more towards anesthesiology or orthopedics. UIWSOM (San...
  8. D

    How much should money matter?

    I'm deciding between two schools and I'm struggling to determine how much money should matter vs fit. If money didn't matter, I would definitely choose Loyola over Penn State because I feel it is a better fit for me. However, there is a major financial difference between the two. I was offered...
  9. Berlin16

    Future Vet Med Student Looking for Advice

    I recently was accepted to both Midwestern University and Mississippi State University. I am so grateful for the opportunity, however it has been very stressful trying to decide where to go. After I interviewed at Midwestern University, everything about it felt right. The location, the people...
  10. B

    UCSF/SFSU 2019 DPT Decisions

    Has anyone heard back from UCSF?
  11. P

    Pitt (IS) vs. Temple (IS)

    So the breakdown. I am instate but i can commute from home from Temple about 40 minutes drive. Pitts much further will have to dorm there. I am financially completely on my own, parents would not be able to contribute much. I want to know if there is a difference in getting a job afterwards. If...
  12. M

    Vanderbilt vs. Pitt

    Hey folks! I'd love some feedback from you guys regarding this decision. I feel like there are so many factors to consider here and I am having trouble figuring out what weight to give each factor. I'm OOS for both Vandy and Pitt, but am excited about living in a new place. I'm interested in...
  13. J

    ECU (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS)

    Hello, I am an NC resident who is in the fortunate problem of picking between dental schools. Right now I am trying to decide between ECU and Maryland. I really loved both schools and I feel like both have pros and cons to going there. With ECU I love their mission to help underserved parts of...
  14. darude

    EST or PST for "Check Back on Dec 3"

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if the AADSAS portal updates with decisions at 12 AM eastern time, or 3 AM eastern time (12 AM Pacific). Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  15. T

    Should I quit research???

    So, I wanted to get some opinions on whether or not I should quit research. I've been working in a lab since my freshman year (now a junior). When I got to college, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to purse grad school or med school. After talking to advisors and professors, they all seemed to...
  16. Fishy fish

    Social Media + Decision process

    Two questions: 1. Do members of the admissions committee ever google or check social media accounts of their applicants? 2. What is the decision process like at medical schools? Are decisions made soon after the interview is over or after several meetings and discussions?
  17. A

    CCO vs ICO vs NECO

    Hi all, I am new here, and though I have read through similar topic threads, I believe there is not much info on CCO. Plus, NECO has changed a lot recently adding a lot to their clinic which I think should be considered. I have got acceptance from all three schools. While I'm very grateful...
  18. E

    DO and PA programs

    Hi Folks, I'm not here to ask pros/cons between DO vs PA (yes, theres tons of post on Med vs PA) So... I am looking to apply to BOTH DO & PA Programs. However, they both use the CAS Application Portal (AACOMAS CAS vs CASPA). I am wondering if programs can find out if I'm applying to the other...
  19. S

    Should I apply this year? Best course of action?

    Hi, I am a non-US IMG who initially planned to apply for 2019. Currently I just have my Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores at hand. The scores are respectively 272 and 271. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I had to postpone my Step 2 CS examination and am currently planning to appear for it in the...
  20. medstudent1215

    Help with Interview Decisions

    Hey all, I am in a financial bind and am struggling to afford all my interviews. I have 7 more interviews scheduled so far and now have an acceptance to Alabama COM! I am trying to decide which (if any) interview's I should now turn down, but that is tough to do without ever even seeing the...
  21. medstudent1215

    Help with Interview Decisions

    Hey all, I am in a financial bind. I have 7 more interviews scheduled so far and now have an acceptance to Alabama COM! I am trying to decide which (if any) interview's I should now turn down, but that is tough to do without ever even seeing the schools of who's interviews I would turn down. So...
  22. HealthNombreUno

    Is biomedical engineering a reasonableness major to do before medical school?

    I’ve been extremely interested in majoring in Biomedical Engineering but I don’t want to screw myself over before med school. Math is not my strongest subject however just the very theory is extremely interesting to me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn how to engineer proteins? Am I making the...
  23. F

    biotech VC

    looking to work for a biotech VC next summer in NYC/SF. Do you think med schools would look down upon that to doing something clinically-based? Please let me know. Thanks. wasn't sure if adcoms have a stigma against "business" of healthcare
  24. L

    UCSF vs. Hopkins

    I was accepted to UCSF during the regular cycle and got off the waitlist at Hopkins--so I feel like I have a little less info for there since I wasn't at the second look. Cost is still TBD because I'm waiting on my Hopkins estimate but I expect it to come out close unless the aid is super...
  25. P

    Choosing an undergrad

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am hoping to become a doctor. I have been thinking about schools on the Northeast but out of my state. I work decently hard in school and I want to go to a good undergrad school but I am questioning if it is worth it. I am considering schools like...
  26. C

    WVU vs. Penn State

    Need some guidance here. I am from Morgantown, WV (where WVU is located) and I attended WVU for undergrad. Now trying to decide between staying for medical school or going to Penn State in Hershey. I'm not sure what I want to specialize at this point. WVU Pros: - much cheaper (130K over 4...
  27. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

    Hello people of SDN! I am deciding between UMSOM and GWU medical schools and am looking for some guidance and more info before I decide. I'm pretty torn (though I'm not asking anyone to pick for me obviously). I'm aiming to compare breadth of clinical experiences/exposure at each school's...
  28. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

  29. H

    University of Arizona or Chapman

    Please weigh in on selecting University of Arizona in Tucson (R-1 research school) vs. Chapman University for undergrad who wants to go to medical school in the future. Full-tuition scholarships at both schools. Thanks!
  30. S

    NYU or Maryland?

    Hello everyone. I'm having a hard time deciding between NYU and UMB. I'm a Maryland resident, so yes large cost difference. However, I don't like Baltimore and if it doesn't negatively affect my education or cripple me with debt in the future, the extra $ may be worth it for me to live the last...
  31. D

    DO acceptance but considering reapplication for next cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here but I just wanted to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to receive an acceptance to AZCOM this cycle and a waitlist at NYITCOM, but circumstances that have come about recently have made it in my best interest to not go to med school far away (I am...
  32. M

    Miami (MD/MPH) vs FIU (MD)

    Thanks for clicking. It sounds like an obvious choice but please hear me out: Miami MD/MPH Pros - MPH is nice for primary care residencies - Great match list for UM in general (no specifics for this program's performance) - Relationship with UM for residencies - Great students and staff -...
  33. H

    Deposit Extension or Expedited Review Possible?

    Question answered.
  34. J

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy - Class of 2022

    Hello everyone! For those of you who interviewed on Feb 9th and did not receive an acceptance letter on the day of the interview, have you received any admission decision yet? It has been over a month. I heard they extended their application deadline until May 1st. More applications while my...
  35. S

    San Diego State DPT vs. Loma Linda DPT

    I have recently been accepted to both SDSU's and LLU's DPT programs, and I am having trouble deciding! Does anyone have any input? Does anyone who has gone to either of these schools have any input? Any advice anyone could give me would be awesome!
  36. ebiroll

    UNC vs. UT Austin

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to the pharmacy programs at UNC Chapel Hill and UT Austin & I'm struggling to make my final decision. I know they are both top-rated programs, but I was wondering if anyone could provide other info as to why (or why not!) you picked either of these schools...
  37. J

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy - Standby? Class of 2022

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post regarding my recent interview I had with WSU. At the end of the interview, some people received an acceptance right away while others did not. I was one of the few that did not. I did get a letter stating that I will continued to be considered for admission on a...
  38. Pyraeus

    UPenn Vs. Uni of Maryland - HELP!

    Hey Guys! I am grateful to have been accepted to both UMB (Maryland) and Penn because these are both my top choices. I received a $20k/year Dean's Scholarship from Penn, but UMB is my in-state school and much cheaper. I have a hard time to decide between these two. If any students (or...
  39. Saint Richie

    Need Help Deciding on a School

    Since the beginning of December, I've been in a bit of a bind. I received acceptances to VCU, LECOM, and Nova. Obviously, only one of them can be chosen, but I suppose it would be best to get other opinions. Despite being a Florida resident, VCU seems to be the cheapest option since LECOM and...
  40. P

    Update timing

    I recently had a pub accepted for publication, and have started a new volunteering gig. At this point in the cycle, I've interviewed at all the schools I am going to, and I'm waiting for decisions. Should I wait for a decision to send this update letter so that I have something to say if I'm...