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  1. Jonesam91

    Post Bacc Pre Health vs Post Bacc Pre Med

    Forgive me if the title of this thread seems confusing, but I have a few questions. I am a URM (Black Woman, 26) and I finally decided to pursue my original dream of becoming a physician. I graduate in June with my Bachelors in Health Science (finally), but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to...
  2. D

    Pre-Public Health Undergraduate Summer Programs Status

    Applied to the following programs on February 1st: Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholars Program Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Diversity Summer Internship Program Washington University in St. Louis Amgen Scholars Program I'm not sure if these programs have...
  3. winorlearn

    Gap year: Medical Fellowships?

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone knows of some good fellowships related to medicine/ clinical research that last for a year? Thank you ;)
  4. J

    Pre-Med at UW?

    Hi! I'm an incoming student at UW. I've known I wanted to be pre-med for the longest time and that's still a decision that I want to pursue regardless of the difficulty. Recently I attended advising and orientation and discovered the concept of curves. Intro stem courses at UW are usually curved...
  5. J


    So I will be taking the DAT during the first week of spring semester. I will be taking 12 or 15 hours. (genetics and biochem along side 2 or 3 upper level major classes) during the fall semester and need advice in how to go about studying during the semester? I would like to start studying for...
  6. S

    How do you guys deal with the competition

    Hey Everyone, Okay, I am sure almost everyone has been through this boat, if you haven't good for you and hopefully you never sail this ship, but my question is very simple, how do you deal with the competition around you? It seems like almost everyone wants to get into medical school, and...
  7. J


    Hey guys, I have decided to take the DAT during this coming winter break. Just wondering if one month is sufficient? I will be taking 15 hours during the fall so I won't have that much time to study during the semester. I will be applying next cycle. Do you guys recommend Chads videos, dat...
  8. H

    **closed**What class should I take sophomore year HS?

  9. T

    What are my Chances? Which schools should I be focusing on?

    I am graduating college this year with a scGPA 3.43 and cGPA 3.63, mainly because my fall junior year, I received a D in Calculus due to poor circumstances. MCAT score= 501, but will take again My recommendations will be fair, with a couple strong ones. Good clinical and nonclinical...
  10. MO Bal

    Pre med Four Year Plan ......

    Hello everyone, I am gonna be a junior this fall and I wanna make sure that I am taking all the courses that I need to do well on the MCAT and in med school as well. Do you guys think I should stick with this plan or minor in gerontology (or philosophy) instead of taking immuno,histo, and A&P...
  11. W

    MD & DO 3.37/3.4/Not taken yet

    I retract my question
  12. M

    Help! What to do post-grad?

    I'm trying to decide what to do post-grad to fix my GPA (2.5 UGPA). The reason for such a drop was because of some family things going on throughout that have now resolved. I'm currently studying for the MCAT but haven't set a date yet to take it as I don't know whether it would benefit me to do...
  13. AspiringDoc955

    Please need advice about my chances: 501 MCAT 3.92 cGPA 3.88 sGPA

    As the title says, I would really appreciate if someone could give me advice if I should retake the MCAT to get into D.O. schools or if anyone on here has gotten accepted into an osteopathic school with similar stats. - My MCAT came back today with a 501 (128/121/127/125). The CARS score...
  14. B

    Retaking my mcat, one month off, test in one month?

    Hey all!, So i took my first MCAT march 31st. I felt like going into it i was going to get at least a 505. I came out feeling uneasy and scored a 496 :/. Now that i graduated and application cycles are about to open i feel i should retake my exam and as i apply check the little box on AMCAS...
  15. N

    Need Perspective....this cycle or next? MBS or get a certificate?

    So I have been having a hard time deciding whether to apply this cycle or wait until next cycle. Gpa: 3.55 sgpa: 3.58 MCAT: yet to take but have been getting 506 So with the mcat I'm scheduled for june which I already feel is late and i know pushing it off i can have a higher score but it will...
  16. M

    Are top med school exams harder than mid/low tier school exams?

    Just wonder. Knowing that most schools use P/F grading system in pre-clinical years but what make top schools distinguished from mid/low tier schools during those years besides research? - Is the knowledge learned from those schools the same? - Are exams harder/easier? More/less applications...
  17. S

    Is Caribbean Med school that bad?

    Hey guys, so its almost application time. I know there's a lot of bad stuff, like attrition rates, residency matching, and them being "for-profit." I have a 3.6 cGPA and got a 501 MCAT first attempt (which I am retaking to improve). I'm apply this cycle, but hypothetically, if you're rejected...
  18. J

    Pre-MD specific application chance. advice please!

    Hi, just seeking some advice (yes, I have a pre-health advisor, I am just curious/interested to hear other perspectives). Anyways, I'm a senior at the University of Colorado and graduating in May. 3.55 GPA and 512 mcat (took it in August). Beyond that, I have some clinical experience as an ER...
  19. S

    AACOMAS Policy change, should I still retake these classes??

    Stats: URM cGPA 2.79 sGPA 2.71 >400 hours volunteering/working in healthcare as an ER Tech >300 hours non-clinical community service ~50 shadowing hours D1 student athlete I graduated and returned to my college this semester to start retaking Biochem (F), Thermodynamics (F) and Differential...
  20. C

    Computer Science and Pre-Med, worried about my grades?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently finishing up my fall semester of my sophomore year. I've only become interested in pursuing a medical career recently and am starting to look into the process and how I want to approach it. But before I even begin to traverse down this path, do I even have a shot...
  21. rosyrisu

    What's worse: Getting 2 C's in core undergrad classes or withdrawing them?

    I was sick with strep for 2 weeks and during those 2 weeks I missed the lectures leading up to 3 tests in 2 classes(bio 2 has a lab and lecture integrated into 1 class and they both had tests the same week, and a gen chem 2 test). Both my bio and chem prof did not allow me to reschedule those...
  22. H

    What should i do?

  23. T

    Research advice

    Hello, I am planning on applying to medical school this summer and I could really use some advice about my path in research. I am currently doing research with a professor in the medical physiology department at my university, which is right where I wanted to be in my preparation for medical...
  24. D

    What are my options as a URM with my stats? What can I do to improve?

    Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my post. I am feeling a bit dejected at the moment with my current situation in regards to school. As stated in the title, I'm a URM (Salvadorian female). I've got a paltry 3.24 gpa, and have taken only one science course (bio) in which I...
  25. K

    please help a sista out

    okay, i'm like 330% sure im in the wrong forum but i dont care anymore. currently a kinesology major at penn state with the movement science option. was previously a nursing major at drexel but decided I wanted to be a dr instead of a nurse. now I have had a lot of interesting research on this...
  26. M

    Pros and Cons of entering Med School (MD) vs DO, Dental School and PA?

    Hello SDN! I'm currently a first-semester freshman, and majoring in health sciences. I wasn't really sure where to put this topic, so I figured this might be a good place. I've been looking up different ways to apply my major in some form post-bachelor's education, and 4 different pathways...
  27. T

    Taking Biology 1 without Grade 12 Biology

    Hello Guys, Engineering degree, I am taking biology I this term but I don't have background in Biology Grade 12- (I did bio grade 11) What's your suggestion for me to learn and pass this course?
  28. M

    Brainstorming the new PTCAS essay prompt, and I'm very lost!

    Hi all, I've been trying for the past few days to figure out the new essay prompt that was posted for this years cycle, and I don't think I understand what it's asking. The prompt is: "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?"...
  29. Fallenfromgrace

    Dental schools that calculate GPA w/ grade replacement

    I know that ADEA AADSAS takes all grades into account for their GPA calculation, but the official calculation page also says that "Many college/universities count only the 'new' grade in the repeated course(s) in GPA computation" in case you've repeated a course. Does anyone have a list or know...
  30. D

    Rough first year of undergrad

    First time posting on SDN, so I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not. But I'll get to it anyway: Basically, I've had a rough first year of undergrad. I go to a small, rigorous engineering school where I will major in mechanical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering. It's...
  31. F

    Okay I'm tired of living in uncertainty. I want some truth

    Hi everyone, I am a rising senior biochemistry major at Loyola University Chicago. Pertaining to this thread, I am a black male raised in the inner city. I've been doing undergrad research working in a chemistry research lab on campus since second semester sophomore year (4 semesters now) and I...
  32. R

    Can I please get an honest evaluation and advice

    Hi guys, I'm in a very bad predicament. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for 2 years. I will graduate with a biology degree this summer. However my college years have not been so great. I had many obstacles my way being the eldest child I had to work full time as well as be a full...
  33. C

    How do I decide between Med School or PA School?

    Hi everyone, I have been talking to a couple of other peers that I volunteer with and honestly, I don't know which path I should be going for. They both have their pros and cons, which makes my decision that much harder. I do have about 2.5-3 more years before I apply, but it's never too soon...
  34. S

    HELP summer health internship/or neuro research

    Hi! I've never posted before so I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. I'm a junior at Princeton and was not pre-med or pre-vet until this year (so I'll need to do a post-bac). For this summer, I have a neuroscience research internship at Princeton (not health related) and also a pediatric...
  35. A

    ED medical scribe advice

    so i just got offered a medical scribe position at a hospital that is very close to my school and i am not sure if i should take it..... i am just finishing my first year of college and have sophomore status due to my ap credits. during the interview i was told that they wanted someone to had...
  36. S

    nontrad paramedic w bs bio, ms mgmt ... chances??

    I'm hoping for some candid advice.... I'm wondering the real chances of pursuing this undying medical field passion as a career ... or finding other ways to fulfill the physical passion. I'm a 33yr old single mom w an 11yr old son and 6yr old daughter. I had my son days before my senior year...
  37. Yamhead

    URGENT! Is having a medical transcription degree valuable to Medical School Admissions?

    URGENT! Is having a medical transcription degree valuable to Medical School Admissions? I'm a freshman and I'm looking to make my profile more competitive. I know there are other ways to make it competitive like a phlebotomy degree etc. But I'm asking about Medical Transcription. Is it a plus to...
  38. F

    Supplement Study Materials

    I am getting an Anatomy and Physiology coloring workbook but everyone I have looked at looks very similar. Is there a good and extra helpful coloring workbook you guys suggest? Thank You
  39. T

    Need help on deciding which college to attend.

    I have been accepted into University Of Minnesota (Twin Cities) and GMU. I also applied to VT, JMU, and VCU. Virginia resident btw. I am seriously considering taking a pre health path in college, either pre med or pre optometry. However, I am not 100% sure I want to be a doctor or optometrist...
  40. brookeohh

    Do I have a chance?

    My first year of high school I was home schooled but when I decided to go back to public school none of my credits had transferred. I did fairly well in school, (I did credit recovery and summer school to make up for my freshman year, yet my counselor said it was pointless) I had gotten mostly...