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Jun 5, 2018
Question: In a sealed 1L container, 1 mole of nitrogen gas reacts with 3 moles of hydrogen gas to form 0.05 moles of NH3 at equilibrium. What is the Kc of the reaction?

The balanced equation is N2 + 3H2 -> 2NH3
The solution says that we would have (1-x)M of N2 and (3-x)M of H2, to get the 0.05M of NH3 that is formed as product.

HOWEVER, why isn't the concentration of the H2 reactant equal to (3-3x)M? Isn't it true that if we have "x" M of N2, it will react with "3x" M of H2 according to the molar ratios?


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Jan 19, 2017
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Hi, pup329--

I think you are correct. If 0.05 moles of NH3 was formed, we know the value of x is 0.025 moles. That means N2 went down by 0.025 moles and H2 went down by 0.075 moles. If this line of thinking is incorrect, then I am confused as well.
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