retake classes

  1. D

    have to retake my first premed class

    I am a First Semester Freshman who is about to start up school again in 2 weeks, and I just got an email from my academic advisory saying that I need to retake Principles of Biology 1 in either this Summer or in the Fall Semester (Have a D+ while the grade to pass is a C-). Being from fresh...
  2. S

    Anyone with a lot of retaken classes?

    hey guys! So reading posts on here has been super helpful in calming my nerves about applying but I’m just wondering if anyone else has retaken a lot of classes? I kept retaking the same classes over and over again and my transcript isn’t the prettiest. But to somehow balance that I scored...
  3. R

    How many hours of PostBacc? Do I retake my C+ in Orgo1?

    Hello, Current cGPA: 3.18 White Male 21YO Cell and Molecular Biology senior graduating in May. Graduated in 3.5 semesters and due to hand injuries I couldn't take the MCAT last spring. I went through courses too quickly, worked 40+ hours a week and never could figure out how to pull off As...
  4. C


  5. D

    Stuck in the grey-zone.

    Hi. Currently, I am about to finish my senior year at the University of Southern California. I entered undergraduate as pre-med and completed some of the requirements. However, after my first semester of sophomore year I realized that I might not be cut out for it, and that maybe that wasn't...
  6. W

    Retake undergrad courses or do masters

    I'm in a rock and a hard place and I'm just now starting to reevaluate my options. I graduated with a 2.9 GPA after double majoring in psychology and neuroscience and minoring in biology. I thought more was better and rushing out in 3 years instead of 4 would "look" even greater. I was wrong. I...
  7. M

    Should I retake these courses???

    Hi Everyone! So I'm applying MD and am really only concerned about my grades in Orgo 1 and 2. My school does lab and lecture separately so for Orgo 1 I ended up with a C+ in lecture (3 credit hours) and an A- in lab (1 credit). For Orgo 2, I had a C in lecture (3 credits) and an A in lab (1...
  8. I

    Please help I'm lost with process of DPT!

    Hello! So my situation is a mess and I was wondering for ANY help and advice, tips, insight! I'll keep it short! Woo! I recently graduated! So, I spent 5 years in college because I switched major to Kinesiology late in Senior year but I was a Bio major before so some classes transfer. My overall...
  9. T

    5th Year - Re-take Courses or Take Easy A's?

    I am a Canadian student and plan to take a 5th year (switched my degree part way and now a few credits behind). I was wondering if it would be better to take a bunch of courses that I can easily get an A in or re-take courses I did not do well in in first and second year (i.e C courses)?
  10. M

    Will retaking biochem ruin my chances at med school?

    Hi everyone! I just finished sophomore year, and I ended up with a C- in the 2nd hardest intro biochem course at my university (there are three). I got a B in Physics 2 this semester but an A in my English and Spanish classes. Currently my total GPA is 3.56 and my sGPA is 3.29. I plan to...
  11. M

    Retaking General Chemistry?

    So I just finished my first year of college as a pre-med student. I didn't do too well in General Chemistry 2 (got a D) and I wanted to know if my chances were going to be affected at all for medical school. The professor was really bad and about 15 people dropped because they were doing that...
  12. F

    Organic Chemistry Pre-req

    Hi, I will be graduating from my undergrad in May, but I still need Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry as pre-requisites. I have already taken O Chem, but I did not do well in it at all because I did not take it very seriously. Does anyone have an tips on how to stay on track and do well in...
  13. P

    Impact of a Retake Examination on Residency Match

    A few weeks ago, I had the misfortune of missing an examination in my first year of Medical School. My alarm malfunctioned that night and somehow reset itself in the middle of the night. I could not prove to the school's administration that I had a malfunction with my alarm, but regardless I...
  14. T

    should i retake classes from my first year?

    hello, all. my freshman year was...interesting. i didnt know what i wanted to do with my life and i was more worried about working to pay rent than how my grades were doing. i made C's in 2 history classes and 1 govt class. i know those classes arent in the prereqs that PT schools look at, so...
  15. D

    Retaking B's Prerequisite advice

    Hi everyone, I plan on applying to PT programs this application cycle, I graduate in December. I currently have a cumulative gpa of 3.77, however my science prerequisite gpa is around a 3.3. I plan on taking the GRE this summer. I have received a handful of B's early on in college. AP 1 and...
  16. One Punch Man

    3.91 to 4.0 pGPA. Is it worth it?

    Hi guys. I'm in the process of retaking my prerequisites courses and when all is said and done my pGPA will be a 3.91. Would it be worth it to retake two classes that I got a B+ and A- in to bring myself up to a 4.0? The reason is because after all is said and done, my cumulative GPA will at...
  17. F

    Cs in Pre-reqs, School wont allow retakes unless failed, retake at CC?

    Hey guys! so freshman year has been extremely rough for me, and I have ended up with 3 cs after 2 quarters, in Chem2a,Chem2b, and Math17a. I'm worried that my dreams of attending med school have been dashed. In an effort to preserve my GPA in preparation for med school, I am swapping majors from...
  18. K

    Retaking Classes?

    Hello everyone! I am finishing my undergraduate education and will be taking a year (maybe two) off before I apply to graduate school. I did bad in my classes my first year of college getting roughly six Cs. Since then, I have done really well. I have gotten almost all As in my Bio upper divs...
  19. A

    HELP PLEASE!! :)

    Hey guys, So I am in some need of advice of whether I should retake some classes or do a post-bac program or just take a chance and apply. my stats as of now: B.S. Biology cumGPA: 3.053 sciGPA: 2.89 Shadow Experience: -Stepping stones program shadowing various doctors/PAs for a month Work...
  20. disflore

    How to Retake classes to improve GPA for PA school?

    I'm a recent graduate from a UC in Human Biology, prior to that I was a transfer student from a CC. I'm planning on applying to PA school in the future. My degree included all the prereqs I needed for PA school so I don't need to take new classes, however I would like to improve my undergrad &...
  21. HopefulDoc91

    DO 3.17 sGPA/3.43 cGPA

    So I am trying to figure out if I should retake classes or not. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science this past May, and unfortunately I didn't get into any schools my last application cycle. When I applied last, I had a 3.0 sGPA and 3.3 cGPA. My MCAT was 496. I had 50 volunteer hours in a...
  22. N

    No More Grade Replacement for DO schools?

    I am a first time applicant, however this news is so disheartening and without any notice, and I am trying to scramble for alternatives. I want to know what you guys as re-applicants options might be, after retaking courses this year and realizing that those retakes wont count towards this...
  23. S

    Repeat courses

    Hello. I'm currently a microbiology student. I'm on my third year and I have never retaken a class. I had a 4.00 GPA until I took precalculus and precalculus 2 (got a C and a D). I also have an associate degree in chemistry with a 3.76GPA, but it does not count because it was in another school...
  24. J

    School Won't Allow Me to Retake Science Courses

    I am a NYC resident interested in applying to D.O schools in the future, however, I need to improve my grades first. I wanted to retake my gen chem and gen bio course which I got a "D" in, but my school said that students are not allowed to retake classes that they already passed. I really want...
  25. C

    Retaking Courses in Post Bac

    Hello. So my situation is as follows: I was, am, in a Post Bac program. It is a 2 years masters program. I applied to DO schools last year, while I was in my second year of the program, but I sent my applications late due to my loan money coming in much later than they said it would and not...
  26. M

    Retaking many classes in own major?

    Hi. So I can't believe I didn't think of this until just now- I'm a chemistry major, and I'm planning on retaking 4-5 chemistry courses that I got C's in. I became a chemistry major because being so bad at this subject frustrated me so much that I decided to push myself and earn a degree in it...
  27. A

    MD & DO What should be my plan of action

    So I currently have taken the majority of me pre med courses. I am a statistics major, entering my junior year. Im in a top 50 private school. These are those grades C and A- (retaken from a D+) Bio 1 and 2 B+ and B- Chem 1 and 2 C organic 1 C+ physics one Not very impressive. My major...
  28. R

    Post-Bacc Classes/Programs

    I am on my third round of applications, and I am looking into going back to school full time to show that I can excel in a full science course load. I have thousands of diverse experience hours, great recommendations, and a solid GRE. My GPA is the only thing keeping me out of school. I have...
  29. C

    CC retakes and mcat prep

    I was wondering if I should retake the three classes in which I recieved Cs in at a local cc college in my community. Also I have a 3.25-3.5 I dont know exactly because I have retaken some classes and transfered schools. I also have cc college credit from my high school where some classes where...
  30. C

    Retaking a class online after graduation

    Did crappy in biochem (D) this semester as a senior. I'm graduating this semester and going to grad school in the fall and applying to med school next round. Can I retake biochem via some online course? Any recommendations? I can't afford it at my undergrad school because student loans, rent...
  31. J

    DO What are my chances

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to check this out. -27 Y/O -Took about 120 credits at CC. cumulative was 3.7. sci was 3.3. I went for free most semesters while working in EMS. -Transferred to a pretty reputable state school. Comparable to some of the private schools around, but cheap...
  32. V


    I was thinking of retaking some of my old classes i took almost 4 years ago at a UCSD. I know some schools don't even consider retaken courses but if i can boost pharmCAS GPA and show that i can do better will the see as "plus" on my application?
  33. D

    Retake a C

    Okay so, I got a C in two chemistry courses at a 4 year. I'm trying to retake it at a CC but they said I would have to petition them. Did anyone have to go through this process? How long did it take and what were your experiences with it?
  34. Y

    Retaking Classes at a cc or postbacc Hunter's?

    I am deciding on whether to retake a few premed courses(5) at a local 2 year CC or at the Hunter's post-bacc program(known for its linkage to many medical schools but I'm entitled to stay there for 2 years). I just graduated from a 4 year University. I was wondering if D.O schools will look down...
  35. Y

    Retake classes or Master's?

    Hey guys, so I will be graduating by the end of this summer. I haven't taken the MCAT's yet but started studying. My sGPA is currently a 2.97(possibly could become a 3.1 if i do well in 2 upper-div. science courses) and a cGPA of 3.33. I was wondering if I should retake some of the prereq...
  36. H

    3.49 cGPA, 3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT

    Hi SDN! I need some advice on what to do! Graduated from a top 25 undergrad with a 3.46 cGPA/3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT. I applied to ~30 MD schools this cycle and its not looking good currently. A little more about my app for reference: - my science GPA is definitely hurt by a few classes: C- in...
  37. V

    Junior with C's and GPA 3.2

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior in undergrad right now, and I have 5 C's and a GPA of 3.2 and a science GPA of 2.7. The C's are in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics and a political science class. Would you guys recommend retaking the science classes? I realize those are core science classes...
  38. D

    Not sure if I should even be posting in here yet...

    So, I have another thread here about being a non-trad student. I haven't taken the MCAT, yet, so sorry if this is wasting anyone's time. I am looking at trying to apply in 2018. I expect to have 300+ clinical volunteer hours minimum by that time, 300+ minimum non-clinical volunteer hours. I had...
  39. K

    unfortunate pre-reqs: C- class repeat?

    So. I have been working on figuring out this issue asking every person I know and asking all of my pre-prof advisors from college and I just don't know the best answer. I went to a college that not many people have ever heard of, but is (to much surprise) actually quite a challenging school...
  40. LaCubaniche

    CC does not allow course retakes if grade received was C or better...Help.

    Hi everyone, I have a few courses that I received a C in and would like to retake them. The CCs in Florida do not allow retakes (and I am not sure if Florida Universities are the same, still waiting on a response). How are other Floridians retaking courses of C or better?