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Reduced Courseload


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Aug 16, 2017
  1. DO/PhD Student
    Hi SDN,

    Throughout college, due to an illness, I never took a course load more than 13 units. Sometimes in a semester I took only 11 units. I am worried because I received great grades including an A in organic chemistry, A- in general biology and A in general chemistry. I believe I am smart enough for medical school, but I unfortunately feel I was never able to truly express the stamina needed. I have a 3.45 gpa, I have good healthcare related ECs and I graduated from a top 20 university.

    I am wondering medical school is still possible. If it is, should I do a special masters program and get a 4.0 with a full courseload? (I know this will be hard, but because my illness has lessoned in a massive way, I 100% believe it is possible) Or, take my remaining pre reqs - the physics and biochemistry series - at a post bac program.

    The thing is I absolutely love biology and chemistry. I could study 8 hours a day easily. I am considering doing a masters in biochemistry and applying, but despite knowing much of the biochemistry, I haven't taken the class needed :( . I majored in a humanities simply because I needed to leave the university as quickly as possible to focus on my illness.

    Any advice helps. Thanks!


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    Aug 13, 2017
      As long as you maintained competitive grades, then it shouldn't be a problem.

      Perform well on the MCAT. That should alleviate any potential concerns adcoms may have.
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      Peach Newport

      board certified in jewish dermatology
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      Jun 26, 2014
      1. Medical Student
        If money is no issue, I would actually suggest you go into academic "training." Yes I know this is controversial advice.

        Do a 30-credit masters program, or a post-bacc (whatever is cheaper). Each semester, add another course or two. Work your way up, build your stamina.

        You're a strong, serious student... you just needs to get in the game.

        This will make you competitive for MD and give you skills needed to succeed in a rigorous curriculum.
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