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Jun 30, 2010
I already tried to do a search for topic and didnt find exactly what I was looking for, so i will ask

I will be applying for medical school this coming summer/fall.

I am beginning to ask professors for reference letters. Is there any official way to get these, such as any standard document they must fill out.

Also how to I get these back? Do they send them to the place where we make our applications? Or do we have them send them back to us?

Any information on the process and steps I need to take would be greatly appreciated.


is legit.
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Nov 12, 2008
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See if your university has a pre-med letter of rec mailing service. Mine did, so all I had to do was sign up for it, print the official form from their website, and give it to my professors when I asked them for a letter. Then they sent their letters with the form to the pre-med letter office, and they sent them all into AMCAS.

Idk if your school does things similarly, but it's worth looking into.