Registering for Jan 2010 Exam

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Jun 30, 2008
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Hey - has anyone been able to get into the site to register for the January exam?

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The multiple browsers thing Bennie said really does work. Keep a Chrome page, a Firefox page, and an IE page all up at that waiting screen, and tile them so you can see all three at the same time on your screen. And just start working with the first browser that loads the login page.
Actually, I am now in a region within time zone GMT +8.
Please, let me's pretty exhausting...
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anyone else getting the checking for system availability screen with the loading bar only to be led to a site a short while later that says that 2009 mcat registration is over and 2010 registration will open on nov. 2nd?
I waited all morning for the system to let me register. Recently it went from please wait to the registration is closed for 2009 and will reopen on Nov 2. After waiting from 12:01 am until now (4:06pm) it let me register. Whenever the screen that says it's closed appeared, I logged in anyway. At first it kept giving me an error but I cleared all cookies and temp files and it let me register under the closed registration screen. Whew! Finally!!!

P.S. The system opened up at 11 AM est this morning as stated by an AAMC operator.