1. M

    Is 200 hours clinical volunteering low?

    I have ~100 hours of hospice volunteering and ~110 hours of free clinic volunteering. But I have around 1300 hours as a paid medical assistant at a family practicel. Would this look bad for adcoms since my clinical volunteering is low?
  2. Blaba123


  3. D

    Telling ADCOM plan to retake the MCAT?

    I took the MCAT in May 2021 and was disappointed to receive my score of 498. However, after talking to a friend in med school (she got a 500) I decided to still apply to a few schools (DO and MD) this cycle because the rest of my application is strong. I know that if I do not get in this cycle...
  4. D

    First post

    Hello, SDN!
  5. P

    Another 'is this clinical experience?' question...

  6. X

    How does the admissions committee timeline work (infrequent meeting)?

    Hi, all. I have heard some talk about admissions committees meeting very infrequently at some schools (e.g. once a month) and am confused about how this works. Does this mean if they meet, say, when info is transmitted this year on July 10th, everyone who was verified on the day of July 11th is...
  7. D

    Applying to MD PhD with One Withdrawal

    I plan to apply for MD PhD programs my senior year (taking a Gap year). My two top schools are Emory and Stanford. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I’m a junior. I’ve been doing research since the summer of freshman year, each semester. I also got into Mayo Clinic’s summer fellowship for this...
  8. Doctoscope

    How do interviewees convey arrogance and/or immaturity in interviews?

    Considering one of, if not the biggest killer in interviews is arrogance and immaturity, what are some examples of sheer arrogance shown by the interviewees? I mean, considering they made it to an II, these guys must be smart enough to at least "play" humble, right? Is it more subtle than one...
  9. M

    AMCAS and rural background

    I come from a rural underserved region and a large part of my application was built on this aspect and wanting to work with these types of communities. While AMCAS allowed me to describe my childhood home city as rural, when I generate a PDF of the application there is only a 'U' (for...
  10. M

    AMCAS volunteer position that is also on transcript.

    So I am applying this cycle and I have a once a week volunteer position (since this past year) mentoring students that I will list on my AMCAS and am submitting an LOR for. My issue is that this activity appears on my transcript for 1 credit each semester because the program coordinator couldn't...
  11. Z

    Medical Mission Trips

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how to approach talking about medical mission trips on my "Experiences" for the AACOMAS application. I went to Costa Rica for a week to volunteer. I know there is this idea of "rich" kids going to a 3rd world country to look good on their application. I am not rich...
  12. M


  13. lucyrose42

    Really stressed about Institutional Action - Any advice appreciated

    Hi everyone, I am incredibly worried about an incident I was involved with my sophomore year. I was found in possession of marijuana (NOT smoking - I was in a friend's dorm room where the campus police found marijuana after an RA caught a look when the door was open.) I was issued a warning...
  14. D

    Institutional Action Question

    Hey everyone just had a quick question. So I was given a year-long "disciplinary probation" that would be placed on my unofficial transcript that would be removed afterwards and had to write a 1000 word essay about academic integrity for an alleged plagiarism case. It was for the first draft of...
  15. 3

    Recovery from addiction in my application?

    So I'm a premed undergrad, and currently over 2 years sober from drugs and alcohol. My recovery is a huge part in my wanting to go into medicine. I want to help people with mental illness and substance abuse disorders (so Psychiatry, though neurology and neurosurgery seem appealing as well)...
  16. Franzliszt1

    Updating adcoms the proper way

    Dear SDN, Hope you are all doing well. I have an update to give to adcoms as I joined a new research lab. The update process for some of these schools is to upload a document. i.e. "choose file." I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on formatting these word documents for upload. Obviously, I...
  17. J

    Law School Enrollment on Undergraduate Transcript

    I hastily decided my senior year of undergrad that I thought I might be better suited for law school. I was admitted into and enrolled in my undergraduate school's law program only to change my mind before school started. While I never took any classes there, the enrollment to the law center...
  18. T

    Excessive speeding misdemeanor and amcas

    Hi, I submitted my primary for verification a week ago, so its still in the works. I was speeding in vermont during a road trip and got a criminal citstion to go to court for excessive speeding. Ive tried to explain my case to the state attorney on how i regret my actions, understand why they...
  19. P

    Is one year of hospice enough?

    Ive been volunteering for hospice for about a total of 6 months and have had 4 patients in total. Thinking about stopping when I hit my one year limit due to me not being able to dedicate my time to it. Is it still good enough or thats not enough? Like would adcoms even care since its just one year?
  20. F

    biotech VC

    looking to work for a biotech VC next summer in NYC/SF. Do you think med schools would look down upon that to doing something clinically-based? Please let me know. Thanks. wasn't sure if adcoms have a stigma against "business" of healthcare
  21. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Things the Adcoms Hate

    When I was admissions Director there were some things applicants would do that were minor, but that I found to be very annoying. Here are my top 5 “hates” that I’m sure are shared by many adcoms: 1. Asking for information that can easily be found on the school’s website Some applicants would...
  22. I

    Will adcoms notice putting in many hours 2-3 months before applying? And does it look bad?

    I am planning to apply this cycle, and graduating this May, so I will be taking a gap year. I ended up doing the gap year because last year at this time, I came to the realization that my application wasn't where I wanted it to be as far as ECs, volunteering & shadowing hours, etc. So I took an...
  23. Z

    Plagiarism, Failed Course, Notation on transcript. No chance at med school?

  24. M

    Group Tutor or Reader?

    Hello, I was planning on becoming either a group tutor or a reader in my college (probably for a Stats class). Which one do you guys think Adcoms prefer? Also, does Stats looks good or should I try more of traditional science? I am a double major MCB/Stats and I know I can definitely get into...
  25. ShinySephiroth

    Will This Hurt or Help My Application?

    I have been looking at statistics Goro linked about what application items are statistically shown to matter in how successful medical students end up being and thus are ranked in importance for adcoms. I noticed in there Paid Employment - Non Medical is ranked low, while Paid Employment -...
  26. TSteezy

    Trying to understand the process..

    I've been extremely fortunate this application cycle and could not be happier with how things have turned out. I'm posting this simply as a means to get a glimpse into the mind of an adcom. I've been accepted at schools I thought I had no chance at, and received pre-II rejections at what I...
  27. dudeethatsrad

    Sending letters of interest/update letters of admission committees?

    My mail-out date was mid-August, and I applied to 12 schools. Since then, I've received 2 interviews (which I'm very excited for!), have 4 application completes, and 4 under reviews (the other 2 schools don't use aadsas). While I know stats aren't everything, I'm a little surprised/worried at...
  28. libertyyne

    Do ADCOMS recognize students on here?

    D0 adcoms sometimes read an application go through the numbers and say wait, this is @libertyyne!! Does this end poorly or well for the applicant?
  29. ominous2792

    Adversity, The Non-Traditional Applicant, and Domestic Violence

    Hey everyone, first let me say that I've found this site very useful from afar (thanks, google), but i've only recently decided to join myself. If this goes someplace else, i'm sorry! I'm new here. Anyways, I wanted to get some input about how medical schools value adversity and...
  30. T

    How valid are my EMT hours?

    For any of the adcoms on the forums, how valid will my EMT volunteer hours be when I apply in a year? I work at a rural service where EMTs lead each call unless it requires advanced life support, in which case the single paramedic available in the region comes in and helps out. Patient volume is...
  31. Vladimir7

    Is UD biology GPA taken into consideration

    So i know the GPA's that are important are: bcpm, and cGPA (cumulative) However it seems that bcpm are just the med school requirement classes. Intro bio, general + organic chemistry, physics and math. But what about upper division biology courses like Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology...
  32. C

    Personal statement question

    hello all, So I already submitted my primary but I've been a bit anxious. During my sophomore years of college I fell ill and experienced a traumatic death in my family. Anyways this did affect my grades. I devoted my personal statement to this story explaining that the experiences ultimately...
  33. A

    Research Mentor also got PI to write a letter as well...

    So I assigned my research mentor as one of my recommenders for all of the schools I will be applying to. After he submitted his letter, he let me know that he had asked our PI to cosign the letter to add more "umph" to the letter since he is pretty well known in his field. Instead of simply...
  34. CuriousBastard01

    What are my chances with these stats?

    BCPM GPA = 4.0 AO GPA = 4.0 ( note: these are based off of only 60 semester credits since I transferred some credits from my first bachelors degree from a foreign university to my second bachelors in the US , which I believe does not count very much except maybe during secondaries , my GPA...
  35. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    120 CC credits vs 70 4-year Institution credits

    For someone who has a foreign degree ( therefore unrecognized by AMCAS ) , which of the 2 scenarios would ADCOMS favor better for someone who is doing undergrad courses in the USA , 120 credits for a community college ( mostly laboratory and science courses ) + 30 credits of pre-medical ...
  36. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    Foreign degree, US community college, Harvard Post Bacc , Stanford Graduate

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please bear with this noob. I am concerned about my chances at a US MD school. My situation is a little messed up. I used to be an international student here in the US. I graduated from a foreign university with a horrific GPA of 2.64. I then earned an...
  37. Alienman52

    Do ADCOMs Look at cGPA and sGPA by Semester?

    Hi all, I just had a quick question about the ways adcoms look at GPAs. I heard from someone that if you apply early, that ADCOMs will look at GPA by semester, which is really important in my case when looking at my stats: (but if you apply later then they just look at stats as a whole) At...
  38. TruthSpeaker01

    Foreign Transcripts and cGPA

    Hello guys, I am an American citizen, but my bachelors degree in Biology is from a foreign University. Because I learned that a foreign transcript (even with an evaluation) doesn't count for diddly squat, I did post-baccs for pre-reqs (again) and an SMP with a 3.9 GPA for both. My question is...
  39. purplegold201635

    Personal Statement Anecdotes

    I just had a professor read my final draft of my personal statement and she raised a potentially alarming issue that I hadn't even thought of. In my personal statement, I lead with a true story about an emergent situation that happened to me while I was on vacation. It does seem kind of crazy...
  40. P

    Club Sports Team

    I was on a very intensive club sports team during college for 3 months and I quit due to an injury. Would including this activity on my application be risky since it's not something I stuck with/might suggest lack of commitment to ADCOMs?