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Jun 14, 2002
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Hey all! I'm most likely going into anesthesiology and am now attempting to narrow down which programs to think about applying to. Since I really have little geographic preference (prefer being near a big city) and every program says basically the same things on their websites, I was hoping those of you already in an anesthesiology residency could give your opinion of your program and others you may have experience with. Figured this topic might be helpful to others in the same boat, since every post on here so far seems to concern a lifestyle vs. love of specialty debate. Thanks!


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Well.....I'm not an Anesthesia resident, but I have several fellow classmates and interns that did go into Anesthesia. The programs that they seemed to hold in high regard are (in no particular order):

1. MGH (Harvard)
2. BWH (Harvard)
3. Stanford
4. UPenn
6. Cornell
7. Columbia

Anyway, it's probably at least worth finding out more about these programs.
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