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Oct 21, 2019
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Hi everyone!

So I'm at a sort of a crossroad and would really value some advice!

I'm currently working at an Urgent Care Clinic, in a gap year program. The program itself is great on paper rotating through laboratory assistant, scribe, front desk receptionist, and medical assistant. However the work environment is increasingly toxic with the owner/boss being hostile towards me and publicly insulting many of his employees. This creates a huge turn around in the clinic. Plus it's shift work with a random schedule of 3-4 12 hour long shifts, it doesn't really lend itself to the lifestyle I'd want working for $8 an hour. Mainly I just don't feel comfortable working there even though it would be a big benefit to my application. I've gotten about 200-300 clinical hours so far and was thinking I could potentially jump ship.

My second offer which I just received is for a research company handling COVID vaccine trials. My current job offer is for patient recruiting, where I contact interested people and inform them of the trials objectives, set them up for appointments, and answer any questions. After that they said I'll learn to take medical histories over the phone to enter into charts. The owner of the business said that after a few months of this I'd transition into a clinical job, seeing the patients themselves, and taking their blood/doing all relevant tests myself. He said initially I'd be a research intern and then transition into a clinical research coordinator.

Now my ideal situation would be to be able to add research hours and clinical experience hours into my application, but the question is would the new job be able to satisfy either of those two requirements? Can it be considered research and or clinical experience?

I say a big pro of the second job is I get to make my own schedule and only work 20 hrs/wk at twice the pay of my old job. Which is a big bonus because I need all the time I can get to study for the MCAT.

Would love some perspective!

Thanks :)


Indoor Cat
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Aug 7, 2018
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Getting a good MCAT score is crucial and you like the second job more. You will lose out on some clinical hours but you have more freedom and less financial burden. Besides, it’s definitely a very interesting position and you’ll have lots of talk about later on. I really enjoyed working in clinical research so I might just be biased.
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