application help

  1. scaredcurved

    Seeking advice on which Gap Year Job to take

    Hi everyone! So I'm at a sort of a crossroad and would really value some advice! I'm currently working at an Urgent Care Clinic, in a gap year program. The program itself is great on paper rotating through laboratory assistant, scribe, front desk receptionist, and medical assistant. However...
  2. N

    AMA: DO Interview/General Pre-Medical Help

    Hey everyone, before anything, @Goro has an extensive guide to medical school interviews and one for DOs as well that you should all check out if you haven’t. I was blessed to receive 9 interview invites from DO schools...I attended 7 of them with 6 acceptances and 1 waitlist even though my...
  3. M

    How is my application looking so far?

    Okay, so I need some advice. I am a sophomore Biology major with a 3.8 cGPA and 3.7 sGPA. MCAT: haven't taken yet, hoping for 510+ Community Service: I am very involved with my church and I have gone on multiple mission trips. Every year on Thanksgiving eve I go downtown and serve food to...
  4. F

    Advice on where to apply? URM 512/3.71

    Hello everyone, I am trying to compile a list of what schools I should apply to for this upcoming cycle. I got my MCAT score back today, and got a 512 (C/P: 127, B/B:127, CARS:127, P/S: 131) My GPA over all is 3.71 with a science GPA of 3.6. I have solid extracurriculars involving a lot of...
  5. A

    Med School App/Interview Prep Help

    Need Help with Your Med School Application? Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with a Harvard Medical Student today! I am a fourth year at Harvard Medical School and recently matched into Ophthalmology at the Harvard-affiliated Mass Eye and Ear residency program. I graduated magna cum...
  6. F

    Application Help: Should I mention this

    Hi, So I am a re-applicant and already graduated with a BS degree in 2016. I am applying for the 2018-2019 cycle and was wondering if I should include working for a tobacco company on my application, since that's what I have been doing for the majority of my time out of school (it was the only...
  7. Zamnza

    Troubles with esubmitting PT Application

    It's green. It says it is ready to be submitted. That button is gray!! What am I doing wrong?
  8. evergreen95

    Would someone care to review my experience summaries?

    I am ready to submit my application, but I would like someone to review my experience/work summaries before I submit. Is anyone (preferably with experience with AAMC or writing) willing to help?
  9. lovinlife7

    Medical Admissions Tutor

    Hey everyone, I am a current medical student and an admissions consultant. I have worked with students for the past three years with great success at getting people in. I have applied twice, taken my MCAT three times, interviewed at 10 schools (MD and DO) and received acceptances at 5 schools...
  10. Bionista

    Application Advice?

    Hey guys, I have searched around but haven't found something that answers my questions specifically. I contacted AAMC and they were really vague and didn't help. I'm hoping someone on here went through a similar situation or may know about application timing and submission processes? Basically...
  11. K

    What I Wish I had Known When Applying to Medical School!

    Hi Pre-meds! I just finished applying to medical school and am currently making a ton of videos that provide an insight into my experiences. I think many of you will find this helpful. I know that I would have if I could have seen videos like this as a pre-med. The most recent video I made is...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Heads Up: Price Increase Ahead!

    We just wanted to give you a head’s up that we’ll be increasing our prices September 1. So what does this mean for you? It means that you’ve got until Wednesday, August 31, 2016 to lock in a service at the current, low rate. Browse our catalog of services today to get an early start on your...
  13. D

    Reapplying as a minority

    Hola, This is my third time to apply to medical school. I am debating about whether or not I should submit my AMCAS application to my desired schools before receiving my MCAT results. I am holding back because I don't want schools to see my old scores, but I also don't know how much of the...
  14. H

    Including med mission trips on apps without looking like a voluntourist?

    Going on two of these when I was naive and thought I could make a difference, I learned how pointless they are unless you go with the purpose to educate people rather than providing medical care, especially when you are not trained. I look at them as voluntourism/white savior complex trips. How...
  15. C

    Retake 506 MCAT? Nontraditional 4.0 post bacc

    I was so hoping I wouldn't be stuck in this position....But now I have no idea how to proceed. I got my MCAT score yesterday and hadn't hit the submit button for primary bc I wanted to see score, not what I anticipated. C/P 129 CARS 125 B/B 124 ( eeekkk) P/S 128 I was shocked as CARS and B/B...
  16. M

    Orthodontic Application Questions

    I am applying for Ortho and I don't know how to pick which schools I should apply to? What are the factors that you want to look at when picking? Also, why are some ortho programs around 10K per year while others are around 60K? And lastly, when applying, I just need 5 Letters of...
  17. Alienman52

    DO DO Chances: 3.31c, 3.28s, 501 MCAT

    Howdy, finally my turn to give this a shot. Please let me know what you think my chances are with the following details: Race: White Male. College: I attend a top tier liberal arts college in PA. I am a NY resident, however. Major: Biochemistry GPA trend has been fairly decent (Semester System)...
  18. F

    Biology student but computational research only

    Hi guys, so I'm confused if this would seem odd on the AMCAS or to any medical school. I am currently a 3rd year human biology major but all my research experience includes using excel, gene pattern, heat map generators, R studio, and mainly collecting data from TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas)...
  19. G

    "Unprofessional" Interests/Hobbies?!

    I feel a little idiotic asking this, but what are the dos and don'ts of what to put under Interests/Hobbies in the application? I already have medical related experiences, along with plenty of interests. Question is: are my interests acceptable to put on the application? For example, I love...
  20. D

    USF one year masters

    Hello! I am planning to apply to the USF one-year masters program and I was wondering if anyone knows if research and shadowing experience is something that you really need to have to be seriously considered? If anyone has gotten in can you please share what extracurriculars you had (i.e. if...
  21. M

    Help! Applying to study medicine in Germany

    About me: US citizen, German citizen, and Swiss Citizen. Finishing High School this June in California with a desire to study medicine in Germany. I tried my best to research the application process for regular German students but am a little unsure how to approach the application. I went to...
  22. S

    Is it a bad idea to apply to both PA and MD programs at the same time even if the schools are diff.?

    Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have debated endlessly on which is better for me: PA or MD. I ended up picking PA mainly because of the three following reasons: 1. Tuition and loan costs 2. Stress of profession is less 3. Flexibility with specialties However, the thought that I might be...
  23. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Application Strategy Tips: Stand Out AND Fit In

    Be like a mosaic - different so that it fits in perfectly! It can be confusing: Half of the advice you read urges you to stand out in your application, while the other half advises you to explain how you’ll fit in. So which is it? Should you stand out or fit in? The answer, unsurprisingly, is...
  24. LindaAccepted

    Medical 3 Tips for Showing Strengths in Your Application Essays

    Paint a picture that truly depicts the creative workings of your mind. One of most important pieces of advice I can give you regarding your personal statements and application essays is this: Show, don’t tell. Here are three tips to help you achieve this must-have writing goal: 1. Show the...
  25. Samin23

    Asking for LORs?

    I still have 1 year until I start the application process, but I met with my advisor this morning and she said I need to start thinking about my LORs, and that I should have them ready by January 2017 if I plan on applying for the 2018 cycle. I went to my Ochem 1 prof's office hours pretty often...
  26. I

    Prospective DO Applicant PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hello there, I just recieved my scores for the January MCAT, and I would like to see whether my application is at all competitive or acceptance worth for either Nova Southeastern University DO School, or LECOM DO school, both in Florida. Honors Biomedical Science Major My Overall GPA is: 3.83...
  27. Smoove

    URM offering help to anyone applying!

    Hi all! My application cycle pretty much just finished and despite my nervousness when submitting my app, everything turned out great! (Managed to snag a couple top 10 acceptances). Now I want to give back to whoever may need it. I know I had some questions that I didn't feel comfortable...