1. Stayccoob

    Other Locum Tenens - Gathering Information

    I am looking to learn more about what physicians know about locum tenens. Mostly what you are told as a resident/fellow or while in medical school. Is the option to "go locum" presented as a career option?
  2. scaredcurved

    Seeking advice on which Gap Year Job to take

    Hi everyone! So I'm at a sort of a crossroad and would really value some advice! I'm currently working at an Urgent Care Clinic, in a gap year program. The program itself is great on paper rotating through laboratory assistant, scribe, front desk receptionist, and medical assistant. However...
  3. D

    I Hate Having a Boss or Being Told What to Do...

    Been getting different answers on this issue, so thought I'd ask it here. Is medicine a good (still good?) profession for someone who by temperament doesn't like having a boss or being told what to do? Some thoughts: The actual training for becoming a physician, med school + residency +...
  4. C

    Contract for new job at the VA?

    I am thinking about taking a job at the VA, does anyone know if things are even negotiable with employment at the VA? I have not yet seen the contract, but I am wondering if it worth getting a contract lawyer. What things are negotiable with them?
  5. Cornfed101

    Scribing and research or non-clinical full time job?

    I would really like to just have a list of "do exactly this and get into medical school," but I know such a thing does not exist. I am finishing up a post-bac in the fall and taking A&P 2 and directed research. This research class will be the only research experience that I have. I have two...
  6. M

    Work as a Diener!? Advice please

    I have been volunteering in a pathology lab at a local hospital. They had a recent position open up for a Diener in the morgue and I’ve been encouraged to apply. I would be assisting Pathologists and residents in the morgue. The persons whose job I would be taking ( leaving for med school...
  7. CanadianVet

    In search of veterinarians for our clinic

    Hey guys, We are a busy, small animal practice in a small town close to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find a reliable, long-term veterinarian for our practice? (We prefer experienced doctors but new graduates are welcome.) We have tried...
  8. frosted2

    EMS and PSLF?

    Quick question- I currently work for an EMS service (full time) that makes me eligible to participate in the PSLF program. Would it be wise of me to begin to make payments now in the event that I can go ahead and get a few years counted towards forgiveness (provided I end up at a hospital later...
  9. SterlingMaloryArcher

    What are your activities/experiences thus far? How long did they last and how many hours per week?

    How many have you juggled at one time? Feel free to share what makes some of them (if any) "Most Meaningful Experiences" :)
  10. S

    Locums Dentist Needed!

    Good morning, I represent different clients nationwide. If you are interested in customizing your schedule and life I would love to talk more. Whether looking for sporadic coverage, part time work, or fulltime work we have it all. Most jobs cover travel and lodging as well. Wanting to travel...
  11. X

    MD Just Graduated with MD* and Seeking Advice

    I will try to make this post as concise as I can, and I apologize if I include superfluities or other statements not germane to this inquiry. If there is specific information that would be helpful in terms of understanding my situation, please let me know. Thanks! I just graduated with an MD...
  12. S

    Free digital book for international students and foreign workers

    Hi Student Doctor community I found this digital book very useful as an international student / foreign worker medical intern. The free digital book is attached as a link and as a PDF Acrobat file. I hope you also find it useful. Sal Practical advice for entrepreneurs, migrants, foreign...
  13. The Recoverer

    GUIDE on FINDING A Pharmacy Technician JOB for Pre-Pharmers (for dummies)

    Depending on the area you live in, finding a pharm tech job may be easy or close to impossible. A few years ago when I decided on pharmacy, I remember the drive I had to find a job in a pharmacy as a tech, heck even as a volunteer or a shadower. Bottom line, many applicants overlook the...
  14. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Employment OTD v MOT

    Hi Everyone, I am currently considering pursuing a master's at my much cheaper state school, or getting an OTD at a well known out of state school with a very good reputation. Since I am heavily considering the master's at the state school (solely for financial reasons), I started looking into...
  15. R

    Buying or selling dental practice. Any advice? I'm writing an article

    I am trying to network with dentists for an article I'd like to write. Title: Buying and Selling a Dental Practice, what mistakes did I make? What advice can I give new graduates? Article will be posted on blog and free to everyone. I'd be happy to compensate someone for their time. I would...
  16. Doctor J

    Longevity factors

    Hey folks, You've all been really helpful to me in the past and I'm hoping you'll help me yet again. I haven't seen this topic come up for discussion yet. Forgive me if it has. I'm trying to decide the factors that a group can offer that will lead to longevity. Specifically, what are the...
  17. S

    Tutoring in Pharmacy School?

    Hello everyone, I am starting pharmacy school next year and I wanted your thoughts on the ideal side job during school. I have begun chemistry tutoring this year, and am applying to become a Kaplan PCAT tutor as well. Is this a position I will be able to sustain during pharmacy school? I also...
  18. libertyyne

    MCAT and Employment

    Talking Plan C here. Can I get a job based on MCAT scores as something other than tutor? Are there any industries / companies that appreciate the analytical skills required to do well on something like the MCAT? Management consulting comes to mind. Does anyone have experience or know of any...
  19. D

    Online Graduate Degrees: Good Enough?

    I'm new to these forums and need some advice. I'm currently a senior in my psychology bachelors (graduating in May 2017). The closest grad schools for psychology are 40 minutes to an hour away. Because of this, I would prefer to get my master's and Psy.D online. My issue is that two psychology...
  20. AudioMusic

    Audiologist Employability?

    Hello there, I am currently finishing up my junior year in undergrad. My degree is in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I am going to apply for an Au.D. My question is for people who are currently looking for jobs in Audiology and/or professionals who are already employed. What are...
  21. DansStudentDocRole

    Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances to get into a great med school?

    To Whom It May Concern: Hi. I'm premed. I'm a college senior. I work as a NY hospital nurse attenant and I'm about to become a Union Delegate (healthcare insurance Workers pay organization). Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances into getting accepted into a medical school? I ask...
  22. A

    General Surgeon Needed in the Beautiful Southwest

    Enthusiastic General Surgeon needed to join busy general surgery practice in northwestern New Mexico. San Juan Surgical, LLC is an established practice currently consisting of a solo general surgeon in practice for over 30 years. Office is located within walking distance of a community hospital...