1. H

    Consider Reapplying or Go To Only Acceptance?

    Stats: 21 AA, 21 TS, 19 PAT, 3.93 sGPA, 3.97 GPA I applied to 7 schools, interviewed at 3, and was accepted to 1 school this cycle. That school is the super expensive one that you all know what I'm talking about and I know I'm not the first person to be in this position of only getting into...
  2. P

    Advice? What are my chances ?

    Hi everyone ! I recently applied to 15 schools (10 DO schools and 5 in states MD schools, FLORIDA) for this application cycle of 2020. Some quick stats... MCAT : 499 (44th percentile) Chem/physics: 125 54% CARS : 122 23% Bio: 125 51% Psych: 127 70% Overall Bachelors of science in nursing...
  3. C

    Reapply after rejected deferral

    Hi everyone, I attended a 7 year combined BS/MD program. But, because I had to complete additional course work, I wasn’t able to complete my undergrad in 3 years and had to extend it to 4 years. So, I signed a deferral letter with my partnering medical school. The deferral had a few...
  4. terebellumjokes

    Should I mention winemaking in my application?

    Hey guys! Wondering if I could get some opinions on what is “ok” for a secondary essay. I’m reapplying this cycle (waitlisted last cycle) and don’t want to elaborate on things I might’ve already written about. I’ve been making my own wine for over 10 years now, and my initial interest in...
  5. J

    UIW vs UNT SMP & Reapply MD/DO

    Hi guys, I was accepted to UIW in San Antonio about two month ago. Yesterday, I was accepted to the UNT SMP. My stats are nothing special, MCAT 509, sGPA 3.2, cumulative GPA 3.4. However, I really feel that my application could benefit by doing the SMP. If I did so, I would apply concurrently...
  6. DrMDeezy

    Should i retake the DAT?

    Now that december 3d is coming in hot, I am doubting myself especially with my DAT scores. My oGPA is a 3.64 and my sGPA is 3.5. DAT: 20AA, 22 OC, 19 Bio, 17 GC (this is where it hurts), 22 RC, 19 QR and 20 PAT. 160 shadowing hours, 100+ community service, dental service abroad, lots of...
  7. D


    I applied EDP to my state school. I received an invitation to interview in the very first week of interviews. I thought everything went really well. My family even knew people on the committee. However, I received my letter a few days later saying I was not accepted. Do I go on AMCAS and take...
  8. E

    Take 2nd MCAT after application submission?

    Quick Background: I was a pre-PT student in UG. Gave up PT acceptance in 2016 to pursue med. 2016-2017 = pre-requiste 2017-2018 = advance postbac The Post bac (Fall'17-Spring'18) had an agreement with PCOM. If I score a >3.3GPA & MCAT of 500 (at least 125/section) PCOM will reserve a seat for...
  9. L

    Previous med student wanting to reapply

    hi, I attended a DO school for 3 semesters, all in good standing. At that time I took a medical leave of absence for a year and planned to return the following year. After taking leave though I changed my career path to nursing and needless to say did not return. Like I said, I left in good...
  10. terebellumjokes

    Was it my late application? Reapply to new or same schools?

    Hey, this is my first post and I was hoping someone could offer me some advice on how to focus on the strengths (and my correct the weaknesses) of my application. I've been lurking the forums for a while now, but finally I think my situation is unique enough to warrant a post. Last cycle I...
  11. floorsalt

    Does reapplying improve chances over just improving first? (If you listened to the school's advice)?

    Two Scenarios: Scenario 1: I apply to my desired medical school let's call it MedSchoolX, they deny me but give me helpful advice to improve myself as a candidate, they advise me to take Post-bac and improve my MCAT, I then reapply having finished a 1 year post-bac and improved my MCAT to Z...
  12. M

    Reapply this coming cycle or next year?

    I posted this in the Pre-Med DO thread, and don't know if it probably should be here instead. So I applied this past cycle and have only received one interview (TouroNY) and was waitlisted for an interview (Touro-Nev). I have not heard back concerning the interview, and this late, I do not...
  13. M

    Reapply or Post-Bacc?

    So I applied this past cycle and have only received one interview (TouroNY) and was waitlisted for an interview (Touro-Nev). I have not heard back concerning the interview, and this late, I do not expect good news. My stats were cGPA 3.51, sGPA 3.28 (upward trend), 500, and OOS. I have 100+ hrs...
  14. B

    Accepted but want to withdraw/reapply for a "better" medical school?

    Hi all! All in all, I am wondering, 1. What do medical schools think if you withdraw from a school, and reapply the next cycle? Would other medical schools be able to find out if you didnt matriculate but simply got accepted? 2. How bad is it to be a reapplicant? I dont want to miss out on this...
  15. D

    DO acceptance but considering reapplication for next cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here but I just wanted to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to receive an acceptance to AZCOM this cycle and a waitlist at NYITCOM, but circumstances that have come about recently have made it in my best interest to not go to med school far away (I am...
  16. T

    March acceptances have passed and so have my hopes. Need advice for possible reapplying please!

    Hello everyone, Not an avid user but I was wondering if anyone is willing to give some feedback on my current application and how to move forward? I would prefer to PM to keep more anonymity. Interviewed at 5 MD schools, *EDIT: 2 R, 3WL. Trying to stay positive but also realistic, so I want to...
  17. C

    Work, More School, or Reapply?

    Currently at a cross-roads and thought I would reach out for some help/opinions. I was not successful in getting accepted this cycle, was wait-listed to UA-Tucson. GPA 3.4, MCAT 509 (128, 126, 128, 127) Experience: - Medical scribe (ED and Pediatrics) - 1000+ hours - Microbiology research...
  18. InLegionnaire

    Reapplying for Schools Advice?

    Hey guys and girls, I'll try to be short with descriptions. I'm now a Senior, last semester of my undergrad. I switched my major to Interdisciplinary Studies & Pre-Dental in my second semester of undergrad, which staggered all my prereqs and classes to be taken a little later than usual...
  19. S

    MCAT improvement for reapplying

    I applied this past cycle with a 506 and a 3.55 cGPA. (I didn’t get my score back until I had already submitted my primaries so I just thought I’d go ahead and try.) well anyway, I’ve been rejected from most places and waitlisted at a few, so I am trying to improve my chances for next cycle...
  20. K


  21. T

    Should I retake?

    GPA 3.93 MCAT 506 C/P: 26 CARS: 23 BIO: 27 Pysch: 30 White, California The rest of my application is pretty solid in terms of leadership, clinical and non clinical volunteering. Should I retake the MCAT? and if not what would be my target schools?
  22. S

    Any advice on what to do next?

    Hey guys! So now that we're getting into May, I'm starting to look at this upcoming application cycle. I applied last cycle and received one interview at UDM, which placed me on their waitlist. My LOR's weren't mailed out until September 2, so I feel like I may have messed up by not getting...
  23. C

    Should I reapply this cycle?

  24. Namelessking

    Go to NYU or re-apply this June for a cheaper school?

    Hi, so I thought that I would just go accounting and turn away from NYU but something is nagging at my brain to try and go through with dentistry. I was already accepted into NYU but would it be feasible to wait another year essentially and try for another, cheaper school (away from the...
  25. A

    PLEASE HELP: Best Gap Year Strategies??

    I graduated from College in May 2016, and sent in my applications to MD/DO schools this summer and did not get interviews anywhere. (I sent primaries in mid-August because I could not financially afford to send them in any sooner). I have been spending this past year shadowing physicians and...
  26. inGenius Prep

    Medical Top reasons why students don't get in

    Every year, top medical schools get more than enough top applicants to fill their classes with students with outstanding test scores and grades. And yet many of these applicants are rejected. Medical school rejection happens to even the best students applying. The largest take away from this...
  27. pringlesreturns

    Advice for Reapplying

    Hello everyone! I'm currently sitting on 4 DO waitlists (MUCOM, CUSOM, KCU, DMU) hoping that one will yield an acceptance. But if not, I'm wondering what I can do to improve: 3.4 cpa and 3.4 sgpa both will be the about the same after no grade replacement. MCAT 505 (127,126,126,126) 2 years...
  28. L

    Officially waitlisted at 9 schools…Help!

    So I've heard back from all the programs I applied to and I am on 9 waitlists. I'm struggling to stay hopeful at this point..I guess I'm just looking for any advice on whether I should be persistent with reaching out to schools to consistently check my waitlist status (but I don't want to become...
  29. Jaboi

    What's wrong with my application?

    I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster. I applied to dental schools for the first time this year and was looking for some advice on what to do to improve my application if I have to reapply in June. I graduated from UF with a 3.89 GPA last year but didn't take my DAT till the end of July, so...
  30. noticemeadcomsenpai

    Do I look like a box checker?

  31. O

    Reapplicant for Next Cycle: What MCAT should I aim for?

    Hi all, So I decided to foolishly apply this cycle with a very low MCAT (505: p/c 129 cars 125 bio 128 psych 123) and have been put on pre-II hold at 2/9 schools and rejected at 4. My stats look like this: -3.94 GPA at a large research university (Mol Bio/Biochem major) -D1 rower (rowed in the...
  32. disharmony

    Looking for Advice

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a confused situation and need some advice. It looks like in all likelihood I won't get into dental school this cycle. I applied to six schools, one of which I just interviewed at, though I feel as if I didn't adequately sell myself, two that haven't yet offered an...
  33. C

    Should I assume I am reapplying?

    So... I know a lot of people are struggling with this. But, here's my situation. Undergrad at NYU 515 MCAT 3.8 GPA 1.5 years of research in behavioral neuro lab 1 year of research in computational lab 6 months volunteering in a hospital volunteered for a couple weeks in Costa Rica I have been...
  34. Z

    Should I Continue Applying? 0

    Hi all! I am currently applying this cycle to DO schools. However, I was planning on taking my MCAT again in January (missed the last 2016 MCAT date... long story). Should I... A) just report my current score (currently my app says that I am planning on taking MCAT exam in the future). B)...
  35. someguy313

    Personal statement reapplicant

    Does anyone know if you're a reapplicant do you need to make a new personal statement? I called ICO and they said I didn't because if I get a supplemental application there should be a part on it where I explain what I've done since I applied last. Are other schools similar in that sense? Thanks
  36. PatNanym

    Question about redoing PGY1

    If someone has finished PGY1 (Internal Medicine) and has received credits for it but had to drop out of the program in the middle of PGY2 for some reason, is it possible for him/her to apply for a PGY1 position again through the Match, or can he/she ONLY apply for a PGY2 position? Thanks.
  37. D

    Repeat intern year and residency funding.

    To the short of it, I was at PGY-1 in a categorical residency and had to leave due to some family crises. I left about 8-9 months into my intern year. I understand GME funding is not available or at least limited for repeating years of categorical programs. Does this extend to my circumstance...
  38. W

    Reapplicant question

    Hello, So I'm reapplying this year and I've started getting secondaries. Some of the schools I'm reapplying to have checkboxes about reapplying or have questions along the lines of "what's different about your application this year" but some don't. Do the schools that don't ask still know that...
  39. L

    Apply twice to the same schools, or wait for a stronger app?

    Hi Everyone, I saw a few threads that were somewhat similar to this, but couldn't find a case that exactly matched mine, and there didn't seem to be a definitive answer as some threads contradicted others. I'm wondering if applying to schools in one cycle, then re-applying in the next cycle...
  40. S

    Probable Re-applicant, LizzyM 73. 5WL, 0A

    Hey all, I'm currently gearing up for the next cycle, so any advice you may have would be much appreciated! Stats: Male, Caucasian, early 20's Graduated May 2015, Engineering, mid-west school Cumulative GPA-3.83 Science GPA-3.85 MCAT (2 attempts, 2013, 2014)-32 and 35 CA resident EC...