Should I take Honors Anatomy/Physiology or AP Pysch



For senior year my classes will consist of all regular except honors calculus which they have in my school and also honors physics. Should I take honors anatomy as elective or AP Pysch??? My goal is to go into medicine. Which one would be a better choice???

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It won't affect you getting into medical school or how well you'll do in medical school. AP psych will give you credit if you do we'll on the AP exam. Honors A/P is of minimal use towards getting into medical school. Keep in mind that some medical school do not accept AP credit for admissions course requirements or electives. And you won't know which those schools are and if that scenario will even apply to you for a while. AP psych may help with college admissions, but its not going to be make or break at this point (its 1 course). Also, if you get college credit from the AP exam, you'll receive credit that will allow you to complete your graduation requirements for your major (general in the range of 120-128).
Remember, you will be taking the "new" MCAT after 2015. That means that you will need more social science. If you feel like the AP psych will do it for you, than go for it. Otherwise, it may be good to do your psych in college closer to your date with the MCAT.

Either class will be a good class, IF the teacher is any good at what they do. A&P requires a lot of memorization. The more times you do it, the better things stick in your head. Are there dissections involved? Do they field trip to a college for "cadaver lab?"

Psych is a lot more "thinking" with some memorization thrown in.

Talk to current seniors and ask about the teachers. Not if they like the teachers, but if they LEARN from them. Sometimes the teachers that you learn the most from are the ones that most students don't like. Mostly because they make you work so dang hard. A lot of people don't like to do that so they say that they don't like the teacher.

Good luck with the choice. I know for me, I would choose A&P if there were dissections and a cadaver trip.

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Which one will help me more as a Pre Med Undergraduate? AP psych or honors anatomy and physiology?
Which one will help me more as a Pre Med Undergraduate? AP psych or honors anatomy and physiology?

In terms of knowledge, probably honors anatomy and physiology. In terms of credentials, AP Psych. Not having any AP when going to college will

A. Make it harder to get into top universities. (Though keep in mind your undergraduate institution is of little importance as long as it's not community college)

B. The more AP credit you get the less you will have to pay for those classes in college.
I took both psych and anatomy at the HS, ugrad and medical school levels. Both classes gave a good background for the undergrad class IMO. Neither HS or undergrad classes were any help at all for the medical school classes due to the different focus and level of detail in the medical school versions.

The clear difference in the classes in your case is one is AP and one is not, so you need to decided if you want to do AP credit or not.

Other than that, I second asking around about the classes. A good/bad teacher can really make or break a class.