Successful Applicant Stats Class of 2016

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by squirrelsrule, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. Katie8

    Katie8 NCSU CVM c/o 2016 2+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    Emiloo!!!! I'm so proud of you!! Your stats are awesome!!! I'm so happy for you and your acceptances :biglove::biglove:

    Hopefulinva congrats too!!!! Such an exciting time :)
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  3. Fireflysushi

    Fireflysushi CSU c/o 2016! 5+ Year Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    Congratulations Emiloo! From another Emiloo (my grandpa's nickname for me;)) We are going to be vets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!:love:

    Congratulations to everybody who has posted on this thread!! We did it!!!!!!

  4. Emiloo4

    Emiloo4 UF CVM 2016 2+ Year Member

    Aug 11, 2011
    Oh yay! Another Emiloo :). Thanks so much! Congrats as well! Our hard work has paid off!!!!!!!!!! :highfive:
  5. squirrelsrule

    squirrelsrule Ohio State CVM c/o 2016! 5+ Year Member

    Jan 7, 2011
    Congrats everyone! I love this thread, so proud of all of us, class of 2016 is gonna rock :soexcited:. Jemappellejane, you are such an inspiration and you should be so proud of getting into vet school. You're gonna be a vet! Big congrats to you too Emiloo!
  6. sooprnova

    sooprnova Penn c/o 2016! 2+ Year Member

    May 7, 2010
    Just wanted to hop in again to say CONGRATS to everyone! This has been a long, hard road and here we are at the next crossroads. I cannot wait for some of you to be my classmates and the rest of you to be my colleagues. Class of 2016 is gonna rock!
  7. jemappellejane

    jemappellejane #stinkasaurus 2+ Year Member

    Awww shucks :D thanks squirrels!! You too!!! Eeeeeeee!
  8. truffleshuffle

    truffleshuffle 2+ Year Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    It's been a crazy journey and I'm really excited to be posting here =] i didn't think i'd even be accepted anywhere because my vet hours are on the low side as I only really started getting vet hours my junior year. but to anyone who's a late switch to pre-vet there's definitely hope!

    1st time applicant. 21 years old. international.

    Applied: UC Davis, Massey, Western, Kstate, Minnesota, Michigan, Purdue
    Rejected: UC Davis
    Interviewed: Kstate, Purdue, Minnesota, Western
    Waitlisted: Kstate, Minnesota
    Accepted: Purdue, Michigan, Western, Massey
    Attending: (having the hardest time deciding and I know I'm really lucky to even be in this position. I'd love to take any input for my ongoing pros and cons list :))

    Cumulative GPA (at time of application): 3.60
    Science GPA: ~3.45
    Last 45: 3.7-3.8 depending on how you calculate it
    GRE: 570 verbal, 700 quant, 4.0 writing (I only took it once I wish I wanted to take it again but didn't have time)

    Veterinary Experience
    ~300hrs for various equine vets (including general practitioners, reproductive specialist, foal team, radiology)
    ~60hrs at a small/mixed animal private practice

    Animal Experience
    600hrs interning on a large horse rescue farm over the summer
    ~300hrs working at a cat colony
    160hrs on a horse and goat farm
    ~850hrs as a conservative estimate of various horse riding related experiences

    60hrs at a canine genetics lab
    90hrs as a feedlot cattle behavior intern

    Community Service Award
    Davis Honors Challenge
    IASAS Cultural Convention for Jewelry

    Community activities
    JV, Varsity, Intramural basketball
    Doulos Floating Library
    Riding for the Disabled Club

    all my employment went under my animal experience so I left that part blank.

    Recommendation Letters:
    - 1 from an equine vet
    - 1 from my employer at the cat colony
    - 1 from the barn manager from the horse rescue farm

    Personal Statement
    I talked about my background and how it's made me who I am today, and basically my belief system with regards to veterinary medicine. One bit of advice.. start early! It definitely took me a good month with multiple edits and I still wish I had spent more time on it. If anyone wants to read it or has any questions feel free to PM me =].

    Congratulations to everyone else posting on this thread! I know we're all super excited to be part of the c/o 2016 :clap:. I hope this helps for future applicants. Definitely don't give up hope if this is your dream :)
  9. psilovethomas

    psilovethomas fading 7+ Year Member

    Jan 9, 2010
    truffleshuffle, are you able to make it to one of the MSU welcome days? You will get to see the school and meet some faculty and staff, as well as learn about the program, financial aid, housing, etc.
  10. truffleshuffle

    truffleshuffle 2+ Year Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    yupp! i'm actually going to the welcome day on the 30th and i'm really excited for it =]
  11. shellbell4e

    shellbell4e UC Davis c/o 2016

    Feb 8, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    First time applying. 22yo female, Animal Science BS from UC Davis. Took a gap year so my brain could rest.

    Applied: Purdue, UC Davis, KSU, ISU, WesternU
    Rejected: Purdue
    Interviewed: KSU, ISU, UC Davis, WesternU
    Waitlisted: ISU
    Accepted: UC Davis
    Attending: UC Davis

    B.S.: University of California, Davis, Animal Science - Physiology emphasis
    Cumulative GPA: 3.37
    Science: 3.2 (eek, but with good reason. this is what ISU calculated, so its what I'm using)
    Last 45: 3.49
    GRE: 1190 - 450V, 740Q, 5.0W
    My GPA suffered extremely for 3 quarters (last 2 of junior year, first quarter senior year), and I ended up taking an incomplete in a class (made it up after the application cycle) as I was extremely extremely ill. It dropped a whopping .5 points. (from a 3.7 to a 3.2). Wrote this in my Explanation Statement. Adcom asked about it and completely understood my unfortunate situation. It worked to my advantage in many ways, willing to elaborate to those who are interested. (No, it wasn't ochem's fault...)

    Veterinary Experience
    96hrs Surgical Experience through internship in Central America (16 surgeries total)
    44hrs Small Animal Emergency Internship @ VMTH (worked 10pm-2am shift or 10pm-7am on alternating weekends for 10 weeks)
    450hrs PAID Technician job at small animal clinic during 2 summers while in college.
    1000hrs volunteer/unpaid at same small animal clinic during high school (started out as kennel, worked my way up to tech assist)

    Animal Experience
    300+hrs Schutzhund Training (German Shepherds)
    700+hrs Pet Sitting

    Family business of buying gold and silver
    Did not list my tech job under here.

    Various Athletic and Academic awards.

    Community Activities
    Rowing for 4 years while attending UC Davis
    Various clubs and community events
    AHF (through my high school)

    Vet I worked with in southern california, used to be on adcom
    Biochemistry/Metabolism professor who was also my faculty advisor
    Rowing Coach who is also a professor at UC Davis

    Personal statement:
    Willing to share.
    Focuses on my internships abroad, and on rowing.

    Something I didn't mention in my app that came out during my interview is that, although born in the US, I was raised overseas in Israel. I also lived in Europe for a few years.

    I took a seminar my senior year that was headed by a professor at Davis, which was meant to help us with our applications/ps/etc. He did one on ones with all of us (~50) and made recommendations based on how competitive we would be as applicants. I was told not to apply to UC Davis, and CSU (which I didn't apply to but wish I did), as I am not as competitive. But I did anyway, and here I am. This just shows that you shouldn't listen to your advisors. I went through a terrible year in my personal life with many many things happening at once, which made me extremely ill, and took a HUGE toll on my academics, but is by no means an accurate measure of my abilities as a student. It helped me build more character. So don't give up, keep your head high, and believe in yourself. My hours, GPA, AND GRE (verbal) are on the lower end, but I made it anyway, and so can you!!! :thumbup:
  12. CorporateFatCat

    CorporateFatCat UC Davis c/o 2016 7+ Year Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    24 year old female, 2nd time applicant, CA resident

    Undergrad Education
    UC Davis:
    B.S. Animal Science, Genetics discipline 2010
    Community College:
    Biology Major, Santa Rosa Community College

    Applied: Colorado, UC Davis, Washington, Iowa, Wisconsin, UPenn, Missouri, Illinois
    Rejected: Colorado, Washington, Upenn, Missouri, Illinois
    Waitlisted: Iowa, Wisconsin (if you can even call #72 still on the waitlist)
    Accepted: UC DAVIS!!!!
    Attending: UC DAVIS!!!!

    Cum GPA: 3.59
    Last 45: 3.58
    Science GPA: 3.65

    GRE: (1st) 390V, 660Q, (2nd) 510V, 680Q (3rd) 600V, 770Q. Analytical always 4.0
    yeah, I suck at standardized tests, but I really buckled down the last time and I am proof that ANYONE can succeed with the GRE.

    Veterinary Experience:
    2400 hours Small Animal Private Practice—Vet Assistant
    120 hours UCD VMTH interships: small animal radiology, Campus Vet Services, and C-Barn
    100 hours Veterinary Experience Abroad (Belize): 50 hours exotic/zoo, 50 large animal
    120 hours Guide Dogs for the Blind Vet Clinic Volunteer
    150 hours Municipal Animal Shelter Vet Assistant Volunteer
    400 hours Marine Mammal Center Animal Care Volunteer
    10 hours Bovine A.I. Certification Course
    22 hours UCDSVM Mercer Clinic volunteer
    92 hours Mobile Pet Vaccination Clinic

    Animal Experience:
    Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Canine Companions for Independence (3 dogs, over a year each. I estimated about 4000 hours)
    168 hours Kennel Volunteer, Canine Companions for Independence
    40 hours Equine Production course
    40 hours Dairy Production course
    90 hours Canine Genetic Analysis Project Lab Intern
    142 hours Induced Lactation Class Project Coordinator, Picnic Day Presentation, and Undergraduate Research Project

    144 hours Macy's
    I've really only had veterinary-related jobs since

    Extra-curriculars/Community Activities:
    Vet-Aides Club member
    Mercer Clinic
    Canine Companions Liaison
    Community Symphonic Choir
    High School Activities (swim, basketball, band, choir, and musicals)

    Scholastic Acheivement Award—Animal Science Department (2 years)
    Dean's List (2 quarters)
    Dean's Highest Honors (3 semesters—Community College)
    Gail and Ruth Oliver Ag Scholarship
    Fujita Memorial Chemistry Scholarship

    Veterinarian I have worked for for 4 years (my mentor)
    Veterinarian at the Shelter
    Lactation Professor
    RVT from Guide Dogs

    The big improvements I made since my first and second application were 1) improved my GRE 2) gained more and varied experiences, and 3) solidified my career goals. Really, The two years since I graduated have been a blessing. I've really enjoyed gaining these wonderful experiences and meeting so many talented, awesome people. I would have been happy to go from undergraduate to vet school, but I really think these years have helped me develop and delve into the wonderful world of veterinary medicine. And of course, SDN has been a huge influence for me. I don't know if I would be here today if it wasn't for all of you guys. Please PM me if you have any questions!
  13. Emiloo4

    Emiloo4 UF CVM 2016 2+ Year Member

    Aug 11, 2011
    You're awesome CFC!! Congrats!! I took 3 years between and I wouldn't trade those three years either. Awesome job on improving your GRE!!! What an accomplishment! So glad you get to post here, it's an awesome feeling!!!!! :highfive::clap::bow:
  14. jemappellejane

    jemappellejane #stinkasaurus 2+ Year Member

    Congrats CFC!!! So happy to see you posting here :D and yay for non trads!!! We rule so hard.
  15. Katie8

    Katie8 NCSU CVM c/o 2016 2+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    non trads are the BEST :D congrats CFC! way to rock it! :highfive:
  16. TigerWillow

    TigerWillow UC Davis Class of 2016!!! 2+ Year Member

    Apr 14, 2011
    CFC, your non trad pathway is JUST like mine. Cept you have a lot more hrs than me. Oh well

    Will post my stuff later!
  17. nyanko

    nyanko 360noscope squidkid 10+ Year Member

    Sep 8, 2006
    So happy that you get to post here this year. I knew you would make it. :D
  18. mooshagen

    mooshagen UC Davis SVM C/O 2016 2+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    .First time applicant, 21 years old, female, Mexican/Caucasian, California resident

    Applied (6): Mississippi State University, University of Missouri, Virginia Tech/Maryland, UC Davis, Western, and UCD Dublin
    Rejected: University of Missouri (after being on the interview waitlist)
    Interviewed: UC Davis, Western, Mississippi State University, Virginia Tech/Maryland (asked to interview, but had to decline due to being in Davis at the time), no interviews needed for UCD Dublin
    Waitlisted: Mississippi State University (top of the list)
    Accepted: UCD Dublin, Western, UC Davis
    Attending: UC Davis

    Bachelor of Science in Biology – small, out of state, women's liberal arts college
    Cumulative GPA: 3.49
    Science GPA: 3.58
    GRE: 600 Q, 440 V, 4.5 W

    At the time of application

    Veterinary Experience/ResearchExperience
    -200 hours as an unpaid extern at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital
    -235 hours as an unpaid extern at a large small animal practice affiliated with Western U.
    -300 hours as a veterinary assistant at a small animal practice
    -105 hours as an unpaid extern at a small animal emergency clinic
    -125 hours as an unpaid extern with an ambulatory equine veterinarian

    Animal Experience
    -Genetic research thesis (independent - year long for senior year) – equine ADHD like behaviors in relation to breed (40 hours)
    -Independent riding lessons (3)
    -Embryo development research (independent) – fetal alcohol syndrome in African clawed frogs (60 hours)
    -Unpaid extern and then volunteer at a wildlife rescue (155 hours)
    -Volunteer for Service Dog organization (10 hours)
    -Volunteer/educational leader at a zoo (10 hours)
    -Riding Club at university (300 hours)
    -Assistant trainer at riding camps (350 hours)
    -Owning/training/riding horses (13,530 hours – from when I was 10 to 18)
    -Took care of emus and hogs at a summer camp (30 hours)

    -University fundraiser
    -Tutored an elementary school child in reading and writing
    -Grocery store courtesy clerk
    -Tutored a middle school child in science and math

    Honors and Awards
    -Honor Roll for four semesters
    -Merit scholarship for my undergraduate tuition
    -Instrumental letterman letter in high school
    Community Activities
    -Community service club staff member (lead a volunteer group to a soup kitchen every month, am the liaison between animal organizations and my school's volunteers, keep track of my school's service hours for a yearly Presidential Award, put on fundraisers, manage a thrift store, weekly meetings)
    -Tutored middle school children in math and science in Ireland
    -Habitat for Humanity chapter president at my school for a year, vice-president another year
    -Lived in a community service house at my university for three semesters (basically the same work as being in the club)
    -Completed a service project in Jamaica (lived with Jamaican families, taught math in middle school, worked in an infirmary, instilled recycling)
    -Early Transition Program (program for ethnically diverse students to transition to college)
    High School
    -Founded and was president of a cultural diversity club
    -Volunteered at a Veterans Affairs Hospital
    -Volunteered at a Latin American Art Museum
    -Attended a LeadAmerica Medical Conference
    -SADD (students against drunk driving)
    -Community Service Club
    -LGBT support member
    -Youth minister at church

    Explanation Statement
    I put my community college (I took two gen ed classes there) GPA here.

    I talked about the fact that I go to a women's college and how I feel that has uniquely prepared me.

    I talked about why I got a C in a lower-division Physiology class (grandma was dying a slow death on top of being a victim of rape this semester). I pointed out that I have never done this poorly again, and that I earned a higher grade in an upper-division Physiology course.

    I talked about why my GPA was so low. I studied abroad in Ireland and because of the difference in grading systems, I earned a semester of all B's. Flanked by two semesters of straight A's, it was obvious this was not my typical behavior.

    I also explained why I had so many hours with small animal even though I wanted to go into equine (I never grew up with dogs and cats so I wanted the experience).

    Letters of Recommendation

    -Small animal veterinarian who graduated in the charter class at Western U.
    - San Luis Rey equine surgeon who was a resident as UC Davis
    -Ambulatory equine veterinarian
    -Wildlife Rescue Director
    -Equestrian trainer
    -Academic advisor/professor/research advisor

    Personal Statement
    My theme was compassion. I introduced that I grew up in a family affected by drug addiction and how dealing with this taught me compassion for any health care profession. I wrote about how horses were everything to me, and that my horse's battle with navicular syndrome and ultimately having him undergo a palmar digital neurectomy and having him go lame shortly after is what sparked my interest in veterinary medicine. I talked about how my life activities and veterinary involvements led me to focus on the compassion and client relations of veterinary medicine. I also wove in theriogenology, what got me interested in it, and why it's the field I want to go into. If anyone wants a read at it, feel free to message me.

    -Apply to more than six schools (you never know if some interviews will overlap).
    -Put absolutely EVERYTHING on your application.
    -Definitely apply to one or two long shots – you just never know!
    -Make valuable connections.
    -Use your explanation section.
    -Spend a lot of time on your personal statement. Make yourself unique.
    -It's okay to be realistic, as long as that doesn't make you pessimistic (about your chances of getting in). Believing in yourself goes a long way....
  19. Ilikedogs

    Ilikedogs KSU CVM c/o 2016 2+ Year Member

    Nov 10, 2011
    First time applicant, 21 years old at time of application (22 now), Male, Animal Science Major, California resident.
    Applied: Kansas, Western, RVC, Edinburgh, Davis, Colorado, Mississippi, Illinois, Auburn
    Apps withdrawn: None
    Still waiting: None
    Interview: Kansas, Western, RVC
    Rejected: RVC, Edinburgh, Davis, Colorado, Mississippi, Illinois, Auburn
    Accepted: Kansas, Western
    Attending: Kansas!! :)

    Cum GPA @ time of application: 3.39
    Last 45 credit hrs: (I forgot, but I think it was around a 3.3)
    Science GPA @ time of application: (Including math, around 3.5)
    GRE: 1370. 800q, 570v, 4.5w

    Veterinary Experience:
    -800 hours working at a small animal emergency clinic
    -200 hours working at a humane society

    Animal Experience:
    -1200 hours working with livestock via volunteering, clubs, petting zoos, living at a farm

    Extracurricular/Community Activities:
    -Sunday school preschool teacher for 6 years
    -Volunteered at a nursing home by playing guitar and singing to the elderly every weekend
    -Missions trips with my church to Guatemala, Arizona, Mexico, LA homeless
    -Peer Advisor for my college
    -Varsity Swim/Waterpolo for 4 years in hs - team captain
    -Club swimmer for 12 years
    -Private math tutor for jrhigh/high/college level math [prealgebra all the way to multivariable calculus (calc II) and linear algebra] (yes, i'm asian :p lol)
    -Worked at a teaching credential office as an assistant for 2 years

    -2 from 2 different small animal emergency vets that I worked with
    -1 from my professor/department chair of Animal Science dept at school

    Awards and Honors:
    -Deans list a few times
    -Exec board for a bunch of clubs
    -2 random animal science scholarships that I won at my school

    Obviously, some people's stats are going to be better than others, but vet schools really just want to know whether you'd be a good fit for their school and also whether you are who you say you are on paper. For example, at my Kansas interview, I was asked random questions that I did not expect. Although I listed on my VMCAS that I went on church missions, I did not expect a question to come about that because it wasn't "animal related". However, I just answered honestly that it was an important part of my life and that I would love to continue serving though missions. Little did I know, after I was accepted there, I found out that there's a very prominent christian veterinary missions club on campus. I don't know whether there was a correlation between my answer to that question or whether they just appreciated me as an applicant in general, but it just shows how individual, unique aspects about yourself can really help them see whether you might be a good fit for the school or not. I'm really excited about attending K-state next fall and I'd be willing to answer any questions anyone has. Feel free to PM me! :)
    Last edited: May 9, 2012
  20. jemappellejane

    jemappellejane #stinkasaurus 2+ Year Member

    CFC change your label. You are not longer a "senior member." You are now UC Davis c/o 2016. OWN it. :D
  21. willi228


    Aug 18, 2011
    I remember how much this thread helped me when I was applying so I thought I'd return the favor :)

    First time applicant
    22 y/o, PA resident

    Applied: Auburn, Michigan, Mississippi, UPenn, Purdue, Ohio, Iowa, Edinburgh, Dublin
    Withdrew before decision: Dublin
    Accepted: Everywhere
    Attending: AUBURN!

    Studying Engineering and Molecular Biology
    Vanderbilt University

    cGPA: 3.73
    science GPA: 3.6 (depending on the calculation)
    last 45 GPA: 3.93

    GRE: 1420 (800 Q, 620 V, 5.0 W)


    1300h mixed practice
    100h SA
    120h exotics in Africa

    130h exotics in Africa
    120h Equine Rehab/Sports Medicine Internship
    70h Tiger rescue
    40h Dog rescue
    3000h Our family's horse farm
    1700h 4-H - horse

    45h Data analysis for ovarian cancer research lab (will work in the lab this fall, published co-author last year)
    15h Tutoring student athletes in sciences
    250h Working at Dermatologist's office
    1100h Horse camp instructor/trainer

    Volunteering awards
    4 Honoraries
    High School Valedictorian
    Full tuition merit scholar at Vandy
    Other miscellaneous scholarships and leadership awards
    National Merit Commended Scholar
    Dean's List

    Pre-Vet society - Founder, President
    Society of Women Engineers - Chair
    Engineers Without Borders - Chair, working on project providing potable water to Peruvians
    China Care - raise money for Chinese orphans (two of my sisters are adopted from China) - I also volunteered in my sister's orphanage
    Volunteer for therapeutic horseback riding
    Collegiate Leadership program

    My best advice would be to make sure you pick a school that fits you. People were shocked when I turned down higher ranked schools and schools offering scholarships, but Auburn was the school for me. I just knew it.

    Also, I cannot emphasize enough how easy the interviews are at the schools I applied to. I was prepared for anything, but in most of my interviews we ended up talking about Guinness, favorite travel spots, etc.

    Finally, do NOT be intimidated by the stats you see here. I was completely worried I wouldn't get accepted anywhere after spending some time on SDN, but remember you are more than numbers. The vet school that's right for you will really believe that.
  22. ElijahOne

    ElijahOne 2+ Year Member

    Feb 26, 2011
    Second time applicant, 23 year old FEmale, California resident.
    Applied: Kansas, Mississppi, Minnesota, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, UC Davis, Wisconsin
    Interview: Kansas, Mississippi, Minnesota, Tennessee (declined), UC Davis
    Rejected: Kansas, Pennsylvania
    Waitlisted: Mississippi, Wisconsin
    Accepted: Minnesota, UC Davis
    Attending: UC Davis!!

    Cum GPA: 3.78
    Last 45 credit hrs: 3.65ish
    Required courses GPA: 3.86ish
    GRE: 1st: 1170. 690q, 480v, 4.0w 2nd: 1310 750q, 560v, 4.0w

    Veterinary Experience:
    -50 hours VIDA trip
    -1400 hours working at a small animal clinic
    -60 hours interning at the UCD VMTH
    -110 hours feral cat spay/neuter clinic
    -40 hours interning at a small animal clinic

    Animal Experience:
    -200 hours interning at a farmed animal sanctuary
    -130 hours interning at an aquarium
    -60 hours of dog training
    -120 assisting at dog adoption events

    -630 hours of statistics tutoring
    -940 hours as an office assistant

    -2 from vets at the small animal clinic I work at
    -1 from my microbiology TA
    -1 from my former boss at the tutoring center

    Awards and Honors:
    - scholarships
    - lots of honor society invitations
  23. CorporateFatCat

    CorporateFatCat UC Davis c/o 2016 7+ Year Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    Better? I've been so excited to do this :D. It's so fun to see everyone's stats (I'm waiting for you, TW!). Mooshagen, you have such an interesting history! Glad to be your future classmate :).
  24. mooshagen

    mooshagen UC Davis SVM C/O 2016 2+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    Aww, thank you. I am glad to be your future classmate too!! :D
  25. TigerWillow

    TigerWillow UC Davis Class of 2016!!! 2+ Year Member

    Apr 14, 2011
    Fine fine fine... I "heard" the call of my name. I was trying to wait for the decision of the computer to send in my official acceptance.

    Then my mom's like, WHAT are you waiting for, you HATED your pc, you LOVE your mac, and you SUCK at writing stuff out. Just send it in!

  26. krist

    krist 5+ Year Member

    Aug 29, 2010
    I can't believe I'm actually posting here! This should give some hope to those you of you out there without perfect grades :)

    Second time applicant, 23 year old Female, Missouri resident.
    B.S. Biology, Ball State University 2010
    Applied: Missouri
    Interview: Missouri
    Accepted: Missouri
    Attending: Missouri!! :D

    Cum GPA: 3.46
    Last 45 credit hrs: 3.65ish
    GRE: 1320- 670 Q, 650 V

    Veterinary Experience:
    18 months full-time tech at small animal general /ER/Int med practice (approx 3000 hours)
    125 equine shadowing hours with 4 different vets
    110 food animal shadowing

    Animal Experience:
    none really worth noting outside of my veterinary experience

    - above teching job (current job)
    - teaching tennis throughout high school and summers during college
    - 1 summer of part-time human hospital laboratory (mostly hematology and chemistry, some micro) assisting
    - restaurant serving jobs during undergrad summers

    -3 at the hospital I currently work at: the owner, the chief of staff, and one of the senior associates whom I am good friends with (all DVMs)
    -one from my assistant tennis coach from undergrad

    Research: 2 different major projects during undergrad
    -1 chemistry research group study on antioxidants
    - Ecology study on predatory response behaviors of P. acuta in different aquatic habitats

    In high school: NHS, tennis, orchestra, lots of community service, a few academic related clubs, etc)
    In undergrad: NCAA Div1 tennis team (captain, had several all-conference awards related to tennis as well) and thats about all I had time for! Also did lots of community service with my team
    After graduation: More community service and became a "big" sister through BBBS

    I definitely joined the vet med game late (sr year of undergrad!) so it took me two tries and two years of being out of school but I did it! And so can anyone! :thumbup:
  27. alaskandream

    alaskandream UC Davis c/o 2016!!!!

    Feb 13, 2012
    Second time applicant, 24 year old male, California resident
    B.S. Animal Science (major), Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology (minor) UC Davis

    1st time
    Applied: UC Davis (would for sure go if I got in, but kind of wanted to finish my minor)
    Interview: none L
    Rejected: UC Davis L

    2nd time
    Applied: Kansas, Purdue, Minnesota, Oregon, Western, VMRCVM, Iowa, Auburn, UC Davis
    Rejected: Iowa, Auburn
    Interview: Kansas, Purdue, Minnesota, Western, VMRCVM, Davis
    Waitlisted: Oregon, Kansas, Purdue
    Accepted: Minnesota, Western, VMRCVM, UC Davis
    Attending:……… UC DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cum GPA: 3.52
    Last 45 credit hrs: 3.66
    GRE: Q-750 V- 490 (eww) W-4.5

    Veterinary Experience:
    80hrs pathology, microbiology, immunology research
    60hrs ride-a-longs with a large animal vet
    44hrs small animal emergency internship at UCD VMTH
    44hrs community medicine internship at UCD VMTH
    40hrs ophthalmology internship at UCD VMTH
    40hrs elephant seal research at the Marine Mammal Center
    16hrs Fix our Ferals Clinics
    44hrs VIDA spay and neuter clinics abroad
    250hrs Sage Grouse Research at UCD
    2000hrs as a Vet assistant at my hometown vet clinic (I’d work whenever I came home to visit)
    60hrs as assistant at a nature center

    Animal Experience:
    16hrs Sacramento Zoo Volunteer
    56hrs Solono Feral Clinics
    48hrs Mercer Homeless Animal Clinic
    200hrs Volunteering at a local hometown park working with farm animals and some wildlife

    -Tutored Microbiology at UC Davis
    -Coached Tennis at my High School
    -Manager at a restaurant after serving for a while too
    -Teaching soccer to kids from 3 to 11
    - Go-Kart attendant!!!!!

    -1 from the Microbiology Teacher I tutored for
    -1 from the owner and vet at the clinic I work at
    -1 from a relief vet that helps out at the same clinic from above
    -1 from the Mixed practice vet that I did ride-a-longs with for a while

    Volunteered with International Student Volunteers in Ecuador, went to a few symposiums held at the Davis vet school, intramural softball, intramural tennis, intramural indoor and outdoor soccer, Tennis club and vet aide club at UC Davis

    I kind of started getting my experiences after I transferred to UC Davis from a community college. My grades were pretty bad at community college, but I got motivated and recovered J

    I’d be happy to let people know more about my PS if anyone is curious, just send me a PM!!

    I also talked about my poor grades in community college in the explanation section :p
  28. Fireflysushi

    Fireflysushi CSU c/o 2016! 5+ Year Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    Alaskandream-I see that you went to Ecuador on an ISV trip! I went to Costa Rica on an ISV trip. I had a blast capturing poison dart frogs and observing wild dolphins! Did you do things on the human/ecological side? Congrats on Davis!
  29. alaskandream

    alaskandream UC Davis c/o 2016!!!!

    Feb 13, 2012
    Thanks!!! Oh man that's awesome! That trip was so much fun! For my project, we worked at a Nature reserve. We did some trail building, made a greenhouse, made a butterfly garden, planted some chocolate (mmmmmm) and coffee plants, taught English to some kids, and helped them remodel a zip line they had =D it was so great. How did you like Costa Rica? I would have loved to go there too. We had a fun trip to the Galapagos after and had some people from Costa Rica join us :D
  30. Fireflysushi

    Fireflysushi CSU c/o 2016! 5+ Year Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    Your trip sounds awesome! I loved mine, except for the food because I'm a veggie, but on the up side I lost like 20lbs! I had soo much fun. I loved Costa Rica. It was beautiful. We had howler monkeys right by our cabins and scarlet maccaws flew overhead every morning. I am terrified of spiders and allergic to mosquitoes, so I wasn't a huge fan of all the bugs, but it was so worth it! We got to go to a wildlife reserve and hold spider monkeys and sloths. Definitely the best trip of my life:love: My roomate went to thailand through ISV and got to go to a gibbon reserve. I was very jealous of her!
  31. CAM the RAM

    CAM the RAM CSU Class of 2016

    Mar 26, 2012
    Cheyenne, WY
    Third time applying. 41yo Male

    Applied: CSU
    Accepted: OOS CSU, WICHE CSU
    Attending: WICHE CSU

    BSBA Finance/RealEstate University of Denver
    BS Animal Science CSU
    MS Ruminant Nutrition CSU (pending)

    Cumulative GPA: 2.98
    Science: 3 something
    Last 45: 3.3
    GRE: 550Q, 550V

    Veterinary Experience
    15280 Feedlot medicine/management

    Animal Experience
    12360 Cattle Nutritionist
    2400 Animal Tech Sales
    7340 Cattle Nutrition Research
    2600 PRCA Steer Wrestling
    4200 Show Jumpers

    Construction odds and ends
    Didn't include anything prior to 2nd bachelor

    Deans List on quarter at DU
    Spanish HS
    (from high school but they said to include it)

    Community Activities
    CSU Rodeo coach for 5 years

    1 Vet
    1 Professor, Graduate Major Professor
    1 University Distinguished Professor

    Personal statement:
    Focused on Food Animal/Large Animal interest.
    Discussed what brought me to apply to CSU.
    Life experience.
  32. Peperoncini

    Peperoncini VMRCVM C/O 2016! 2+ Year Member

    Dec 13, 2011
    Congratulations Cam! You've got some awesome experiences. Good luck!
  33. PppermintTwist

    PppermintTwist 5+ Year Member

    Aug 10, 2011
    As someone who has been rejected this year, I like this thread. We can compare stats especially if we are interested in attending the same school and get a better idea of what we need to change to be a better applicant next year...

    And its a lot of hard work so a pat on the back for getting in is warranted too I think :)
  34. Fireflysushi

    Fireflysushi CSU c/o 2016! 5+ Year Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    Congrats Cam! I love you user name! I guess I will meet you at orientation.
  35. anotherbusybee

    anotherbusybee 2+ Year Member

    Oct 13, 2011
    I agree. This thread is sooooo helpful. In more ways than you can imagine... I'm getting a lot of hope reading how REAL people with imperfect stats, like me, succeed! It's really encouraging. Keep it going :)
  36. CAM the RAM

    CAM the RAM CSU Class of 2016

    Mar 26, 2012
    Cheyenne, WY
    Thank you Peperoncini. The road I've traveled to get here has been worth it in spades. Congrats to you too!
  37. CAM the RAM

    CAM the RAM CSU Class of 2016

    Mar 26, 2012
    Cheyenne, WY
    Thanks Fireflysushi. I just had to borrow the name. You know the "real" CAM is much cooler. I'm going to the Pre-Vet Visit Day on Saturday, so if you're going too, you'll meet me sooner. Congrats to you too!
  38. Fireflysushi

    Fireflysushi CSU c/o 2016! 5+ Year Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    I will be there too, so I will see you early. Are you on the Facebook group?
  39. CAM the RAM

    CAM the RAM CSU Class of 2016

    Mar 26, 2012
    Cheyenne, WY
    Yeah I joined th FB group
  40. DarcyMarie


    Mar 24, 2012
    -1st time applicant, 20 years old, AS, no BS.
    -interested in LA and Food Animal
    -Applied:ISU, KSU, OKSU
    -Interviewed: ISU, KSU
    -Accepted: ISU, KSU, OKSU
    -Attending: OKSU. . . I finally made the decision today!

    -Undergrad Institution: Hutchinson Community College (AS), and Kansas State University AS&I
    -Academic Rigor: Extreme. . . took no less than 18 hours, took extra Organic Chem Classes while maintaining 1-3 jobs
    -Majors: A.S., no BS.
    -Cum GPA: 3.98
    -Last 45 credit hrs: 4.00
    -Science: 4.0
    -GRE: 157 Q , 152 V, 4.5 W

    -Dean's list all semesters in college
    -Recipient of named scholarship from university
    -4th over all national FFA prepared public speaking
    -Several academic excellence awards in high school
    -Utah State Sterling Scholar in Ag 2009
    -Livestock Judging Scholarship
    - Phi Theta Kappa
    - Utah state FFA champion in: Prepared Public (2009) Extemporaneous (2008) Creed (2007)
    - Member of SouthWest Jr Livestock Show committee

    -Raised on Sheep Ranch
    -worked 1 summer full time as 3rd shift vet tech in small animal hospital
    - currently working for LA sale-barn Vet

    -Again, raised on sheep rancy
    -Wild raptor rehab
    -Part time horse ground worker
    -Judged livestock competitively for 2 years
    -FFA boer goat/doggie lam herd manager
    -Dairy worker
    -Ring Steward for Beef Expo

    -Waitress at several places
    -Student tutor at KSU/HCC
    -Used car lot attendant (not proud, but money is money)
    -Construction worker (tile and flooring)

    -Livestock Judging
    -4-H Jr. Leader
    -Community Service co-chair PVC
    -Play Group Member
    -Fly Fishing
    -FFA President/reporter
    -Drama Club
    -sheep showing
    - DJLS jr. committee

    -1 veterinarian, current employer, retired LA vet and current ethiologist
    -Academic Adviser
    -FFA Adviser from High School

    Mine was pretty unforgettable. It started off saying, "My favorite Christmas present was a dead goat."... it went on to explain that my mother saved it in the freezer for when I came home for Christmas so that I could do the necropsy. Some thought it was over the top but in my KSU interview one of my interviewers said, " You have my vote for most original essay!" Word. Getting remembered and standing out is what it's all about.
  41. tigerkissedqt

    tigerkissedqt Iowa class of 2016!

    Jul 4, 2011
    First time applicant- 24 year old female, ND resident.
    Applied: Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois
    Rejected: All but Iowa
    Waitlisted: None
    Interviewed: Iowa
    Accepted: Iowa
    Attending: Iowa! :D

    B.A.- Fine Studio Arts
    Cum GPA @ time of application: 3.34
    Last 45 credit hrs: 3.76
    Science GPA @ time of application: 2.5-7 (depending on how calculated- I had a rough few first years getting into the study habits)
    GRE (Revised): 158V, 156Q, 5 AW (In Old GRE scoring that's approx. 660V & 770Q)

    Veterinary Experience:
    103 hours
    -between a mixed practice clinic with 4 vets (spent my time mostly with 1 small animal vet there), and a small animal clinic (opened by another small animal vet from the mixed clinic)

    Animal Experience:
    175 hrs- Humane Society Volunteer
    112 hrs- Humane Society Employee
    3200 hrs- Pet Care Technician @ Doggy Daycare/Hotel
    150 hrs- Assistant Groomer @ D D/H
    42 hrs- Feral Cat TNR program internship/co-creator
    168 hrs- Feral kitten fostering
    80 hrs- poultry farm, equine handling, rabbits, rodents, other misc.

    Extracurricular/Community Activities:
    Choir, SADD (member & board of officers), Tri-M, Reality Check Teacher (SADD sponsored program), Humane Society Fundraising, Yearbook Photographer, Young Democrats of America, Dog Walk Park Monitor, Science Club, Vice President of Art Club, "Best Pet" Contest Judge for community, Creator/Organizer/Submitter/Presenter/MC for 4 Gallery Opening events, Belly Dance Troupe member, Violin, Community Action Carnival, Prairie Paws Carnival, JC's Best Dance Crew, President of Art Club, Belly Dance Troupe Leader

    -Vet from the small animal clinic
    -Art Department Head of department, professor, secondary advisor
    -CLS department chair, professor, work-study boss, advisor
    -Boss from Doggy Daycare/Hotel (excluded this one when only 3 accepted)

    Awards and Honors:

    -National Honor Society
    -"Named" Scholarship through my college
    -x2 Awarded scholarships
    -President's Educational Award
    -Dean's List (listed x5 times)
    -Published Poem
    -Painting sold to permanent college collection
    -Taught an Honor's class
    -Named College Fellow in Fine Arts
    -Named Outstanding Student of the Fine Arts
    -Junior Marshal of ceremonies

    Employment (Non-Animal/Vet related):

    -Private In-Home Caregiver to elderly (4yrs)
    -High School Library Aid (2yrs)
    -College workstudy in Biology Department (6yrs), Chemistry Dept (1yr), Biology lab TA (1 yr)
    -Editorial Cartoonist for newspaper (4yrs)
    -Belly Dance Instructor (paid- 1 yr)
    -Art Department's Office Manager (1yr)
    -Art Department's Gallery Co-Chair (1 yr)

    Personal Statement:
    My primary focus was what inspired not only my interest in veterinary medicine (such as my family), but also my interest in different specialties I am considering (Holistic medicine, dermatology, emergency medicine) . I used my experience of living in a small, rural, midwest town to explain my understanding of the profession- such as how the practical, inexpensive approach is often more important than cutting edge techniques. I also tied it all back to my creative/artistic capabilities.

    Mostly centered around my experiences working at the doggy daycare/hotel and handling the customers, how my creative/artistic abilities corresponded to my scientific thinking, and my experiences as a belly dancer. They also inquired about my majors and how I ended up with the major I have and how all of that influenced my decision to apply (I started as a Biology major, changed to a CLS major, added an Art major and will graduate with only an Art major. But I was pre-vet all the while). That led to me telling them about my love of microbes and my plush microbe collection...
    Bottom-line: I made them laugh several times, so I knew it went well :laugh:
  42. hopefulinva

    hopefulinva VMRCVM DVM/MPH c/o 2016 2+ Year Member

    Sep 28, 2011
    Bleaksburg, VA
    :thumbup: I have one of those as well!

    Yay for laughter. <3 I really do think that's the sign of a good interview; Illinois and VMRCVM both laughed during my interviews (the latter to the extent that they could, considering the MMI format), and both offered me seats. As long as they're laughing with ya not at ya, right? ;)

  43. tigerkissedqt

    tigerkissedqt Iowa class of 2016!

    Jul 4, 2011
    Exactly! and thanks :)
  44. GreyMatter 17

    GreyMatter 17 UC Davis c/o 2016

    Feb 8, 2012
    Angwin, Ca
    First time applicant, very traditional (almost boringly so), California resident&#8232;, 22 y/o female, equine interest

    Applied: Cornell University, Colorado State University, UC Davis, Washington State University
    &#8232;Interview Offers: UC Davis
    &#8232;Rejected: Cornell, WSU&#8232;
    Accepted: CSU&#8232;, UC Davis
    Attending: UC Davis :love:

    Academic Stats:
    Cum. GPA: 3.81&#8232;
    Last 45: 4.0&#8232;
    Science GPA: 3.74&#8232;
    GRE: V 610, Q 620, W 5

    Veterinary Experience:
    &#8232;-1,500 h working at SA practice, PAID&#8232; (California)
    -600 h shadowing at equine surgery (Kentucky)
    &#8232;-250 h shadowing LA ambulatory practice&#8232; (CA)
    -200 h shadowing equine/repro ambulatory practice (KY)
    &#8232;-18 h working for equine/horse show vet, PAID (KY)

    Animal Experience:&#8232;
    -13,400 h puppy-raising two service dogs for 15 mo each&#8232; (Alaska and CA)
    -3,500 h in 4H with horses as project animals (AK)
    &#8232;-840 h head "wrangler"/trainer (~20 horses) at academy, PAID (Oregon)
    &#8232;-600 h apprentice horse trainer, PAID (Washington)
    -144 h TB yearling sale groom, PAID (KY)
    &#8232;-100 h polo groom (for 7 ponies), PAID (KY)

    -330 h as a TA: Human physiology, general biology and organic chemistry (CA)
    -240 h as chemistry stockroom worker (CA)
    -1400 h as head resident assistant in academy (OR)

    Letters of Recommendation:
    -the repro vet from KY (he liked me enough to buy me an iPad2 at the end of the summer, even though I was only shadowing him, so I thought it was a good bet)
    -the SA vet from CA whom I worked with the longest (a UC Davis alumnus, I don't know if that matters)
    -biology assistant professor from my school (I'd worked as her TA for 2 years and on a summer project, took 2 classes from her; she isn't a PhD — I don't know if that's frowned upon)

    -I didn't ask my relative (second cousin) to write my eLOR because I wasn't sure if that's ethical, any thoughts?

    Personal Statement:
    PM me if you'd like to read it.

    PM me if you want to know the questions; I wrote them all down afterwards.

    Mildy Extraneous Info:
    With the exception of some of my animal experience (anything from AK, OR or WA), every part of my application was accomplished after I graduated from high school and decided I wanted to pursue vet med. During the school year I concentrated on grades and worked as a TA and in the chemistry stockroom. In the summer and on some holidays, I was lucky enough to work at the SA practice and shadow an equine vet. The summer of 2011, I spent with a relative who is a vet in Lexington, KY, and was really able to pack in the equine vet experience then. I took the GRE in early July of 2011 after some poorly executed studying--I was in the Horse Capitol of the World, you understand!
    I don't know what the AdComm saw in my application that caught their attention, but I am so ecstatic to be going to UCD! :soexcited:
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2012
  45. jemappellejane

    jemappellejane #stinkasaurus 2+ Year Member

    Congrats tiger and grey! Grey- Cornell is crazy to reject you!
  46. GreyMatter 17

    GreyMatter 17 UC Davis c/o 2016

    Feb 8, 2012
    Angwin, Ca
    You're too kind. :oops:
  47. TigerWillow

    TigerWillow UC Davis Class of 2016!!! 2+ Year Member

    Apr 14, 2011
    Yay grey!!! Pleased to be your classmate.

    I am not as spectacular as you hahaha. You might have to help me in classes.
  48. GreyMatter 17

    GreyMatter 17 UC Davis c/o 2016

    Feb 8, 2012
    Angwin, Ca
    Likewise TW. I have a feeling vet school will be the great equalizer.
  49. Jamr0ckin

    Jamr0ckin UTK c/o 2016 5+ Year Member

    Mar 21, 2010
    East TN
    4th time applicant. Female. TN resident. Proof that hard work and persistence pay off.

    Applied: UTK, Washington, OK State
    &#8232;Interview Offers: UTK
    &#8232;Rejected: Washington, OK State
    Accepted: UTK
    Attending: UTK

    Academic Stats:
    Cum. GPA: 3.13
    Last 45: 3.32
    Science GPA: 3.2
    GRE: V 440, Q 650, W 5
    Veterinary Experience:
    &#8232;-20,000 h at small animal and exotic hospital (since 1999)
    - 450 h at mixed animal practice
    &#8232;-900 h at emergency vet clinic

    Animal Experience:&#8232;
    -100 h a working as a junior trail guide at riding stables
    - 80 h volunteering as an assist zoo keeper at private zoo in TN
    &#8232;-100 h volunteering at animal control
    &#8232;-300 h aquatics lab supervisor at college
    -400 h student research assistant with horses (feeding trial)
    - 100 h tracking coyotes using radio telemetry
    - 200 h milking sheep for lactation research - head student researcher
    &#8232;-110 h student barn worker working with research, equestrian team, and privately owned horses
    - 50 h collecting testicles for canine spermatogenesis study
    - 500 + hours pet sitting for cats, dogs, and horses

    -275 h working for the Sports Information office - stats for volleyball, basketball, and baseball
    -200 h as a First Year Mentor (aiding incoming freshman getting acclimated to college life)
    - 330 h as a Biology lab TA
    - 250 h as a office assistant for the Animal Science Dept

    Letters of Recommendation:

    - Dr. Owner from the main clinic I worked at. He has been my mentor since I was 13
    -SA vet I worked with at the emergency clinic
    -college's veterinarian (we had horses, sheep, and cattle on campus), also was my pre-vet club sponsor and taught me in several animal science courses
    - Biology professor (also DVM) who taught me in class and I was a Biology TA for

    NOTE: I was kicked in the chest and face by a horse during my senior year at college. I had to take 2 1/2 years off of college, and tried to attend the state school and ended up getting horrible grades. I went back to my original college and graduated last May. I applied while going through all this stuff, without finishing my degree or pre-reqs. I feel the change up of LORs, the completetion of my degree, and sheer determination gained me my acceptance. If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM me!
  50. Wildlife woman

    Wildlife woman

    Jan 12, 2012
    Wow Jamr0kin, congrats! Very proud of you, definitely a good example of determination and persistence
  51. mooshagen

    mooshagen UC Davis SVM C/O 2016 2+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2011
    Yay, Grey! Excited for more SDN classmates :)

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