Successful Applicants c/o 2028

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22, F, Texas, Traditional, first time applicant: LOW GPAs

Applied: 26 (I was lucky enough to have my parents help me pay for this application cycle to maximize my chances of getting in so I applied to a lot)
Interview Invites: Tuskegee, Western, Ross, St.George, Arizona
Accepted: Western, Ross, St.George, Arizona, Oklahoma
Waitlist: Iowa
Waiting for: Tuskegee

Overall VMCAS GPA: 3.16
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.19, Iowa: 3.44
Last 45 GPA: below 3.0 Iowa: 2.99

Degree(s): graduating in May with B.S In Animal Science, minor in Entrepreneurship

Veterinary Experience:

Vet Assistant at Surgical Center -700hrs
Shadow at local zoo -100hrs
Shadow GP- 150hrs
Shadow Surgery- 200hrs

Animal Experience:
Experience -
Animal Caretaker for Lab Animal research - 200hrs
Volunteer at shelter -60hrs
Mississippi Vet camp in high school- 5 day Overnight program
LSU Vet Camp- 2 week overnight program

Experience -
Undergraduate research assistant -400hrs
Co-author on 2 papers and 2 posters

Experience -
Vice President and Treasurer of African Student Organization (helped re-establish organization after it died during Covid)
President of Student National Association of Black Veterinarians (SNABV)
Merit Scholarship
Travel grant recipient for SNABV national conference
2x LSU black scholar recipient
2x Deans list

Non-Animal Employment:
Experience -
Jobs in high school

Lab Supervisor,
Zoo Vet I shadow,
Vet Surgeon I work for,
Animal science professor

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Lack of diversity in profession, interest in small animal surgery and becoming a practice owner, wanting to be a future mentor. Overcoming mental health struggles. If people want to see specific essays I don’t mind sending them! I also don’t mind sending my application!

Did a file review for a Virginia-Maryland and was told application And essays were solid, I got full marks in all those categories, just GPAs low

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**Low GPA , 1st Generation student & very poor past academic record that I worked hard to correct (VMCAS was abysmal)**
***apologies for the length in advance***

37, F, MD, Non-Traditional applicant, 3rd application cycle(4th technically-1st cycle VMCAS not verified)

Applied: Tuskegee, Ross(’22-’23 cycle, deferred twice)
Interview Invites: Tuskegee
Waiting to hear: None
Accepted: Tuskegee
Attending: Tuskegee

Overall GPA: 3.3
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.6
Last 45 GPA: 3.5

Degree(s): Associate of Arts-General Studies- STEM Concentration -Dec 2017
Bachelor of Science- Animal, Poultry, and Veterinary Sciences-May 2020
Master of Science- Veterinary Science- writing thesis now, course work completed Dec 2022

Veterinary Experience:

Kennel Assistant- 5,416
GP Tech Assistant-2,016
ER Tech Assistant/Recep-960
GP Veterinary Tech/Nurse(Unlicensed-MD + some years a tech shift supervisor)-10,720
ER/Specialty Veterinary Tech/Nurse(Unlicensed-MD)- 3,472
(I did not include all of my Vet Med employment hours, just long-term employment > 1 year)

*My career spans 23 years so please understand cases like this are outliers and not necessary at all.

Animal Experience:
Pet Caretaker-1,568

Veterinary Clinical Pathology Lab Assistant- 260
Graduate Student Research Lab Assistant- 1,500
Undergraduate Student Research Lab Assistant- 192

SERP 2019 participant-160- Received Certificate
Graduate Student Mentor-80
ASAS Academic Quadrathlon -70- Received Award
Volunteer w/ Aliobomas-Kituwah Nation- 180

Non-Animal Employment:
Graduate Teaching Assistant-520
Bartender- 480
Freelance Makeup Artist-300

UF DVM, CVA, Practice Owner
RVC Veterinary DVM/PhD, Researcher, TU Ag Associate Professor & Academic Quadrathlon Sponsor
TU DVM, Clinical pathologist, Vet Med Associate Professor- Worked for them in Clin path lab and they are on my thesis committee
TU DVM/PhD, Clinical pathologist, Vet Med Tenured Professor- TA’d for an undergrad class they teach & also on my thesis committee

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Personal statement- I highlighted the experiences that have inspired my interest in veterinary medicine and being a Tuskegee vet specifically, impassioned me to work in the field through every stage, including the difficult lessons I’ve learned about leadership, teamwork, ethics, and other difficult situation, my dedication to the field and becoming a doctor despite adversity. Being a Tuskegee veterinarian has been a lifelong specific goal of mine, even in the face of past academic adversity at Tuskegee I made a point to come back to the institution and finish my BS and MS albeit over a decade later. A dedication that many said was foolish but hey I’m here now.

Underrepresented/Challenges to Academia- I went through my initial attempt at undergrad that was ultimately a failure leading to being academically dismissed. I did acknowledge my immaturity and diagnosed yet untreated ADHD (at the time it was thought to magically disappear at 18…we know better now). I outlined my plan and path back to Tuskegee over the past decade, my vast improvement in a short amount of time upon my return, and continued academic success in graduate school. When I returned I brought my 1.2 cGPA up to a 3.0 in 15 months; earning a 3.7 GPA during my final Senior semester during the COVID shutdown- an event that would have completely derailed a younger me without effective treatment and proper coping systems.

*I am not advising you to disclose mental health stuff, but I just wanted to show that I did this year where I didn’t in previous years & when applying to other schools. Please use discretion when applying there is still a widespread stigma at many schools and even with individuals within schools.

Essentially, I took a gamble on applying to Tuskegee one last time and deferring at Ross. Ross was a good opportunity and out of the other schools I interviewed with in the previous cycle they acknowledged my dedication to the field and improvement academically while showing a consistently strong trend. My reasons for delaying an acceptance to reapply for this cycle: Tuskegee was a goal I set my heart on in grade school, I own a house here in Tuskegee, recovering from knee surgery and COVID, and didn't want to leave my elderly parents (late 70s & 80s) and elderly pets(18.5-year-old cat & 17.5-year-old dog) stateside. Over the years I have learned that I persevere no matter what so the usual cons of Ross weren't top of the list. I will say applying smart to programs where you will have favorable GPAs is a helpful strategy. Also, retaking courses at the original institution where I failed the class was helpful since that institution was also where I wanted to be for vet school. I was able to counter much of the damage I did to my record on my first go at undergrad. it was a long and arduous path, but I no longer feel like Sisyphus after 14 years. Unless circumstances are unavoidable...keep trying.
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24F, california, non-trad, second cycle

Applied: 11
Interview Invites: SGU, Midwestern, Western, UC Davis, LIU, Purdue (declined invite)
Waitlisted: Washington, LIU
Accepted: SGU, Midwestern, Oregon, Western, UC Davis, UGA
Rejected: Michigan, UoA
Attending: UC Davis <3

Overall GPA:
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.85
Last 45 GPA: 3.78

Degree(s): B.S. in Neuroscience

Veterinary Experience:
~5100 hrs veterinary assistant small animal GP
<50 hrs large animal/wildlife through a volunteer program in South Africa

Animal Experience: ~500 hrs
kennel tech at local shelter: 24 hrs
summer intern at farm sanctuary: 150 hrs
bird tech for an undergrad lab: 336 hrs
volunteering for equine therapeutic riding program: 4 hrs

Research: 70 hrs
did research on 1) antibiotics in microbial communities and 2) microbial diversity across two semesters as part of my intro bio courses

open water diver certification: 60 hrs
peer mentor for undergrad pre-health advising office: 52 hrs
zero waste ambassador for undergrad office of sustainability initiatives: 30 hrs
member and president of pre-vet club: 30 hrs
varsity cross country and track & field through all 4 years of undergrad: 1200 hrs
people for animal welfare club: 15

Non-Animal Employment:
teaching assistant for human physiology: 268 hrs
histology lab work study student: 120 hrs
campus weight room assistant: 130 hrs
volunteering service corps: ~100 hrs

3 LORs from 3 small animal GP vets

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
i wrote my personal statement as a story, opening and ending talking about my relationship with the first cow i ever met. i talked about how my own interests for the food animal industry and living sustainably led me to realize that being a vet was a career that would allow me to grow my passions for food animal welfare, sustainability, and the human connection through a One Health lens. i also briefly discussed how pre-vet club helped give me direction on the field and thus grew my determination to pursue vet med (this was important for me to mention because i discovered vet med going into my 2nd year of undergrad). throughout the essay i tied in my goals for what kind of vet and person i want to be.
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Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied:
23, F, MA, 3rd time

Mississippi State, Auburn, Oregon State, Michigan State, Tufts, LMU, Western, VMCVM
Interview Invites:
Auburn, Tufts, LMU, Western, VMCVM
Waiting to hear:
Tufts (withdrew LMU and Western)

Overall GPA:
Science Prerequisite GPA:

Last 45 GPA:


Veterinary Experience:

General Practice (mixed)- 300 hours
Emergency (small animal)- 4,200 hours at time of applying
Shadowed at 2 hospitals

Animal Experience:
Zoo (volunteer)- 40 hours at time of applying
Large Animal (total: equine, goat, poultry, dairy cattle)- 300 hours


Intermural sports (captain)- 50 hours
Track + Field- high school captain
Choral groups- 150 hours
Lab TA (nutrition and anatomy)- 230 hours
Deans list- 6 semesters total above 3.5 GPA
IVECCS- CE credits

Non-Animal Employment:
Sandwich maker- 300 hours

1. Academic advisor in college
2. Professor I was a student for in 3 classes and was a TA for
3. Veterinarian at emergency hospital

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Personal statement- The importance of subsidized veterinary care- particularly in emergency medicine. Spoke of how I currently support that ideal and how I plan on contributing to it later in my career.

Tufts supplemental Qs- highlighted my continued interest in the vet field, bulleted what aspect of tufts prompted my application, wrote about what interests me outside the vet field; wanted them to know I was a well- rounded person

Beyond that, doing the application review with the schools helped significantly. I only did it after my second application cycle but wish I had done it on the first! I held myself back because I was scared of the criticism but the people were always so kind and wanted to help!! I think that's what made my application successful this time:)
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Now that schools have released all decisions and accepted students days are happening, wanted to see where people are committing to / deciding between
There’s an accepted student thread that would be better for this
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Low veterinary hours!

20, F, IA, Traditional, 1st time

Applied: Iowa State, Mizzou, Kansas State, SDSU 2+2, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois
Interview Invites: Kansas State, SDSU 2+2, Minnesota, Illinois (IA and WI don't interview)
Waiting to hear:
Accepted: Iowa State, SDSU 2+2, Minnesota
Denied: Mizzou, withdrew app from Illinois
Waitlisted: Kansas State and Wisconsin
Attending: Iowa State

Overall GPA: 4.0
Science Prerequisite GPA: 4.0
Last 45 GPA: 4.0

Degree(s): Graduating in May with B.S. in Animal Science

Veterinary Experience:

Mixed practice vet assistant: ~250 hours
Shadowing at multiple mixed practice clinics in my area: ~50 hours
Shadowing a wildlife vet in South Africa on a study abroad trip: ~4 hours

Animal Experience:
Raising and showing mini rex rabbits for 7 years: ~5000 hours
Showing a dairy heifer: ~70 hours
Showing a sheep: ~50 hours
Touring livestock operations and helping producers in South Africa : ~30 hours
Working at a Petco: ~250 hours

Swine Nutrition and Physiology Research: ~300 hours

Pre-Vet Club Vice President: ~100 hours
Secretary of university's Horse Club: ~75
University's Livestock Show Committee: ~200 hours
Dean's List every semester
Multiple scholarships from high school/community organizations/merit scholarship from university
FFA officer for 3 years, won state LDE competition: ~2200 hours
High school band for 4 years: ~1100 hours
Multiple other high school organizations: ~300 hours

Non-Animal Employment:
Farm store: ~300 hours
Paid TA by university: ~50 hours

Mixed practice vet I worked for
Vet who is a professor and I have shadowed
Animal genetics professor
PhD supervisor of my swine research
High school teacher who helped me practice FFA competitions

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
For my personal statement, I discussed how being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes impacted my dreams of being a veterinarian and how I have persevered through its difficulties to continue to achieve my goal.
For my MN and SDSU diversity essay, I discussed experiencing animal agriculture in South Africa as well as conducting swine research with graduate students from Colombia.
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Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied:
23, F, NYC, Traditional applicant, 1st cycle

Cornell, UPenn, Colorado State, LIU, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Tufts, RVC, St. George's, Edinburgh, Illinois, Dublin, Washington State, UFlorida, Minnesota, Iowa State, Oregon State, Glasgow, Wisconsin

Interview Waitlist: UPenn

Interview Invites: LIU (withdrew), Ohio State (withdrew), Tufts, RVC, St. George's, Edinburgh, Dublin, UFlorida, Minnesota (withdrew), Glasgow

Waiting to hear: None

Waitlisted/Alternate: Tufts, Washington State, Edinburgh, UFlorida

Accepted: Cornell, Colorado, LSU, RVC, St, George's, Dublin, Iowa State, Glasgow

Attending: Cornell :)

Overall GPA: 3.6
Science GPA: 3.4
Prerequisite GPA: ranged from 3.5-4.0 (based on school requirements)
Last 45 GPA: 3.8

Degree(s): BA in Biochemistry, concentration in Music History

Veterinary Experience: ~ 3100 hrs

Veterinary assistant and scribe at an emergency hospital
Lab animal technician at my college's research facility
Veterinary assistant at a GP

Animal Experience: ~610 hrs
Barn worker and Side/Lead walker at a therapeutic riding center
Summer intern at a wildlife rehab center
Dog walker/Foster
Feline care staff at an animal shelter

Research: ~ 660 hrs
Human cancer research lab using nanotech to improve drug delivery methods

Extracurriculars/Awards: ~ 5400 hrs
LOTS of HS experience -
Student government president
Setter on Varsity volleyball
Lead/first clarinetist, oboist, and bassoonist in my school band
Community service organizer in my youth group
Latino dance
Student ambassador

Joined a few clubs in college as well (probably could've done more if not for COVID):
Pre-vet society
nutrition club
Black student union
Dean's List
Chemistry TA
Member of an interdisciplinary honors program (showed up on degree)

Book club started between my coworkers in my emergency hospital
RECOVER certified in CPR

Non-Animal Employment: ~1800 hrs
Student administrative assistant
Home care aid

Non-Animal Volunteer: ~270 hrs
Children's hospital
Food kitchens
Blood donor
Breast cancer awareness
Park clean ups
Pre-health student mentor
Food/clothing drives
Sobreity homes

2 Emergency Vets
1 Lab Animal Vet
1 Honors Professor
1 LVT/ Supervisor
1 Research PI

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:

Personal Statement: Wrote about how my interest in vet med started in college. I also showed my love for community service and how volunteering with animals involved allowed me to connect more with people. I also mentioned my experiences leading to my desire to contribute to One Health through possibly working in public health and research. Want to understand and bring awareness to similar social inequities both in human health and animal health and improve animal health literacy and access to healthcare.
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23F, IN Resident, Traditional, first-time applicant (took a gap year):

Purdue, Penn, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota, Western, Tennessee, Oregon State, UC Davis, Mizzou, WSU, CSU, Cornell, OSU
Interview Invites: Purdue, Penn, Michigan State, Florida, Minnesota (withdrew), Western (withdrew), Tennessee (withdrew)
Denied: UC Davis, Mizzou, WSU, CSU, Cornell, OSU
Waitlisted: Florida, Oregon State
Accepted: Purdue, Penn, Michigan State, Wisconsin (accepted off waitlist)
Attending: Purdue!

Overall GPA:
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.73
Last 45 GPA: 3.96
(this could be a little off since my school did quarters instead of semesters)

Degree(s): BS in Neuroscience with a Musicology minor

Veterinary Experience:
Small animal GP - 1800 hours (started as an assistant and worked up to completing treatments under the RVTs and working in surgical/dental procedures)
Specialty hospital shadowing - 120 hours

Animal Experience:
Internship at a wildlife rehab center- 490 hours
Shelter volunteer - 90 hours

Worked in a lab within my school's medical campus studying the retina, 1 publication pending - 1200 hours

Vice President of my school’s Panhellenic board - 550 hours
Peer mentor/tutor for a life science course - 70 hours
Animal rescue club - 20 hours
Officer position within my sorority - 150 hours
Club swim team - 100 hours
Volunteer at university hospital - 250 hours
Neuroscience honor society - 40 hours
Dean’s List most quarters

Non-Animal Employment:
Fitness studio team member - 130 hours
Shift Lead at a local restaurant - 420 hours

2 small animal veterinarians, PI of my lab, neuroscience professor

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Wrote about my journey starting undergrad as a pre-med and how I pivoted into being pre-vet my last year of school, how I fell in love with vet med, and how I view the evolving and symbiotic relationship between animal health, human health, and environmental health based on my experiences caring for both humans and animals.

I was SO NERVOUS to switch paths with 6 months left on my degree and a full plan to apply to med school and it took so much for me to switch but I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s never too late / you’re never too behind to pursue your passion!! I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get a position in vet med to gain some hours and make up the lost time but determination can truly get you anywhere. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone here on your acceptances, and good luck to any lurkers in the future <3
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28, F, MI, Non-traditional Applicant, First Cycle Applying:

Applied: Arizona, Illinois, Glasgow, Wisconsin, Michigan
Interview Invites: Michigan
Waiting to hear: N/A
Accepted: Michigan
Attending: Michigan

Overall GPA: 3.6 ish
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.8
Last 45 GPA: 3.8

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in history

I had to take the science prerequisites at a local community college and the upper level ones at a university since I did not take them while earning my degree.

Veterinary Experience:
~25 in equine
~25 in bovine
~100 in small animal medicine

Animal Experience:
Close to 13,000. I grew up on a farm, currently raise meat goats, have owned a horse since the age of 12, and participated in 4-H showing cows, swine, goats, sheep, and my horse between the ages of 8 and 20. I also volunteer at my local Humane Society and spent a week working at a wildlife preserve in Costa Rica caring for different exotic animals.

I don't know if they considered this research, but I put it down in this section. I volunteered in a lab focusing on corn genetics at MSU.

Mentor for a program called Reader-to-Reader
Flutist in my community band
Quiz bowl vice president at my college

Non-Animal Employment:
I've worked as a writer/editor at a law firm for the past 7 years.
During college, I worked at the local library and in the summer I worked at a local vegetable farm.

I got letters from a vet I shadowed, my current manager at work, and the manager at the wildlife preserve I volunteered at.

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Basically just discussed my kind of unusual path to veterinary medicine.
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22F, Georgia, traditional, Applied once

Applied: University of Georgia
Interview Invites: UGA doesnt have interviews
Waiting to hear: NA
Accepted: UGA
Attending: UGA

Overall GPA: 3.48

Science Prerequisite GPA: ~3.20 (I got 5 Cs and all of them were science classes)*
Last 45 GPA: I have no idea, but here are my term GPAs for my last 4 semesters (summer semester incl) separately:
  • Spring 2022 3.64,
  • Summer 2022: 3.90
  • Fall 2022: 3.27
  • Spring 2023: 3.70
*I used the full character count for the explanation statement section of VMCAS to explain my 5 Cs. I was very straightforward as most of them were just from me being a bad studier and one was from family health issues.

Degree(s): B.S.A. Biological Sciences, B.S.A. Avian Biology, minor in Environmental Health Science

Veterinary Experience: ~950 hrs
  • Veterinary Assistant (216 hrs) - general practice clinic
  • Intern (608 hrs) - General practice/emergency clinic: shadowed 5+ doctors, assisted the VAs with pretty much everything a VA does.
  • Veterinary assistant (48 hrs) - Shadowed/assisted a traveling vet certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association
  • Large Animal Emergency Critical Care Team member (50 hrs) - attended rounds and observed large animal cases for equine, goats, sheep, etc. Gave me a look into large animal med when I knew very little about it
Animal Experience:
  • Compensated pet sitting (~300 hrs)
  • Avian surgical techinques class (60 hrs) - we learned the basics of surgery including pre and postop care. Weekly 3-4 hour lab where we perform surgery on chickens (gut resection, cecectomy, egg removal, etc.). we anesthetized with sevoflurane, monitor vitals during srugery, recover the chickens, and monitor them 1 week postop before euthanizing for necropsy.
  • Teaching Assistant (98 hrs) - I was a TA for an avian surgery class I took offered for UGA undergrads. I assisted the students with suturing demos, how to do things in the surgery, etc.
  • Beginning horsemanship class (56 hrs) - fundamental horse safety and horsemanship; english and western riding
  • Avian lab studying bird sex determination, immune responses, and more (40 hrs) - did it for 2 semesters for 4 credit hours total; presented a poster at a symposium
  • University Philharmonia - Cellist in the non-music major, no audition orchestra
  • Sustainable Business Society (60 hrs) - executive position for 2 years; goal of the student org was to anaylze the intersection btwn business and sustainability; provided businesses with probono consulting on how to be more eco friendly
  • Staff on The Backpack Project of Athens (180 hrs) - I started as a volunteer and am now on staff. Goal of this org is to ease burden of homelessness. This is a student-led 501-C nonprofit.
Non-Animal Employment:
none that i put on my application

3 Veterinarians:
  • 1 general practice owner (I listed her last)
  • 1 GP vet who now owns their own practice
  • 1 veterinary chiropractor, an untraditional and uncommon vet career path; she travels to people's homes to do chiropractic, rehabilitation, cold laser, and euthanasias/hospice care)
1 professor
  • 1 professor of my avian surgery class that I was later a teaching assistant for and worked in her lab
*I think my letters were very strong.
One of my recs was called and he was my first listed. None of my other recs were called.

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Personal statement:
I talked about:
-how I have a diverse background and experiences that led me to realize I want to be dedicated to the well-being of animals.
- how I want to have a meaningful impact on both people and animals.
- how my small animal medicine experience has influenced my view on vetmed and how it helped me grow not just in clinical skills but soft skills as well like professionalism, leadership, and compassion. - Did not explain my experiences, but DID explain what i learned from the experiences. I wrapped it all up by saying that I want to expand the current vet med world by continuing to move it in an inclusive and constructive future. I want to contribute positively to both the profession and the welfare of animals.
**this isnt a great explanation of what I wrote but I would be happy to send you the whole thing

I dont think I had a competitive GPA but I made up for it with great essays and well-rounded experience in both vet med and other passions. I would be happy to send anyone my essays!
The prompts of the uga supplemental essays were "Veterinarians contribute to society in many different ways. Describe several roles they play in society and how you hope to contribute, including the qualities or traits you would bring to the profession. 3500 characters" and
"Describe a significant experience or challenge in your life that was unrelated to veterinary medicine, what you learned from that experience, and how you have grown from it. Please answer in the space provided below (3500 character limit).
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Lower GPA, High quality experience hours

25, F, CA, Non-Traditional?, 2nd year applying

Applied: many
Interview Invites: 8
Waiting to hear: Waitlisted Midwestern, OSU, WSU, Minnesota
Accepted: Western U, St George, Royal
Attending: Western U

Overall GPA: 3.3
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.4
Last 45 GPA: 3.7

Degree(s): Biochemistry BS at University of Washington

Veterinary Experience:

Small animal GP (Lead) - 7k
Exotics - 500+
Small Animal Emergency (Lead) - 4k

Animal Experience:
Experience - (hrs) 1k from riding horses and farm animal husbandry

Experience - (hrs) 200

Experience - (hrs) 400

Non-Animal Employment:
Experience - (hrs) 5k+

Title of recommender
Veterinarian Hospital Owner
Veterinarian Board certified criticalist
Veterinarian - GP
College Professor - Physical Chemistry (4.0 class grade)

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:

I TRUELY believe you can write about anything and it doesn't matter, what matters more is how well you write your essay. I went from 2 interviews to 8 from the previous years by hiring an English tutor and worked on the essay a lot more with other proficient writers (had edits from 2 lawyers, a historian, and my tutor)

Originating passion, unique differences I plan on fostering when I become a veterinarian, stories showing my adaptability and tenacity/rigor. SMALL hints of lower socio-economic background.
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Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied:
23. Woman, Iowa resident. Applied once

Iowa state
Interview Invites: N/A
Waiting to hear: N/A
Iowa state
Iowa state lol

Overall GPA: 3.81
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.74
Last 45 GPA: 3.66

B.S. Animal science. M.S. Animal science (thesis program) finishing this spring!

Veterinary Experience:

Experience - (hrs)

Only about 80. 8 hours from an equine clinic and the rest from a small animal practice

Animal Experience:
Experience - (hrs)
1,800 hrs

2 undergraduate research assistantships— 1 in swine behavior and another in ruminant nutrition.

Zoo internship in conservation education.

Experience - (hrs)
2,200 hrs
Masters thesis research on cattle gut microbiome responses to rumen modifiers.
Experience - (hrs)

- Exec team of a shelter animal club. Secretary and VP
- Exec team of a philanthropic club. Treasurer
- Exec team of my dorm for a couple of semesters
- History Club
- Local animal shelter volunteer
- animal nutrition conference presenter
- Dairy showcase booth volunteer
- Undergraduate TA for an animal nutrition course
Non-Animal Employment:
Experience - (hrs)
- Graduate TA for the biology department.
- Animal science peer mentor
- Orientation leader for my college for a summer
- Admissions associate at a zoo
- College dining employee lol

Title of recommender (Vet? Manager? Supervisor? Vet tech?)

-3 from professors- 2 I did research with as an undergraduate and one was my supervisor for my peer mentor jov

- 1 small animal vet

- 1 from my graduate TA supervisor, he was the lab coordinator

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Summary of what you wrote about

I wrote about my kitten who unexpectedly passed away one morning and how that reignited my love for veterinary medicine. I then went into my grad school experiences and how that prepared me well for vet school.


I applied one cycle and got in! Feel free to ask questions about any experiences!
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I am still in disbelief about this application cycle and am incredibly grateful! I have low-ish veterinary experience hours. I wanted to avoid looking like I was checking boxes, so I focused on a few things I loved.

I like to believe the strongest part of my application was my writing and story-telling... but I had some FANTASTIC letters of recommendation that likely opened up these doors!

Feel free to message me about more specific things I might have been ambiguous about!

30M, Non-Traditional, 1st Time Applicant

Midwestern, Long Island, NC State, Kansas State, Auburn, UC Davis, Wisconsin, Illinois (Denied), LSU (Denied), Arizona (Denied), Iowa State (Withdraw)

Interview Invites: Midwestern, Kansas State, Auburn, UC Davis, Long Island

Accepted: NC State, UC Davis, Kansas State, Midwestern, Auburn, Wisconsin, Long Island

Attending: TBD

Overall GPA: 3.73
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.92
Last 45 GPA: 3.92

Degree(s): Bachelor's of History (Pre-law)

Veterinary Experience: (Volunteer)

Outreach Coordinator - 500 Hours - Working with the unhoused and their companion animals.

Veterinary Assistant - 175 Hours - A high-volume city shelter.

Shadowing - 30 Hours - Small animal private practice.

Animal Experience: (Volunteer)

Encampment Lead - 400 Hours - A street medicine organization focusing on human health. I was also in charge of all animal-related tasks for all the encampments—a liaison between different animal organizations.

Wildlife Intern - 200 Hours - Managed orphaned and injured animals. I ended up getting my rabies vaccination so I could work around some rad species!




Smithsonian Digital Volunteer - 60 Hours - I do this periodically, especially if the documents interest me.

Non-Animal Employment:

EMT - 5000+ Hours - I have a unique EMT position, which I mentioned extensively in my interviews and secondary essays.

*Other Employment - I didn't mention other jobs because it had been over four years. If I were younger, I would have mentioned more employment.*


DVM - Director of...
DVM - Private Practice
CC Professor - Microbiology

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:

Personal Statement - Talked about how creating a relationship with an owner is pivotal to providing the best patient care. I tried to make it flow chronologically with little anecdotes, moving me on to each next step.

Extracurriculars - I added a story to each one. I thought this showed the admission committee what I was experiencing instead of just telling them.

Diversity - I talked about all the hats a veterinarian might wear in one day and how my life experiences have hopefully laid the foundation to become a veterinarian.

NC State - Hobbies - I wrote a self-deprecating opening paragraph that got more focused throughout. I was nervous about sending this essay and thought I had burned the application money.

Wisconsin - Admiration - I wrote about not looking up to the entirety of an individual but bits and pieces from multiple people. I then talked about how these attributes were present in my wife and that maybe meeting your heroes is actually a good idea.

Suggestions - I had a friend (a much stronger writer) tear my initial personal statement into pieces, which got me into my writing groove. If everyone reading your essays is saying they are good, I would continue to look for more people to read them!
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23F, NJ Resident, Traditional, second-time applicant:

Penn, LIU, LMU, Western, SGU, Ross, Arizona, Midwestern, Colorado, LSU
Interview Invites: Western, LMU, Ross, SGU
Denied: Penn, LIU, Arizona, Colorado, LSU
Waitlisted: Midwestern
Accepted: LMU, Ross, SGU, Western
Attending: LMU (January 2029 term)

Overall GPA: 3.1
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.4
Last 45 GPA: 3.6

Degree(s): BS in Biology

Veterinary Experience:
Small animal GP - 8-10K hours (Technician)
Equine shadow- 100 hours
Zoo medicine- 100 hours
Post-mortem autopsy services- 100 hours

Animal Experience:
Shelter volunteer - 90 hours
Horseback riding and care for 20+ years
Exotics experience
Working dog volunteer

Genetics research for 2 1/2 years of undergrad
Cardiology research for 1 year in undergrad
Work at Pennvet for 2 years doing cancer pathology research, author on 5 published papers.- (approx. 4k hours)

Field hockey player for 2 years in college
Lacrosse player for 4 years in college
Dean’s List most quarters
Many sports awards
Sports scholarship
Academic scholarship

Non-Animal Employment:
Produce stand for 7 years
Referee for youth sports for 3 years

2 small animal veterinarians, 1 PI of my lab at Penn, one Pennvet faculty members, 1 academic advisor from undergrad

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Talked about how my passion shifted from sports to vet med once I started working in the field. I also talked about the variety of experiences I have been fortunate to have and how I can compare my experiences. For example, I talked about a lameness exam in a dog, vs horse, vs giraffe and then how laminitis looks at the pathology level.
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30, Female, Georgia/USA, Non-traditional, Second Cycle

: LMU, VMCVM, Michigan State, Iowa State, UGA
Interview Invites: LMU, VMCVM, Michigan State
Waiting to hear:
Denied: Iowa, UGA
Accepted: Michigan State
Attending: Michigan State

Overall GPA: Honestly not sure
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.54
Last 45 GPA: 3.81

Degree(s): BS in Biology; MS in Biology

Veterinary Experience:
Veterinary Assistant for 3 different clinics/hospitals in a span of 5 years - 8644

Animal Experience:
Intern at Atlanta Zoo - 280

Research Associate II at a preclinical facility- 4160

-My love for hiking/trail walking - 836
-Coordinator for mentoring program during undergrad - 78
-Community outreach Volunteer for AHIMSA House (refuge for domestic violence victims with animal companions) - 27
-Track and field athlete - 51
-Associate member for Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society - since 2021

Non-Animal Employment:
-Graduate Teaching Assistant - 1080
-Store associate at TJMAXX - 1456

2 Veterinarians, 1 Supervisor from Vivarium

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
I opened with a tragic incident involving a bird in 2001 that shaped my interest in veterinary medicine. I then added how I was intrigued with avian biological and comparative physiology in grad school which led to my interest in pursuing exotic vet med. I also wrote about my different experiences as an intern at the zoo and my most memorable experience as a vet assistant and how I believe it has shaped me into where I am today and how it will prepare me for the journey.

For my essay questions, I mostly spoke about the outstanding support from my loved ones, especially my husband. Being rejected my first cycle discouraged me but having an amazing support system will 100% bring you out of a dark place. Also having my daughter last January really put the fire under my butt to go after what I wanted to always try to be the best role model for her.

I also spoke about inclusivity and diversity and how I know firsthand how it feels to believe you’re out of place in certain settings, being a black woman who grew up as a military dependent. I included how I was willing to share my experiences so others wouldn’t have to endure but overcome the internal and external hardships that can arise in an educational/professional setting.
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22 (21 when applied), F, PA, Traditional, First-time applicant

UF, Ohio State, Kansas State, Illinois, Penn, MS State, Michigan
Interview Invites: UF, Ohio State, Kansas State, Illinois, Penn, MS State
Waitlisted: Ohio, Kansas, Penn, Illinois
Accepted: MS State
Attending: MS State

Overall GPA: 3.82
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.77
Last 45 GPA: No clue, at least a 3.7

Degree(s): B.S. in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences and Minor in Wildlife and Fisheries

Veterinary Experience: ~ 610 (hrs)
- Small animal GP vet tech assistant
- Volunteer in Costa Rica
- Shadowed mixed animal vet
- Shadowed avian pathologists

Animal Experience: ~ 605 (hrs)
- Zookeeping Intern
- Boarding and Daycare employee
- Volunteer on a small family farm

- Veterinary Founders Academic Scholarship
- Dean's List (every semester)
- Ida Award (SK based)
- Gamma Sigma Delta Inductee
- Borlaug Scholar
- M Award (Academic based from HS)
- Good Kid Award (Community-based)
- National Honor Society (HS)
- PSEAS Scholar

Extracurriculars: ~1495 (hrs)
- Lacrosse & Soccer, Best Buddies, Student Ambassador, National Charity League, Student Council, PA School for Excellence in Ag Sciences, Volunteer to raise money for the Farmette

- Sigma Kappa, Pre-Vet Club, Community Service Org, THON

Non-Animal Employment: ~ 2593 (hrs)
- Genetics Lab Tech
- Sales Associate at a local Italian bakery
- Server at a retirement community

- Small animal GP owner
- Mixed animal vet I shadowed
- Organic chem professor
- Lab animal vet/professor
- Pre-vet club faculty member/professor
- Lab manager

Personal Statement:
- Personal statement: short story of my fascination and what I did to gain as much experience as possible in a multitude of fields. Started with my adoption, then a specific animal that inspired me to explore, and then I wrote about some of my experiences and a unique aspect of each. Also included what I would add to the field in a couple sentences.
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22, Female, New Hampshire, Traditional applicant, 1st time applying

Oregon, Ohio, Arizona, Cornell, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, Atlantic, Royal, Western, PennVet, Midwestern, Tufts
Florida, Atlantic, Royal, Western
PennVet, Midwestern, Tufts

Overall GPA:
Science Prerequisite GPA:
Last 45 GPA:

BS in Biotechnology

Veterinary Experience:
1200 hours
Emergency Equine Tech
Small Animal GP Tech
Holistic Animal GP Tech

Animal Experience: 3000 hours
Wildlife Rehab Triage Assistant + Medical Clinic Volunteer
Dog Groomer

Research: 500 hours
Research into improving detection training for dogs used to find invasive species abroad in NZ
Research into improving site sterilization techniques on equine patients

Chapter President and Founder of A Non Profit Volunteer Org on Campus
Captain and Founder of the Schools' Equestrian Team
Club Volleyball

Non-Animal Employment: 500 hours

Vet who I worked with at the equine practice and who advised my large research project, professor who advised the detection dog research, and my advisor/professor for most of the biology labs.

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Growing up poor and never having exposure to horses, beginning to work with the equine patients at the clinic and falling in love with the job and the patients, starting an equestrian team, falling in love with research over undergrad research opportunities, wanting to work in large animal/research.
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23, F, MD, Traditionalish (graduated undergrad 2022), 2nd cycle:

Auburn, Cornell, Iowa, Michigan, NCSU, UC Davis, Florida, Minnesota, Mizzou, Wisconsin, VMCVM (IS), Illinois
Interview Invites: Auburn, Florida, Minnesota, Mizzou, VM, Illinois
Waiting to hear:
Cornell, Florida, Auburn, Minnesota, Mizzou, Iowa, VM, Wisconsin, Illinois
Denied: UC Davis, Michigan
Waitlist: NCSU
Attending: Minnesota!!!

Overall GPA: 3.87
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.84
Last 45 GPA: 3.88

Degree(s): BS in exercise science

Veterinary Experience:
Small animal speciality shadow- 40hrs
Small animal urgent care shadow- 40hrs
Research vet tech working with lab animal and large animal- 1800hrs

Animal Experience:
Random pet sitting and humane society volunteering -300hrs
Horsemanship training- 20hrs

Research I’ve helped with as a research vet tech- 600hrs
Genetic engineering research shadowing for a day- 8hrs

College field hockey 4 years and team captain for 1 year - 2310hrs
Scranton Emerging Leaders- 20hrs
Link crew leader- 140hrs
Club field hockey- 440 hrs
High school field hockey for 4 years and team captain for 1 year- 600hrs
Club gymnastics- 4000hrs
Morgan’s message group leader- 13hrs at time of application
Relay for life- 42hrs

Non-Animal Employment:
Assistant varsity field hockey coach - 145hrs
Head JV field hockey coach- 165hrs
SYC youth field hockey coach- 84hrs
5 guys crew member- 180hrs
Wegmans cashier- 672hrs
Gymnastics coach- 780hrs

Student athlete merit award
Phi Epsilon Kappa honor society
Landmark conference honor roll
Deans list
NFHCA Academic squad

DVM who I worked full time with since 2022
PhD/PI of one of the research projects I’m very involved with- he works lab animal vets in the military
Advanced exercise physiology professor- writing/reading research heavy class
College field hockey coach

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
I wrote about how I had the path of becoming a physical therapist but through a project at school, learned about animal research and how animals contribute so much to science and medicine today, why I want to go into lab animal medicine and how my background can help me contribute to the field

I think the biggest help in my application is all of the things I’ve been a part of that aren’t focused on vet med. I’ve been able to bring up a lot of experiences in interviews and essays that I’ve learned from that will help me succeed as a veterinarian. My Florida interview focused a lot on my transition from physical therapy to vet med and it got me accepted!
Feel free to reach out if you’re applying for a second time because I feel that I’ve learned so much!!!
Accepting my seat at Minnesota!
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Congrats everyone!! I’m so excited to get to post here!! I spent so long being insecure that I would never get in so it’s really awesome to get to be a vet student!

22F, , MA resident , Traditional 1st time applicant

iowa, Long Island, Cornell (rejected), Ross, tufts (IS), LMU, Glasgow (rejected after interview), royal, St George, Arizona (rejected w/o interview), midwestern, western, Illinois (rejected w/o interview), Edinburgh, Virginia-Maryland (rejected w/o interview) , Penn (rejected w/o interview), Bristol
I applied to a LOT of schools!! I was worried I wouldn’t get in anywhere and I was prepared to go broke and apply everywhere hoping one would accept me
Interview Invites: LIU,tufts, LMU, Glasgow, royal, SGU, midwestern, western, Edinburgh
Withdrew application: Iowa (had already been accepted at LMU and didn’t want to pay to resend my transcript), Ross (they claimed they had an issue w my prereqs and needed a syllabus for like 5 classes and id already been accepted elsewhere and didn’t want to deal), royal (didn’t want to travel for interview after being accepted in the US), Western (kinda? I was an alternate and took my name off the alternate list), Edinburgh ( same deal as royal)
Accepted: LIU, LMU (January cohort), St. George, midwestern, tufts, bristol (accepted 4/24)
Attending: LMU!

Overall GPA: 3.7
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.65
Last 45 GPA: ~3.8

Degree(s): BS in Biology and Biotech

Veterinary Experience:

375 paid hours as internal medicine VA
256 hours wildlife hospital
610 paid GP VA hours
350 unpaid internship hours in specialty hospital (urgent care, sx, internal med)
500 hours unpaid GP shadowing

Animal Experience:
900 hrs paid kennel attendant at dog shelter
60 hrs at wildlife sanctuary
24 hrs at sea turtle hospital

56 hrs in neurobio lab
420 hrs working w bacteria and antibiotics

Sorority stuff
school mascot coordinator
A bunch of clubs at school
President and VP of pre health honor society
No awards except deans list a few semesters
Presidential scholarship when I got accepted at my undergrad

Non-Animal Employment:
Resident advisor ~ 640 hrs
Human hospital ~ 200 hrs
Call center manager on campus ~280 hrs
Volunteer for ALS charity ~ 200 hrs
Education volunteer at aquarium ~ 500 hrs

Wildlife hospital vet
Research advisor
Study abroad advisor

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Wrote about the first time i experienced euthanasia from a professional perspective and how it made me understand the emotional responsibility vets have and then how I euthanized a coyote at my internship and it was that same responsibility and I felt fulfilled in knowing I had made both patients comfortable in their last moments


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21, F, IL, Traditional applicant, 1st time applicant:

North Carolina State, Illinois, Florida, Iowa State, Tennessee, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Purdue, Oregon State, Kansas State, Washington State, UC Davis, and Colorado State
Interview Invites:
Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, Kansas State
Waiting to hear:
waitlisted at Florida and Iowa State
Illinois, Minnesota, and Kansas State

Overall GPA:
Science Prerequisite GPA:
Last 45 GPA:

Animal Sciences, with a minor in Business Administration

Veterinary Experience:
Experiences: Equine mobile practice shadow, Wildlife veterinary assistant, Theriogenologist shadow, and veterinary assistant at 2 different small animal clinics

Animal Experience: 1725
Experiences: volunteered at NC state fair milking booth, showed goats, animal science labs, hobby farm intern, feline behavior volunteer, and shelter volunteer

Research: 66
Experiences: volunteered for swine nutritional research

Panhellenic sorority, Orientation Leader, University Ambassador, Animal Science club, Pre-vet club, 5 IDEXX certifications, and a certificate for an advanced reptile course

Non-Animal Employment:
Experiences: lifeguard, swim lesson instructor, COVID testing volunteer, and volunteered as a special olympics swim coach

2 veterinarians, 1 professor, and 1 employer
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26 F, FL resident, Non-traditional applicant, 1st app cycle

Applied: Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, LSU, Auburn, Cornell, Missouri, Mississippi, Kansas, Purdue, Tennessee, Illinois
Interview Invites: Florida (IS) denied after interview, Minnesota (OOS), Auburn (OOS), Kansas (OOS)
Waitlisted: Minnesota, Auburn, Kansas
Accepted: Minnesota!! Auburn (called off waitlist on 5/9/24)!!!
Attending: Minnesota!!!!!

Feeling super lucky because UMN is my top choice for so many reasons! Aside from my love for the school itself, I have many family members that live in Minnesota and North Dakota so I’ve really been hoping for UMN acceptance since day one! I was devastated when I got my denial from UF, I feel like I totally bombed my interview with Kansas that I had the next day. In the end I am glad that I did not have to make the choice between UF and UMN and am incredibly grateful to have gotten an acceptance on my first cycle.

Overall GPA: 3.69
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.58 (2 or 3 Ws and an F in Chem 1!)
Last 45 GPA: 3.97
Degree(s): Bachelor in Environmental Science (graduated 2020)

Veterinary Experience:
Experience - (hrs)

  • Veterinary technician (non-credentialed) - 12,500 hrs over 8 years at 4 different hospitals
    • ICU/ER Tech - 108 hrs at time of app
    • GP, Team Lead, trainer, emergency and ICU - 2345 hrs
    • GP only - 7000 hrs at time of app
    • GP only - 3060 hrs, started as kennel tech here but was moved to vet tech within a couple months.

Animal Experience:
Experience - (hrs)

  • Cat Room Assistant at non-profit shelter (employed) - 280 hrs
  • Horse stable assisting (volunteer) - 20 hrs
  • Fostering kittens (personal life and for 501(c)(3) groups), many with special medical needs - 1250 hrs

Experience - (hrs)

  • None :(

Experience - (hrs)

  • Fear Free certification, RECOVER CPR ALS and BLS certification, small animal dental wet lab (7 hrs), VMX, and other online RACE approved CE opportunities.
  • Advanced Technical Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
  • Volunteer at Renaissance Festival - 400 hrs
  • Volunteer at recycling/reuse/repurposing organization - 40 hrs
  • President’s List
  • Dean's List
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Member

Non-Animal Employment:
Experience - (hrs)

  • Laboratory Analyst (fungal) - 1440 hrs
  • Receptionist at car dealership - 1500 hrs
  • Intern at a county park/nature center - 160 hrs, sea turtle releases and other small creatures (crabs/snails/fish) were involved but interaction was relatively minimal


3 DVMs (2 at the same hospital and 1 at another hospital), 1 professor (likely my weakest letter as I was not particularly close with any of my professors but fun twist is that she is also a DVM but has not practiced in many years)

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:

Discussed the personal loss that pushed me to take the leap into the vet field. Walked through the fact that my intention was not to work in veterinary medicine as a long term career and that I found employment utilizing my Environmental Science degree but it was ultimately unfulfilling and I returned to vet med.

I wrote about how my experiences have exposed me to the mental, physical and emotional aspects of vet med and that I have considered that before deciding to apply to vet school. I explained my aspirations to promote access to education for owners, communicate with owners effectively, and improve the patient’s experience by considering things like pain management and utilizing fear free methodology.

I also discussed my specific interest in emergency/critical care and how important thorough communication is in those situations. The communication part tied back into my personal story as I explained how helpless I felt as I watched my personal pet die. Having his condition explained to me made me feel more at peace about the decisions that had to be made at the end of his life. As someone that has been in a client’s shoes with no medical knowledge, I don’t want anyone to be left with questions or uncertainty in their decisions when considering their best friend’s life.
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I'm super excited to post about my experience this cycle! I did end up getting off the waitlist so it does happen!! Hopefully, this can help someone else and prove you don't have to be a "perfect" candidate!
Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied:
22, Female, OK, traditional, 1st cycle
Applied: Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Mizzou, North Carolina State
Interview Invites: Kansas State, Oklahoma State
Waiting to hear:
Kansas State, North Carolina State
Accepted: Kansas State, NC State
Attending: Undecided

Overall GPA: 3.66
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.63
Last 45 GPA: 3.81

dual bachelor degrees in Biology and Zoology pre-vet

Veterinary Experience: (all directly from my Vmcas)
Experience - 900 hrs
diverse experience with exotics, small animal GP, Ophthalmology specialist, and mixed animal practices.

Animal Experience:
Experience - 1104 hrs
foal team, Tiny Paws kitten rescue, humane society volunteer, horse troop member, aquarium volunteer

Experience - 600 hrs
Niblack research scholar researching Alzheimer's and vascular dementia in mice models
OK-LSAMP research scholar for minorities in research (had to present at the national, state, and college level)

Experience - 5,820 hrs
from high school- NHS, colorguard/band
College- Rowing team (fundraising chair), dance company (treasurer), worship band vocalist, Pre-vet club
best experiential learning essay
deans honor roll
presidents honor roll
Cherokee nation scholarship
Pipeliners Club of Tulsa scholarship for student excellence
Early Admit program to Oklahoma State (fell out after my grades fell below a 3.5 the semester my grandpa died)

Non-Animal Employment:
Experience - 2,000 hrs
brand rep for Altar'd State
laboratory technician at the local aquatic toxicology lab.

2 veterinarians, 1 professor, 1 employer

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
personal statement:

I wrote about my love for curiosity in the vet med field and how my research has impacted my career choices and interests.
For Kansas:
wrote about how being treasurer/ fundraising chair taught me to manage a "company account" and made me more financially literate, and how I planned to use this to run my practice.
wrote about how being a Native American made me passionate about advocating for diversity in scientific spaces. and how Alzheimer's is not very well diagnosed in the native community and so we suffer from it in larger ways than the general public.
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I can't believe I am posting this here, I have watched for 2 years hoping to get to say this. I know it is so tough for people who struggle and I want to say it is definitely possible! I ugly cried in a Rite Aid Pharmacy Aisle when I got the call, so I am VERY excited for this moment! Thank you to everyone who believes in me and cheered me on the last two cycles, it has been a wild ride!

30, F, Oregon, Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied: 2

First Cycle
: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and Oregon (IS)
Interview Invites: University of Arizona
Waitlisted and Not pulled off.

Second Cycle
University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Western, Oregon (IS), Iowa, Kansas, Auburn, and Arizona
Interview Invites: U of A
Waiting to hear: None
Accepted: U of A
Attending: U of A!!

Overall GPA: 3.03
Prerequisite GPA: depended on the school, but around 2.84 (no replacement), 2.99 (grade replacement)
Science Prerequisite only: 3.47 (grade replacement)
Last 45 GPA: 3.21

Bachelors of Science in Animal Science

Veterinary Experience: 4000+
Experience - (hrs)
Wildlife Rehab Intern
Vet Health Tech at Primate Research Center
Lab Animal Tech working w/ lots of animal species
Shadowed at a Mixed Practice Vet Clinic over the summer/fall

Animal Experience: 14000+ hrs.
Experience - (hrs)
Necropsy Technician supporting Research projects
Nonprofit Goat Chores person
Wildlife Rehab Intern
Vet Health Tech at Primate Research Center
Lab Animal Tech working w/ lots of animal species
Shadowed at Aquarium with Avian department
Shadowed at a Wildlife Safari in the Ungulate Department
Pet Sitter

Research: 1000+ hrs.
Experience -
Necropsy Technician supporting Research projects
Vet Health Tech at Primate Research Center
Lab Animal Tech working w/ lots of animal species

Extracurriculars/Awards: 650
Experience -
Working group aimed at helping bring change to my work campus for people who are caregivers; helped bring more lactation spaces to work space that gives more people access to places to express breast milk in a secure and safe environment, created benefits seminars for new parents and caregivers so they are better able to understand the processes for how leaves and benefits work
Publicity Coordinator for Large Student Organization

Non-Animal Employment: 6000+
Experience -
Barista at multiple coffee shops
Note Taker for disability services
Outdoor School Camp Counselor
Courtesy Clerk at a Grocery Store
Cashier at a Community College Deli

LORs: 5

DVM/Director of Lab Job
Clinical DVM from Primate Center
DVM DCLAM resident at time of Lab Job (now a DVM DCLAM at a different workplace)
College Professor of Animal Physiology, was taking his class when I had a major death in the family and was able to pull an A, so had him write about how I handled it.

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
I wrote about how I decided to be a vet when I was a lab animal tech, after I graduated and how I have come to view the research field as a great way to honor and further health for both people and animals, but how that progress is not without loss of life and how I acknowledge that.
I also wrote about how I grew up quite poor and wanted to have animals, but had to work for them myself since my parents could not afford to and how I have always been fascinated with how things in the body function.

Diversity Essay: It was about becoming a notetaker for disability services and how that really changed my view on how to best communicate with others. How my job contributed to others success and how I had to change my note taking to accommodate different learning styles and abilities. I also spoke about being a trainer and learning how to use my people skills to learn how to train people best and work with their strengths to help them feel competent.

Adversity Essay: I wrote about being a struggling young mom who decided to finish school (couldn't afford to lose my scholarships and knew I would never be able to come back to school if I stopped). I worked 40 hour work weeks, took full time classes and relied heavily on my mom and my now husband for support during my last two years of college. And how that helped me learn how to advocate for myself and others who also struggle to get services and support as parents. I spoke about founding (alongside others) a working group at my place of work to address issues that are important to caregivers and how I think being a parent has only strengthened me as a person. And how I had to learn time management and how to speak up for myself because no one else would.

Explanation Statement: I didn't actually use the explanation statement, because I didn't want to come off as "woe is me" but I was planning to explain my lower grades in the last half of my degree this next cycle if I hadn't been accepted.
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Honestly in full-on shock that I get to post here! First off to anyone that follows these threads like I did- IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!! I mean this with my chest, my transcript was far from polished with academic probation after my first semester of undergrad, an odd up-and-down trend that ended on a down with a full semester medical withdrawal in my senior year (thanks undiagnosed-at-the-time ADHD mixed with other mental health struggles for all of the above), and random W's scattered throughout. There was even an F on my transcript (freshman Calculus) that I didn't retake.

I've spent half a decade scouring threads on this forum and other platforms searching for even a small glimmer of hope that this could happen for me and feel strongly about putting it out there that this dream really is possible even if your path is less than straightforward, it's an uphill climb but there are schools out there that will recognize the hard work you pour in and I'm living the proof that it really does only take one yes! SO many people told me I would never make it along this path and I'm beyond grateful that I didn't listen to them and kept pushing. My inbox is forever and always open to anyone who sees themselves in my story and wants or needs advice, support, or just to chat!

26/F, OH Resident, Non-traditional, 1.5th time applicant

0.5th cycle: Application not verified due to transcript issues and not fully complete in '21; to be candid, I kind of knew somewhere that I wasn't ready. Rejected from 3/4 schools automatically (WSU (lol why did I do this), tOSU, Michigan) then by my IS at the time, VA-MD

1.5th cycle (current):

Applied: tOSU (IS), Michigan State, Iowa State, Washington State, Oregon State, U of Arizona, Midwestern, Virginia-Maryland, Cornell, Colorado State, UPEI-AVC, LMU, Kansas State, Minnesota, LIU
Interview Invites: LMU (rejected from other 13 schools without interview- ISU doesn't interview)
Waiting to hear: none
Accepted: Iowa State, LMU (both off the waitlist)
Attending: Iowa State!!!! ❤️💛

Overall GPA: 3.02 VMCAS
Science Prerequisite GPA: 3.05 VMCAS (ISU science prereq GPA: 3.29)
Last 45 GPA: Something like a 3.1? (ISU calculated at 3.24 but I think they used grade replacement as there was a repeat course in the last 45)

CASPer: 4th quartile

Bachelor's of Science in Animal Science, Pre-professional track
Concentration in LGBT+ Studies

Veterinary Experience: (~8k hours total)
-Veterinary assistant at a specialized shelter for animal victims of cruelty, neglect, and disaster; also deploy to operations in the field nationwide (1800 hours at the time of application)
-Overnight veterinary assistant with receptionist duties off-hours at an ER/ICU and specialty center (1300 hours)
-Veterinary assistant at a GP that had a heavy exotics and wildlife caseload (530 hours)
-Veterinary assistant/receptionist hybrid position at a single-doctor GP while a new practice was being established and getting off the ground (1360 hours)
-Veterinary assistant at a large GP clinic that saw exotics (760 hours)
-Veterinary assistant during undergrad part-time at a single-doctor GP clinic that saw exotics (1560 hours)
-Prep tech at a high volume spay/neuter and vaccine clinic for two years on weekends (430 hours)
-Working interviews at various clinics, including specialty (~20 hours total- yes, I counted all of these haha)
-Veterinary assistant with a holistic veterinarian that rented out a clinic where I worked occasionally for her business/clients (60 hours)
-Very brief stint working full-time at a random GP (40 hours)
-Team lead/veterinary assistant for a traveling preventative care van that traveled to underserved rural areas (150 hours)

Animal Experience: (~12k hours total)
-Volunteer at local humane society working with dogs, cats, and rabbits (60 hours)
-Dog foster for several different organizations, often for dogs part of hoarding and neglect cases that had never lived in a home environment (~600 hours between 4 orgs)
-Helping out with family pet sitting business, taking on clients myself during late high school and early undergrad (5200 hours)
-Independent pet sitting via Rover (350 hours)
-Horse girl in middle and high school, competed, helped teach beginner lessons, leased a horse, spent a lot of time at many barns (3200 hours, think I underestimated this but oh well)
-Hands-on lamb parturition course in undergrad (96 hours)
-Large animal labs in undergrad with cattle, poultry, and swine (50 hours)
-Full-time team member at an fish and exotic pet shop for a summer in undergrad (400 hours)
-Equestrian club in college (60 hours)
-Personal pet ownership, particularly reptiles/amphibian and aquarium hobbyism, including rehabbing and rehoming neglected exotic pets (100 hours- didn't want to overestimate this but it's been many years)
-Volunteering at a farm animal sanctuary (40 hours)
-Educator at a learning facility open to the public- handled teaching animals and gave spiels about them in high school (40 hours)
-Longtime volunteer at local animal shelter throughout middle and high school (1100 hours)
-Guinea pig foster for a local rescue throughout middle and high school- predominant caregiver (500 hours)

Research: ~1.2k hours total
-Participant in NCI's Werner H. Kirsten student cancer research program in high school, full-time for a summer then part-time for a full school year- presented multiple posters as first author (950 hours)
-Undergraduate research assistant in a behavioral neuroendocrinology lab studying biparental behavior and neuron morphology in California mice (180 hours)
-Research project for a class on burrowing behavior and tunnel preferences in rabbits (45 hours)

-Member of hiking and outdoorsy club in undergrad that would go out on trips together (160 hours)
-Research study participant in a longitudinal NIMH study on -predisposition to mood disorders in students throughout undergrad (70 hours)
-Active member of the pre-vet society in undergrad x 4 years (120 hours)
-Academic Chair and Vice President for LGBT+ professional fraternity/member for 3 years of undergrad (620 hours)
-Attended lecture series on tumor retrovirology in high school (12 hours)
-Member of county-wide Women in Science + Engineering club in high school (300 hours)
-Student Pride VMC member (6 hours)
-JV and Varsity field hockey player in high school, played Summer and Winter leagues, coached elementary school aged girls in field hockey for a season (~800 hours total)
-Volunteer for organization serving unhoused/displaced LGBT+ youth (25 hours)
-Volunteer for HRC's National Silent Auction one year (8 hours)

-President's Scholarship (merit) going into undergrad- lost this after the first semester for academic performance, but still listed it.
-University Honors program going into undergrad- same as the above.
-Dean's list one semester
-LOTS of academic high school awards that I won't go into. I was kind of ridiculous and took like 9 AP courses/graduated with a 4.6 weighted GPA and there's like at least 6 that I listed.
-Cancer Research Internship Award from high school
-A couple meritorious service awards from high school
-Varsity letter in high school for field hockey
-CDL licensure
-STOP THE BLEED and CPR/BLS certified
-Fear Free and Fear Free Shelters cerified
-Certificate of completion for a non-credit medical terminology course
-Also listed NIH poster presentations here

Non-Animal Employment:
-Student bus driver (obtained CDL-B with passenger endorsement through training program for students) throughout undergrad (1500 hours)
-Worked at a frozen yogurt place briefly in high school (150 hours)

-Supervisor at my current job in shelter med (RVT)
-Supervisor's boss/head of our medical team (DVM) from current job who is a boarded pathologist and now a professor at a vet school
-Vet that worked with me closely at the clinic that saw a heavy exotics and wildlife caseload and observed me with exotic patients
-Professor from the single course I retook post-bac in Summer '23 and made an A in, which was online (hey, never hurts to ask!)

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:

-Personal Statement:
My PS went over two anecdotes of cases concerning patients presenting with similar conditions, one at an older-fashioned clinic I worked for throughout undergrad and the other at a high-tech, state of the art clinic that saw many exotics and had wealth of specialized equipment and diagnostics designed for exotic patients years later. I described how the patient at the clinic with more basic treatment was able to be successfully treated and the patient at the more modern, better-equipped clinic was too far gone to help.

I bridged this into discussing how the greatest variable predicting patient outcome isn't necessarily the scope of advanced resources allocated to each individual case, but timely baseline access to care in general (and discussed how this is particularly pertinent to exotic patients, which often present moribund after their condition has deteriorated greatly and there is nothing left to be done due to barriers such as finances and distance blocking owners' ability to seek medical attention for their pets). I then went on to describe how my intended aim professionally will be to help address the unmet need for accessible care for companion exotics.

-Diversity: Honestly forget the essay questions for most of the 15 schools, but for the diversity one that most schools have I touched on how I'm a very visible gender non-conforming lesbian and how being a recipient of implicit and explicit discrimination in my personal and professional life has driven me to be more conscious of my own internal biases and pushed me to advocate for inclusive and diverse environments wherever I've landed. Also mentioned my work and study in and surrounding the community and how presentations like mine are more common among support staff than veterinarians themselves from my observations + my drive to take up space that way. Closed out by discussing how my intended career goals were in community practice and my interest in conversations and study surrounding providing for underserved populations in collaboration with classmates and faculty of diverse backgrounds depending on the specific school's prompt.

-Explanation statement: I really spoke from the heart on this and described how I really just skated by as a gifted kid in high school and subsequently had my world crash down around me in college when I lost everything I'd ever worked for. I described how it felt to be at rock bottom and the decision I had to make on whether or not to slink away with my tail between my legs or come out swinging. I chose the latter and made Dean's list my next semester with academic probation still on my record. I then went into how the rest of my academic performance was turbulent with no discernable pattern (would have a really good 17-credit science heavy semester and then randomly get a C- taking just one freshman-level course as a senior) and how I realized it was due to the undiagnosed ADHD after graduation and REALLY put in the work to do better once I knew what to fix. I made sure to emphasize that I'm currently thriving in my professional life and was able to make an A in that single course I got a C- in before while working full-time and volunteering because I'm now treated and understand myself way, way better. I also said that my resiliency was the main thing I could always rely on and that I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world even if they're rough around the edges because they've taught me that I can bounce back from absolutely anything, which is invaluable to me and will serve me well as a veterinary student.
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26M, Kansas resident, Non-traditional & low GPA, 1st time applicant

SGU, LMU, K-State, Iowa State, UC Davis, Michigan State, Oregon State
Interview Invites: K-State, LMU
Waiting to hear:
K-State, LMU, Iowa State (Waitlisted and didn't opt to stay on the waitlist)
Attending: K-State

Overall GPA: 2.9 VMCAS
Science GPA (cumulative): 3.34
Last 45 GPA: 3.6

Degree(s): Will graduate with a B.A. in Biology w/ Chemistry minor in May 2024

Veterinary Experience: ~1,200 hrs

Animal Experience: ~1,000 hrs

Research: 0 hrs

Extracurriculars/Awards: ~2,200 hrs

Volunteer: ~320 hrs

Non-Animal Employment: ~12,000 hrs

Associate Emergency Veterinarian at my work, Assistant Teaching Professor/Academic advisor, and ecclesiastical leader from my church

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
I focused on my transition from planning to be a construction foreman for the rest of my life to realizing I wanted to be a veterinarian and how going back to college and studying biology enabled me to believe I could succeed in a health-related field. I also pointed out how the skills I learned in construction translated well to vet med as demonstrated by a few experiences I've had since working as a vet tech.
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24 (23 when applied), M, Iowa, non-trad?(gap years for experience), Second Cycle
Applied: Iowa, LMU, Michigan, Wisconsin, NCSU, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas, Mississippi, Arizona, & Midwestern
Interview Invites: LMU, Michigan, Mississippi
Waitlisted: Mississippi(declined spot)
Accepted: Michigan, LMU, Iowa
Attending: Iowa

Overall GPA: 3.45
Science Prerequisite GPA:3.35, 3.15 @ Iowa State
Last 45 GPA: 3.54

Degree(s): B.A Biology, Minor Chemistry

Veterinary Experience:

1600 hours Vet assistant/receptionist for small animal vet
600 hours Vet assistant for rural mixed animal vet

Animal Experience:
Experience - 800(hrs)
Lab animal caretaker
Experience - 2000(hrs)
Undergraduate assistant working in a fern lab

Experience - 3000(hrs)
President of gardening club for 2 years and head garden manager 2 years
Member of a graduate school prep program
Trio Member
-Research fellowship for plant development
-50k grant for building a garden on university grounds.

Lab Animal Vet
Lab Animal Supervisor
PI Plant Lab
Mixed animal vet
Small animal vet
Chemistry Professor

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Talked about persevering through a significant loss in my life and how it impacted my studies. Brought up the significance of research and how I think I would be able to contribute towards lab animal medicine. Mentioned about my cultural/educational background and how I can help communicate with immigrant communities and provide resources to help other first generation students pursue higher education.

Footnote: I was waitlisted for my in-state at Iowa at 1/14. Received the offer on 4/24/24. Deposit was 750 by check! If you go to Iowa make sure you have a check book or get a small book from the bank. Position offered expired on May 1st.
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I cannot believe that I get to post here!! And the past 24 hours have been so surreal! Especially with going through the motions of feeling self-doubt these past couple of months and even possibly thinking of my "Plan B" or "What's Next for me? Should I apply again or wait a few years?" But through it all I stuck it out and trusted the process!! What is truly meant for you will happen for you!!

27F, Illinois Resident, Non-traditional & low cGPA, 2nd time applicant

Applied: IL-Urbana, Purdue, UW-Madison, ISU, tOSU, LMU
Interview Invites: LMU
Waiting to hear:
Accepted: LMU
Attending: LMU :love:

Cumulative GPA:
Science GPA: 3.30ish
Last 30: 3.57 (ISU calculations) 3.30 (tOSU)
Last 45: 3.46 (ISU calculations)


B.A Biology

Veterinary Experience:

Equine~ 50hrs
Small Animal~ 9.6k hours (experiences in GP and Specialty hospital as an ER tech assistant)

Animal Experience:
2.3k hours (pet sitting, kennel attendant, volunteer at horse ranch)

Soft ball team in H.S
Church Choir member

1k hours (food pantries and hospital visits)

No Research experience :(


Dental Assistant
Peer Tutor
Food Laboratory Tech Intern

Certificate of Excellence from SSS Stem
PTK Honors Society
Employee Promotion~ Tech Assistant Supervisor

2 Critical Care Veterinarians I worked closely with
2 Science Professors

Personal Statement:
Talked about what being a Vet means to me. Also my love and passion for ER Medicine and my passion for the human/animal bond and how I want to help strengthen that bond by providing health care as a Vet
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Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied: 19F, Nova Scotia, Traditional applicant, 1st time applicant

Interview Invites:
Waiting to hear:

Overall GPA:
4.25 (~3.97 on a 4.0 scale)
Science Prerequisite GPA:
Last 45 GPA:

2 years of B.S. in Bio-veterinary Science & minor in Equine Science

Veterinary Experience:

Small Animal - 105 hours (shadowing vets at 2 small animal clinics)
Large Animal - 10 hours (shadowing large animal vet for farm checks)
Vet camp at UPEI - 1 week experience (~40 hours)

Animal Experience:
Wildlife - 350 hours (working as zookeeper at wildlife park)
Farm - 25 hours (taking care of cows & sheep on campus farm)

0 hours of experience!

Dean's list all 4 semesters of undergrad
Several small scholarships (mostly essay-related)
7 years of playing box lacrosse + coaching youth girls teams
3 years of national-level lacrosse, captain of Team NS for 1 year
10 years of ice hockey
50 hours of volunteering at local children's hospital

Non-Animal Employment:
Cashier at grocery store and fast food - 2000+ hours

Not required for application to AVC

Essay Questions/Personal Statement:
Not required for application to AVC
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