1. L

    Taking easy class in summer

    This summer, I'm planning to take Genetics, but I've been thinking about taking an intro Art class as well. This is a notoriously easy class, one that you can get an A+ without attending a single lecture. I was wondering whether any med schools might look at this unfavorably as some kind of GPA...
  2. D


  3. V

    MD & DO Drexel Gross Anatomy Summer Course

    Hello All, I am currently enrolled in the Drexel Gross Anatomy Summer Course online. Has anyone had to remediate the course and how did they do well? Are the questions repeated from the practice exams?
  4. B

    Will Organic be easier summer intensive at the local state college vs fall/spring at an Ivy?

    Background info: I'm hoping to go straight on to med school from undergrad, which means applying at the end of my junior year of college. I'm taking second semester inorganic chem and first semester Bio currently as a 2nd semester freshman. Got a 4.0 first semester, at a top Ivy. I'm a...
  5. D

    How competitive am I for SURPs/SURFs/REUs?

    I’m a freshman applying to SURFs this summer and I have no idea where I stand in terms of competitiveness. I have a 4.0 but some mid-high 80s (Canadian, transcript says numerical % and letter grade “A” for all courses). I have one year’s experience as a volunteer research assistant doing dry...
  6. S

    How bad is it that I didn’t do anything during the summers of college and don’t have a lot of entries to put for the AMCAS?

    It’s too late to change anything bc I already graduated but I wanted to hear opinions! I didn’t do anything the summers of my college years. Most of my clinical, volunteer and shadowing comes from my two gap years that I’m taking now. People might ask why and it was because I was helping my...
  7. Stoppingtheworld

    Official SHPEP 2022 Thread

    APPLICATION OPENS: November 1st, 2021! Dear Future SHPEP Applicant, My name is Austin Rios. This year I am entering my third season as an Ambassador for the Summer Health Professions Education Program. As a senior-experienced ambassador, I have helped a large number of applicants prepare...
  8. SoIAmConfusion

    Summer Expereince?

    Hi, So I hit kind of a hard spot that I don't know how to address. I am a rising Junior who was unable to secure any internships/volunteer experience/etc in the summer of 2020 (both because of the pandemic and the confusion that came with transferring the semester before). As things start to...
  9. TragicalDrFaust

    Dissection work study vs pre study over the summer for a low C OMS-1 interested in psych

    I’m not a good student. I’ve gotten nearly straight C and low C’s at that. I’m leaning towards giving up the dissection work study (20 hours/week) and putting my efforts towards getting some extra board study in as well as making sure I have time to relax. I didn’t take time for myself over...
  10. D

    How bad is an LOA?

    Long story short, I failed a bunch of classes and I requested an LOA to repeat M1 because I know I don't have the material down. Throughout the semester I had multiple makeup exams for those classes but failed those due to limited time to study. Now they are being put over the 5 week summer...
  11. H

    Summer Classes and MCAT studying

    Hey guys I’m really confused as to what I should do and can really use some advice. (Also apologies if this is not the correct area to post this). I originally wrote my MCAT last summer and I didn’t do as good as I wanted to (Canadian). If I don’t get accepted to med school this year I should...
  12. D

    Summer after sophomore year...reject internship offer?

    Hey everyone, Currently about halfway through the my sophomore spring semester, and have applied to some internships. I ended up getting accepted by one, which is a genetics data-curation internship that contributes allelic information to an online database. I accepted the offer, because I...
  13. S

    Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics Research Fellowship (Summer 2021 for M1s)

    The Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Surgery Department invites current M1s to apply for a funded 8-10 week clinical research fellowship during the summer of 2021. Silberstein Pediatric Orthopaedics Research Fellowship Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD Preceptors: Paul D. Sponseller...
  14. Stoppingtheworld

    Official SHPEP 2021 Thread

    APPLICATION OPENS: November 1st, 2020! Dear Future SHPEP Applicant, My name is Austin Rios. I participated in the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston program site in 2018. This year, I have again been selected to serve as an SHPEP Ambassador. My goal as an ambassador is to...
  15. F

    Summer 2021 Programs

    Does anyone know any summer programs that are research based but also offer MCAT classes or prep time? I want to do summer research but am also planning to do a large portion of my MCAT studying during the summer.
  16. girlunobserved

    How many hours a day did you study the summer before your STEP 1?

    I'm doing 9 right now, mostly because of my study buddy, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed because it's summer and I have research projects on top of this
  17. B

    Army HPSP: When to complete DCC and BOLC

    I am a current first year army HPSP medical student and I was planning on completing DCC this summer (between m1/m2 year) and then BOLC..idk.. between M4 year and residency? Unfortunately I am unable to complete DCC this year due to them not having enough spots anymore due to the COvid crisis...
  18. A

    Question About Summer Courses - Physiology vs. Creative Writing

    Hi! I am a rising sophomore at Duke planning to take some summer courses. At my university, summer semester is broken up into two sessions. I am taking Orgo and Physics I w/calc the first session, and I am planning on taking Physics II w/calc and another course (I have to take two courses a...
  19. L

    Seeking Advice for This Summer

    Hey yall, I was going to take Organic Chemistry I-II (with lab) this summer and volunteer a bit at a nearby hospital/nursing home, but now most programs moved online and I'm worried it'll look bad when I apply to med schools. A little more about my situation: Taking during the school year I...
  20. C

    Taking summer off to study?

    Hi all, I am planning to take the MCAT at the end of my summer break (3 months) and am aiming for MD programs. Would anyone recommend taking the entire summer off to study for the MCAT? I was initially planning on doing research for ~30 hours/week for 2 months, but I was wondering if I am...
  21. whatintardigration

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread (SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2020

    Alright so I figured I'd try to start this year's thread. What programs has everyone applied to? I applied to: Jackson Laboratory Gerstner Sloan Kettering University of Oregon (Rejected 2/14) Purdue MBAP Cornell MBG REU Tufts University Pepperdine SURB Northeastern University NCAT REU Synthetic...
  22. Stoppingtheworld

    Official SHPEP 2020 Thread

    APPLICATION OPENS: November 1st, 2019! Hello Future SHPEP Applicant, My name is Austin Rios. I participated in the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston program site in 2018. This year, I have been selected to serve as an SHPEP Ambassador. My goal as an ambassador is to help...
  23. C

    Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

    Hi everyone! I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these...
  24. 3

    Hist, Bio1, + internship summer?

    I was recently thinking about taking General Biology 1 and U.S. History 1 over the first six week summer semester along with participating in a internship/shadowing program for all of this period. Does this seem manageable? I don’t think these courses would be difficult for me as it is mainly...
  25. Stoppingtheworld

    UCLA Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Enrichment Program (PREP) 2019

    Hello All, Would someone be able to explain to me what the process is like getting into UCLA PREP? I have my interview in a few days but I noticed that some spots have already been awarded. How does this work?
  26. TheSweetTooth

    VCU SAEP 2019

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to create a thread on the current VCU SAEP program cycle since the deadline for early decision just passed. Also, if anyone has already been through this program, would you recommend it? There isn't that much information on it online so I just want to make sure that I...
  27. L

    M1 Summer-Research at home institution or elsewhere?

    I'm a current M1 looking at summer research options, and am deciding whether to stick with the ones available at my home institution or at a different one. My home institution is in the south and isn't very high ranked, and I'd like to end up doing my residency at a higher-ranked institution on...
  28. S

    What's the best way to spend my summer

    As of right now, I only have decent clinical volunteering hours from a hospice ( ~ 100 hours) and from volunteering in a hospital (should be around 50-60 hours by summer). I also have around 50 hours of tutoring low-income kids (non-clinical volunteering). I have no research (no luck getting...
  29. M

    Consistency of ECs

    As I'm deciding what to do over the summer, I was wondering how important consistency and commitment towards your ECs are relative to doing a range of novel and diverse things. For example, let's say you have two choices for your summer: 1. Clinical AND non-clinical volunteering at the same 2...
  30. S

    Internship with JRCOSTEP

    Anyone have any advice for securing an internship in the USPHS JRCOSTEP program? Any insight appreciated! What do they look for in applicants?
  31. S

    MS1 Summer Research Opportunities - help me decide!

    Hi all, I am torn between two opportunities for summer 2019 (summer after MS1) and don’t know which one to pick. I am currently studying at a Canadian medical school. Option #1: Research at my medical school under a prof who specialises in rheumatology. My medical school offers a grant of...
  32. S

    Critique my MCAT summer study schedule

    Hi, I've created a 3-month MCAT study schedule for this coming 9/19 test date. I was hoping to get some feedback in terms of what I can modify to make it more effective in addition to what I can potentially add to it. I've linked it below...
  33. SOAPsucks222

    it seems very difficult to get a summer internship as a PreMed. What do y'all do?

    Being a natural science major like most pre-meds, I've found difficulty landing a summer internship. I'm broke and back at home for the summer, and my #1 goal for these coming months is to save as much money as possible. I've had an interview as a lab technician and I didn't get the job. Got an...
  34. lovehate

    is participating in a summer camp considered matriculation

    I was accepted to a medical school that has a 5 day summer camp next week. Is participation in this camp considered the start of matriculation? I am asking this because I am on the waitlist at another school and I know they can't offer me an acceptance once I matriculate at any other school.
  35. videnoir

    Summer job??

    Hi everyone, Question about summer jobs during the application cycle. I've had a hard time finding a health-care related job for the summer. Right now my best option is working as a part-time summer nanny and getting more involved with volunteer activities (I figure I will be pretty busy with...
  36. X

    UVA SMLP 2018

    Has anyone here been accepted to UVA's Summer Medical Leadership Program?
  37. C

    Summer Dilemma

    I have heard many veterinarians and 4th year vet students say over and over that they wish they would have used their summers differently (ie. low stress job vs. high stress summer internship). I am just completing my second year of vet school, so this will be my last official summer vacation...
  38. K

    Alternative Plans to Research MS1 Summer

    Hey! I thought I had a research project down for the summer - met with the PI and did IRB training. However, he stopped responding to my emails. I'm trying to find something, but summer is ~1.5 months away. I'm reaching out to people now and have a few leads, but, worst case scenario, I don't...
  39. D

    Summer Pre-Med Activities

    Hey all, I'm about to finish my freshman year of undergrad, and was hoping to get some advice if my summer activities will put me on track to have strong ECs for my eventual med school app. I applied to a couple smaller/less competitive research positions, some of them unpaid and not SURF...
  40. gjsmize88

    Accepted Students (c/o 2022): What are your summer plans?

    Starting this thread because I enjoyed looking through last year's and I haven't seen one yet for this year.. and I'm super curious to hear what everyone's plans are! My plans for the summer include lots of traveling! I'm fortunate enough to have a sister that plays travel softball and a dad...