1. B

    Army HPSP: When to complete DCC and BOLC

    I am a current first year army HPSP medical student and I was planning on completing DCC this summer (between m1/m2 year) and then BOLC..idk.. between M4 year and residency? Unfortunately I am unable to complete DCC this year due to them not having enough spots anymore due to the COvid crisis...
  2. A

    Question About Summer Courses - Physiology vs. Creative Writing

    Hi! I am a rising sophomore at Duke planning to take some summer courses. At my university, summer semester is broken up into two sessions. I am taking Orgo and Physics I w/calc the first session, and I am planning on taking Physics II w/calc and another course (I have to take two courses a...
  3. S

    Seeking Advice for This Summer

    Hey yall, I was going to take Organic Chemistry I-II (with lab) this summer and volunteer a bit at a nearby hospital/nursing home, but now most programs moved online and I'm worried it'll look bad when I apply to med schools. A little more about my situation: Taking during the school year I...
  4. C

    Taking summer off to study?

    Hi all, I am planning to take the MCAT at the end of my summer break (3 months) and am aiming for MD programs. Would anyone recommend taking the entire summer off to study for the MCAT? I was initially planning on doing research for ~30 hours/week for 2 months, but I was wondering if I am...
  5. whatintardigration

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread (SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2020

    Alright so I figured I'd try to start this year's thread. What programs has everyone applied to? I applied to: Jackson Laboratory Gerstner Sloan Kettering University of Oregon (Rejected 2/14) Purdue MBAP Cornell MBG REU Tufts University Pepperdine SURB Northeastern University NCAT REU Synthetic...
  6. Stoppingtheworld

    Official SHPEP 2020 Thread

    APPLICATION OPENS: November 1st, 2019! Hello Future SHPEP Applicant, My name is Austin Rios. I participated in the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston program site in 2018. This year, I have been selected to serve as an SHPEP Ambassador. My goal as an ambassador is to help...
  7. C

    Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

    Hi everyone! I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these...
  8. 3

    Hist, Bio1, + internship summer?

    I was recently thinking about taking General Biology 1 and U.S. History 1 over the first six week summer semester along with participating in a internship/shadowing program for all of this period. Does this seem manageable? I don’t think these courses would be difficult for me as it is mainly...
  9. Stoppingtheworld

    UCLA Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Enrichment Program (PREP) 2019

    Hello All, Would someone be able to explain to me what the process is like getting into UCLA PREP? I have my interview in a few days but I noticed that some spots have already been awarded. How does this work?
  10. TheSweetTooth

    VCU SAEP 2019

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to create a thread on the current VCU SAEP program cycle since the deadline for early decision just passed. Also, if anyone has already been through this program, would you recommend it? There isn't that much information on it online so I just want to make sure that I...
  11. L

    M1 Summer-Research at home institution or elsewhere?

    I'm a current M1 looking at summer research options, and am deciding whether to stick with the ones available at my home institution or at a different one. My home institution is in the south and isn't very high ranked, and I'd like to end up doing my residency at a higher-ranked institution on...
  12. S

    What's the best way to spend my summer

    As of right now, I only have decent clinical volunteering hours from a hospice ( ~ 100 hours) and from volunteering in a hospital (should be around 50-60 hours by summer). I also have around 50 hours of tutoring low-income kids (non-clinical volunteering). I have no research (no luck getting...
  13. M

    Consistency of ECs

    As I'm deciding what to do over the summer, I was wondering how important consistency and commitment towards your ECs are relative to doing a range of novel and diverse things. For example, let's say you have two choices for your summer: 1. Clinical AND non-clinical volunteering at the same 2...
  14. S

    Internship with JRCOSTEP

    Anyone have any advice for securing an internship in the USPHS JRCOSTEP program? Any insight appreciated! What do they look for in applicants?
  15. S

    MS1 Summer Research Opportunities - help me decide!

    Hi all, I am torn between two opportunities for summer 2019 (summer after MS1) and don’t know which one to pick. I am currently studying at a Canadian medical school. Option #1: Research at my medical school under a prof who specialises in rheumatology. My medical school offers a grant of...
  16. S

    Critique my MCAT summer study schedule

    Hi, I've created a 3-month MCAT study schedule for this coming 9/19 test date. I was hoping to get some feedback in terms of what I can modify to make it more effective in addition to what I can potentially add to it. I've linked it below...
  17. nembry

    it seems very difficult to get a summer internship as a PreMed. What do y'all do?

    Being a natural science major like most pre-meds, I've found difficulty landing a summer internship. I'm broke and back at home for the summer, and my #1 goal for these coming months is to save as much money as possible. I've had an interview as a lab technician and I didn't get the job. Got an...
  18. lovehate

    is participating in a summer camp considered matriculation

    I was accepted to a medical school that has a 5 day summer camp next week. Is participation in this camp considered the start of matriculation? I am asking this because I am on the waitlist at another school and I know they can't offer me an acceptance once I matriculate at any other school.
  19. videnoir

    Summer job??

    Hi everyone, Question about summer jobs during the application cycle. I've had a hard time finding a health-care related job for the summer. Right now my best option is working as a part-time summer nanny and getting more involved with volunteer activities (I figure I will be pretty busy with...
  20. X

    UVA SMLP 2018

    Has anyone here been accepted to UVA's Summer Medical Leadership Program?
  21. C

    Summer Dilemma

    I have heard many veterinarians and 4th year vet students say over and over that they wish they would have used their summers differently (ie. low stress job vs. high stress summer internship). I am just completing my second year of vet school, so this will be my last official summer vacation...
  22. K

    Alternative Plans to Research MS1 Summer

    Hey! I thought I had a research project down for the summer - met with the PI and did IRB training. However, he stopped responding to my emails. I'm trying to find something, but summer is ~1.5 months away. I'm reaching out to people now and have a few leads, but, worst case scenario, I don't...
  23. medstudentwannabe67

    Summer Pre-Med Activities

    Hey all, I'm about to finish my freshman year of undergrad, and was hoping to get some advice if my summer activities will put me on track to have strong ECs for my eventual med school app. I applied to a couple smaller/less competitive research positions, some of them unpaid and not SURF...
  24. gjsmize88

    Accepted Students (c/o 2022): What are your summer plans?

    Starting this thread because I enjoyed looking through last year's and I haven't seen one yet for this year.. and I'm super curious to hear what everyone's plans are! My plans for the summer include lots of traveling! I'm fortunate enough to have a sister that plays travel softball and a dad...
  25. mandyads

    MCAT Study Group San Antonio, TX (Summer 2018)

    Hi Guys! I've recently moved to the area and am looking for colleagues who are also studying for the MCAT right now. Though I feel like I work faster during self-study, but having a partner or group to review practice tests and difficult questions can create way more efficient review process...
  26. I

    Withdraw or retake ochem 2 over the summer?

    hi everyone, I just got a pretty devestating grade back - I’m not doing so well in ochem 2 this semester. I got a 68 and 44 on the exams so far. It seems like no matter how hard I study, a lot of the questions on the exam are so foreign to me. That fact that I’m taking several other hard...
  27. F

    First-year Med Student summer volunteer research position worth it or waste of time?

    question for med students past MS1 or grads - i'm currently a first year med student trying to figure out plans to keep myself occupied over the summer. ideally i would have wanted to become involved in a legitimate research project, but as of now all that I have been offered is a position as...
  28. D

    Pre-Public Health Undergraduate Summer Programs Status

    Applied to the following programs on February 1st: Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholars Program Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Diversity Summer Internship Program Washington University in St. Louis Amgen Scholars Program I'm not sure if these programs have...
  29. J

    Is it okay to take organic chemistry after I graduate?

    I know this is very long but I really need some help/guidance. I would really, really appreciate if anyone can help me out. I'm a third year transfer student. I have to take organic chemistry for my major (neurobiology) and for medical school. My school offers it as a year long series and as a...
  30. J

    Should I take organic chemistry in the summer? Can anyone share their experiences?

    My general chemistry series sucked so I need an upward trend. I finished general chem almost two years ago. I'm enrolled in organic chemistry right now but I don't think I did well on my first exam. Our entire grade is dependent on three exams, including the final, and 8 quizzes. We can't turn...
  31. C

    Leadership experience? Teaching English abroad?

    I’m a sophomore looking for leadership experience. The organizations I belong in are very large and leadership positions are very competitive. I was wondering if there are any type of volunteer I could do during the summer anyone could suggests that would fit leadership experience? I’m currently...
  32. Missneuro412

    MD Summer projects/research abroad after MS1

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody had recommendations on projects abroad or research opportunities for the summer between MS1 and MS2? I'm particularly looking at France/Europe because my S.O. is there for work and would like to be close to spend some time together. Thanks!
  33. B

    REU Personal Statement Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm a freshman in college that has had some research experience in the past and need some help with my REU and other MD/PhD summer program personal statements. Please let me know if you can help me out and give me constructive criticism/editing advice because I'm around 300 words...
  34. F

    Medical Volunteering Here or Abroad

    Hello guys, This summer I plan on getting my clinical volunteering numbers up while beginning to study for the MCAT and doing research. I have a couple options and was curious what you guys think: 1) do research, study, and work in a hospital as a volunteer all in the same summer 2) go...
  35. N

    Focusing on MCAT for the summer vs. doing research

    Hi everyone, I know this question has been asked a bunch in the forums, but after reading a couple of threads I'm more unsure of what to do in my specific case. I'm a Canadian undergrad, planning to write my MCAT at the end of this summer. I had also planned on working 3-4 days a week at a...
  36. H

    Camp Counselor vs. Biomedical Internship

    Hi All, I'm a freshman and am coming up on my summer deadlines. It's coming down to either... a) Working at a summer camp. I would be a counselor, in charge of two sets of 15 kids for two 1 month sessions, taking them to activities, etc. It's not volunteer, it's not for people of disabilities...
  37. DarkKnight835

    Taking too many Pre-Reqs over the Summer?

    Hello everyone, I have a question for all the upperclassmen/ADCOMS that are on here regarding taking too many pre-reqs classes over the Summer. I am a current rising second semester sophomore at a local 4 year university. The first Summer between Freshman and Sophomore year, I had to take Gen...
  38. D

    Ross Student Research Fellowship

    Hi guys, Looking into opportunities this summer and ran into the summer scholars program hosted by carolina's healthcare in my home city, but when I try to contact the coordinator it says her email does not exist and I can't find anyone else to contact regarding this program. Anyone know if the...
  39. Asclepius293

    Cut Summer

    My school just reduced our summer from 12 weeks to 9 weeks in order to start 4th year 3 weeks earlier for more residency application time and earlier elective rotations. Do any current 4th years see a benefit to this? I feel like I’m losing out on a full summer with externship/life experience...