1. A

    Is it bad to be a Bio major?

    Hello! I'm currently a freshman at a liberal arts college and I plan on going to medical school! Right now I'm majoring in English and completing the pre-med requirements on the side, but I've realized recently that I don't love English as much as I thought I did. One of the many reasons I...
  2. M

    taking diff classes that put on amcas/secondaries

    If I take a diff english class than the one I put on amcas/my secondaries, what happens? For example, I was going to take writing in the medical sciences, but now may take something unrelated to medicine due to my schedule. Would I have to tell med schools?
  3. M


  4. T

    Humanities Credits

    I'm a BME major and, for schools requiring humanities credits, would I be able to take these my senior year after medical schools have accepted me? I.e. Johns Hopkins requires 24 humanities credits, Vandy 2 english classes, etc.
  5. C

    Does undergrad degree really not matter?

    Considering a BA degree in English, as it’s what I would enjoy the most. Only concern is by the time I graduate, I would pretty much be taking the bare minimum science prerequisites and have a Bachelor of Arts. If everything else is good (GPA, MCAT, LOR’s, volunteering, etc) - does it really...
  6. M

    English as a prerequisite

    From reading medical school admissions websites and MSAR, it appears that medical schools have a maddening variety of approaches to English department courses as prerequisites (and relatedly whether AP credits satisfy that requirement). Has anyone run across a school that requires 2 semesters...
  7. A

    English Prereq

    Hi, everyone! I'm planning to take English 90 - Shakespeare at UCLA for Summer 2018. Do you guys think this will count towards the English requirement medical schools have?
  8. Majd Abderahman

    Residency program in Germany (in English)

    morning i am currently doing my Internship in Jordan, and i am interested in doing my residency in Germany... i am wondering if there is a program there in English with no German language required for IMGs like me. thank you
  9. M

    Audiology Career Outlook

    Hello! I am a communication disorders student who is currently contemplating what path I should take after my undergraduate degree. I have always had a passion for medicine because I really enjoy helping people, however math and science were never my particular strong suits. While science I...
  10. narulyn

    English Requirement

    I'm currently a freshman in college who just enrolled in classes for the winter quarter. I know that most dental schools require at least 2 quarters of English, but the thing is I waived the first writing course at my college with my AP English score, and I'm about to finish the second writing...
  11. A

    Online prereqs?

    Hi, I'm planning on taking online biochem and online English at University of Western Ontario ( I go to UWO and I am Canadian by the way, living in Canada). However, I've contacted some good American medical schools and they seem to not like online courses. However, how they would be able to...
  12. 7

    Questions about classes

    I've been reading through the classes to take on many dental school websites, and a lot of them state that to be competitive you should have advanced science courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics, Histoloy, Evolution etc... I was wondering if other upper level science classes also count...
  13. T

    english requirement?


    Using Non English courses for the English Prereq

    I am wondering what Non-English classes people have used to fulfill their English prereqs. For example, here is the English Prereq critera taken from the Columbia website: "6 credits, or the equivalent of one academic year of study, of coursework in English composition or literature or a...
  15. predental808

    Taking pre-requisite AFTER applying to dental school

    Hi everyone, I am applying to dental school this cycle and I was wondering if taking English 200 after I apply (but before I graduate in May 2018) will affect my acceptance into dental school. I know schools will often give a tentative acceptance upon completion of the course, however does...
  16. B

    English Major seeking admissions

    I am a second-year undergraduate working on my English Literature B.A. with a concentration in creative writing. Although I enjoy literature, my experience as a mental health peer counselor has made me realize that I love counseling. Therefore, I am considering becoming a psychologist/counselor...
  17. N

    William Carey COM

    Hello, I received notice that I still need to take an "English" course. They are quite strict on the course be titled English and not simply a course which requires intensive writing. Would be worthwhile to take an additional class to get an interview at this school? I'll add that I already...
  18. Carso93

    Help me for a Clinical Elective

    Hi guys :laugh: I would ask you some advices about hospitals in which I could apply for a Clinical Elective in the next summer. - Geographic area: America, Australia, UK - I have only an IELTS with the score of 6 - Preferred specialty: Cardiology - 4 weeks Actually, I have found something in...
  19. 8

    Taking the requirements at two community colleges

    Hi Everyone, I went to two community colleges before transferring to UCLA. I took the first English class that satisfied the English composition area at Glendale CC and then a class that covers the English composition/Critical thinking at Pasadena CC. I also split the gen Bio classes: The...
  20. M

    English pre-require outside US/Canada

    Hi, I'm applying to Canada/US dental school. Does anyone know English course that are taken outside Canada/US will or will not be accepted? (ex: take in China, Russia..) I am going back to my hometown (Taiwan)this summer and want to take some summer courses. Thank you in advance!
  21. nembry

    Would it be wise to retake English or Govt?

    So I am currently a 3rd year undergrad, my transfer GPA including high school dual credit is 3.75, but from my college it is 3.87. I am a hopeful Pre-Med which causes me to not be too happy with my 3.75 transfer GPA. It is low due to the fact that I took 4 dual credit courses in high school (a...
  22. bengalsfan0525

    English pre-reqs satisfied by masters thesis?

    Question about pre-reqs required for English. Almost all schools require 6 hours of EH classes. I was curious if anyone has been able to use a master's classes, specifically a master's thesis class (S/U grading, not in English department), as a substitute for 3 hours of the requirement. The...
  23. Carso93

    IELTS and Clinical Elective

    Hello! I would like to do a clinical elective in UK or USA the next year. I'm a med student (4th year for now) and I have a IELS score of 6. Do you know some hospitals that accept a score like this? Thank you a lot. Bye!
  24. L

    Emergency Advice!!!!!!!!!!: academic + volunteering

    Hey guys, I have two 'situations' that I am looking for advice about: Situation 1: Academic In a conversation I had yesterday with my English professor, she decided to mention at the end that I should be prepared for an F participation grade (It's the last week of classes at my school). She...
  25. Adam_L

    Prerequisite Requirements in English

    Hi Everyone, I am curious about the English prerequisite credits for the dental schools that I will be applying to. Has any intensive writing courses counted towards English prerequisites for the schools you have applied/are applying to? I know about some of the schools, but I want to ensure...
  26. S

    Medical school courses year 2?

    I hope I'm doing this right. I've never used this site before. So I completed my first year medical school in Australia. I recently transferred to US. All my credits and everything were considered. That being said, I was wondering what classes I should take together for this semester? I have to...
  27. A

    College English Credit

    Does anyone know if most med schools both Canadian (such as UBC) and US accept English courses taken at the college (as opposed to university credit) to fulfill the pre-req? The course options are limited.
  28. A

    Puerta rican student interested in going to Med School in US

    I'm a student from Puerto Rico interested in going to Med School in US. I'm doing a dual degree in chem and microbiology. My GPA so far is 3.81. I have done 3 (12 credits) years of research in biomedicine and genetics with two different professors. Also, I did a co-op with a pharmaceutical...
  29. H

    English Prerequisites

    Ok, so I have been searching everywhere for an answer to this and have not been able to find a solid answer. I am a dual credit student, and by the time I graduate high school I should have roughly 85 credits completed with roughly 65 credits remaining. The local community college has told me...
  30. I

    English Requirement Question

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new on SDN and I had a question that I hope you all could answer for me. I'm currently a pre-med student at UCSB planning ahead for applying to medical school in 2017. I've seen that a lot of schools require a year of English Composition and AMCAS even states that: "At a...