1. B

    Biochemistry II

    Is it true that biochemistry I is only required as a prerequisite for medical school? Meaning I do not have to take biochemistry II to get into medical school?
  2. P

    How bad would it look to take general biology I at a community college?

    I know this question is asked a lot, but I’ve seen mixed answers so I’m a little confused. Some people say you shouldn’t take science/math prereqs under any circumstance at a community college if you attend a four-year college for all 4 years, while others say just a couple would be okay. I am...
  3. L

    Pre Reqs Online for D.O. (Non-trad)

    29 male American Indian, paramedic of over 10 years (obtained paramedic license at 18, EMT at 16 though unable to function due to being underage). Currently finishing my Bachelors in Paramedicine - graduating in Spring '23. Went to college right out of high school at my local university while...
  4. A

    Best schools for nontraditional students

    Hi all! Does anyone have any thoughts on the best schools for nontraditional students? My boyfriend is pursuing a long term dream of being a dentist and hoping to enter in fall 2024. He has a chemistry degree and graduated with a 3.6ish GPA and distinction/university research scholar honors in...
  5. K

    UC Prerequisite Matching

    Hi everyone! I went to UCI for my undergraduate degree in Biology. I was wondering if anyone else from the UC system is having a hard time matching their prerequisite courses to the requirements of different DPT programs? I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out the general biology lab...
  6. A

    Prerequisite courses- how important is it to finish them if not required for a school I get admitted to?

    Hi! I am a little confused about how future courses option work for dental schools. Any help is appreciated. I am missing microbiology and organic chemistry lab prerequisites for one of the schools that I'm applying to. And to be eligible to apply, I'll put those courses in the future courses...
  7. T

    When should I create my profile for PTCAS?

    Good afternoon everyone, I am just about finished w/ my final two prereqs (Phys II/Chem II-yes I know I'm crazy I took them at the same time) I will plan on my observations next. My question is: when should I create my PTCAS profile? My finals are May 11. Thank you.
  8. D

    At a disadvantage if doing remote learning?

    This has just been something kind of floating in my mind recently, but this upcoming semester I will be doing remote learning. My college offers everyone to come back minus freshman (I'm a sophomore), but I have decided to stay home bc of current COVID-19 trends and the super restrictive/limited...
  9. C

    Meeting prerecs for non-traditional students

    I am planning to apply to joint PhD-MD programs in the next year. I have completed most of the traditional prerequisite courses, but not all. Several schools acknowledge that applicants can complete prerequisite competencies by means outside of the traditional undergraduate coursework, such as...
  10. D

    Advice for application timeline

    Hello all! I am looking to apply to medical school, but am a bit conflicted about my timeline. I am 28 years old with an undergrad in Econ at a top public school with cGPA of 3.75 and slightly higher science GPA, albeit with lower level science courses. I served in the Army for about 5 years...
  11. predentgurl10

    Failed 2 tests in Physics and Chem out of 4

    I’m in a really tough dilemma right now and need some advice. I’m taking Chemistry 1 and Physics 1 for the first time and had no idea what I was signing up for, excluding the fact that I’ve always had the negative assumption engrained in my mind that I’m horrible at math. I just never really put...
  12. P

    Struggling with which calculus to take as a pre-med, if at all???

    I am a 3rd year college student currently enrolled in the "hard/engineering" 5 credit calculus and geometry course at my university as opposed to the "easier" calculus for life sciences class. The reason I am taking the 5 credit calculus is because my concentration of "pre-med" within psychology...
  13. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Medical Terminology

    I had a quick question concerning the medical terminology prerequisite that most programs require. Does anyone know if a certificate for medical terminology would fulfill this for most programs? It only costs $90 and is a go by your own pass kind of set up, which is ideal for me while working...
  14. RunItsTheCat

    MOOCs as Pre-req Class Replacement

    Hello SDN Non-trads! While searching for more time-flexible and less expensive ways to fulfill pre-requisites for Med school as a working software engineer (with bachelors in Computer Science), I found out about Mass Open Online Courses. I have confirmed with a few Med schools that they do...
  15. chemdoctor

    What would these average out to?

    I have a question about a retaken course. D+ and a B- would average out to a... I would assume C? And what about a C- with a B+ ? Just curious as to what those would average out to. thanks Was told to post in a public forum. Thank you.
  16. V

    Retaking prerequisites transferred from other countries or upper level courses?

    Hi, I am an international student in my junior year at a public university in the U.S and plan to apply after junior year. I transferred from a university abroad last year. At my previous university, I took some prerequisites and transferred credits to my current university: Gen Bio(cell and...
  17. S

    Community College Postbacc for nontrad, CS - 24 years old

    I just graduated from undergrad with a 3.3 GPA in Computer Science. I have been hit with the reality that much of my career in IT would be spent doing development on some marketing/policy/business software. I am in an AI masters program now, but I am coming back around to my high school dream of...
  18. F

    Am I good Enough?

    Hey all. I'm feeling a little discouraged about my grades. I am trying to do the best that I can and I usually do well I just struggled in a few classes and I want to know your thoughts on whether or not I can still get into medical school. This isn't a GPA thing... it's just a matter of whether...
  19. D

    MSAR help needed - finding programs that accept online coursework

    I can't figure out how to use the MSAR to see which medical schools accept online prerequisites/coursework. Can someone help? Yes, I already know the stigma with online classes and whatnot. I'm not looking for someone to offer advice that I should do X at a community college or retake Y at a...
  20. D

    Do I have a legitimate chance with my online degree?

    I’m almost finished with my undergrad and curious to know if I have a chance at a med school acceptance. Quick stats: Attended Arizona State University - Two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences - 3.94 GPA, 3.89 sGPA - 510 MCAT...
  21. Punished Angeleno

    Forced to Take Prerequisite at Community College

    So, the only prerequisite left for me is physics. I've been planning on taking it at the only local four-year university that allows non-students to enroll in its courses. That's what I put as "planned/in progress" on my AADSAS application. However, it sure looks like the seats will fill up long...
  22. P

    About Prereqs- was an international student abroad but attending 4 year university in the US

    Here's a quick summary of my situation: US citizen, attended school for 1 semester in an American university Moved abroad and attended school as a full-time international student in a different country for 3 years Transferred back to America to finish Bachelor's degree and apply to dental...
  23. P

    pre med course requirements

    hey y'all -- I've been looking at different med school pre reqs (required and recommended) and am wondering if a semester of statistics is really necessary for the majority of med schools?? my schedule is already at over 20 hours including a stats class, so should I take it or would not taking...
  24. M

    The right path for me

    Hi All, I have a slightly unique situation. I currently hold my B.S. in Finance and have my MBA as well, however after working for a major veterinary company and having pets of my own, I have decided to become a veterinarian. I know starting from scratch won't be easy, but I'm prepared to do...
  25. G

    Admissions and Optional Prerequisites

    Does anyone know if admissions committees give preference in admission to people who have taken the "optional prerequisites" (Bichem, Microbio, Anat and Physio) for their school? I'm especially curious about the impact on applicants to SUNY Optometry. I have a some time before application and...
  26. D

    Online prerequisites question!

    I’m currently an undergraduate student at Arizona State University, but I’m attending online. I’m considering majoring in Biochemistry, but I want to check if those online prerequisites would count. If not, I’ll major in psychology and take my prerequisites at a local community college...
  27. C

    What undergrad should I choose?

    I’m a non-traditional student - 24 years old and just starting my undergrad. Going to a brick and mortar university for me right now isn’t possible, so I’m getting my undergrad from Arizona State University’s online program. I’m planning to get my undergrad and take extra prerequisites at my...
  28. C

    Pre-Med Inquiry at 24 years old

    I’ve just recently started my undergrad at Arizona State University for Biological Sciences. The only concern is it’s an online degree, but the prerequisite classes that require a lab are on campus. I live in Georgia, so as an example: Organic Chemistry’s lecture portion is taught online. I’ll...
  29. alda1921


    Hi all, I have received a diploma in BS Biology in the December of 2017, and I'm taking the MCAT on 5th of May. I'm planning to apply this cycle, and I would like to know how do medical school look at the prerequisites. The main reason is because I've transferred 2 classes (8 credits of...
  30. Z

    Former Professional Soccer Player ...cGPA 3.4

    Hi everyone! 26 year old nontraditional student here. Graduated from a 4 year university back in 2013 with a double major in Economics and International Business. After graduating I played professional soccer for a couple years. Unfortunately that got cut short due to injuries. I now own my own...
  31. Z

    Non-Traditional Student Advice - Prerequisites ...What are my chances?

    Hi everyone! 26 year old nontraditional student here. Graduated from a 4 year university back in 2013 with a double major in Economics and International Business. After graduating I played professional soccer for a couple years. Unfortunately that got cut short due to injuries. I now own my own...
  32. Z

    USF Prerequistes

    Hi everyone, I can't find any information online about prerequisites taken at a community college for USF med school. Does anyone have any information on this? Do they allow none, some, or all?
  33. cyro8

    Summer Organic Chem I and II $55 per credit hour 2018

    Not sure how many people on this board would be interested, but my local college is offering Organic I and II this summer in 5 week sessions each. The cost is $55 per credit hour and housing for the entire 10 weeks is only $380. The school is Diné College and it is located in Tsaile, AZ. It is...
  34. F

    How long did it take for you to complete your prerequisites for vet school?

    I’m 21 and recently decided I want to pursue a career as a veterinarian. At this point, I can’t see myself doing anything else. However, I’m trying to complete my prerequisites for vet school in 2 years. I currently live at home, and at this point the only way I can move out is once I get into...
  35. L

    Podiatry Prerequisites?

    Are there any podiatry schools that don't require the traditional prerequisites (12 Biology, 8 Chem, 8 Orgo etc..)? Podiatry is a relatively new (but serious) career consideration for me, and as a second year Language and International Health student, I am not on track to finish these...
  36. sasukeuchiha33

    Statistics vs Biostatistics...very confused!

    As I'm scrolling through pre-med reqs now it would seem some medical schools require statistics, but prefer biostatistics. I am enrolled to take elementary statistics next semester, and this statistics course specifically geared towards students who will later pursue graduate school in the...
  37. chemdoctor

    Possible D in Course

    Hello all. I went through a rough semester this semester with some personal family issues. I was wondering what my options would be with a possible D on my transcript? My GPA is obviously going to go down but am I mandated to undergo a post bacc now? Is it still possible?
  38. ancora imparo

    Post Bac Student- need help with credit conversion/prereq!!

    Hi all. Currently finishing a post bac at a university on the semester system. Right before starting, I took a 4 unit chemistry course at a UC extension school which uses the quarter system. My post bac school considers this equivalent to their gen chem 1, and allowed me to move on to Gen chem...
  39. Z

    Non-Traditional Student Advice - Prerequisites

    Thank you!
  40. chemdoctor

    C- or Withdraw?

    So I got my final grade in Lab. It's a C-. What should I do? The add/drop date is Friday. Should I just drop it and retake it later or should I just stick with it. I know a C- is gonna kill my GPA but what should I do? Should I drop it and take a W? Or should I just drop all together? Please...