Texas PT Schools Application 2014

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Feb 6, 2013
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I am wanting to start this thread for anyone who is applying for Texas PT schools. Mainly UTSW, TWU, St. Augustine, UNT, or any others. This is so we know if anyone has received any information about acceptance or whatever!

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The Texas programs I'm applying to are TTU, UNT, UTHSCSA, and TSU- San Marcos
I applied UTSW, TWU, UNT, UTMB, TTU, Texas State, and UIW.

Interviewed at UIW Saturday and interviewing at TTU next Friday Oct. 4th.
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I applied to UTSW, TWU, UNT, UTMB, IWU, Hardin Simmons, UTHSCSA, and St. Augustine.
I interviewed with Hardin Simmons 9/20 and IWU on 9/21 and I interview with UTMB this coming up Friday 9/27.
Hey, how did the Hardin Simmons interview go? I didn't apply there, but curious to see how the program sounded.
It was actually really great! I loved the atmosphere of the program and their goals. Their professors are great, have great backgrounds and are still practicing. Their facility is not as nice as IWU but they make it up from their professors knowledge, their opportunities and their programs values. I feel like they are just as good as Army-Baylor and that says a lot! They moved up a lot of spaces on my list! And their interview was actually an interview lol. I feel like most people don't apply their because the fact that they take 28 students but if you get an interview your chances are high since they interview less than 90 people.
Just got an email today for an interview at UNT on November 15th.
When did you apply to UNT? And what are your stats?
I applied in early July. My stats are:

Cum GPA: 3.3(PTCAS), 3.8ish(Highest Grade)
Prereq GPA: 3.4(PTCAS), 3.8 (Highest Grade)
GRE: 158 Verbal, 151 Quant, 4.0 writing

Volunteer hours: 1000+ Outpatient Orthopedic, 120 Acute Care, 20 Inpatient Rehabilitation, 20 Outpatient Pediatric, 15 Acute Pediatric
Wait UNT doesn't use PTCAS, University of North Texas Health Science Center or something like that. Same place?
I just copied and pasted my stats from another post and didn't take out the PTCAS or GRE stuff. But yes UNT in Ft. Worth.
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Overall GPA: 3.8
Last 60 Hrs: 4.00
Pre-Req: (Depends) But usually around 3.7
GRE: Quant: 151 Verbal: 152 Writing: 3.5 (Suck at writing)
Have you been notified by any schools yet?
Not yet. Finished all my applications about 1 month ago. Had to get summer grades in
Just got an Interview for UTMB. Was scheduled for Nov 15th, but had to pick the next interview date on Dec 16th because it was the same day as my UNT interview.
Anyone heard from UTSW? Are we supposed to get a confirmation that they received our application??
You should get a confirmation and get your password and username. Mine took about 2-3 weeks.
Just wondering if anyone has heard about anything the past couple of days about any schools? I have yet to hear anything.
Has anybody who's been on interviews run into anyone who's heard from UTSW about an interview that wasnt early decision?

I've talked to people who've applied, but I haven't come across anyone yet. I'm just hoping they didn't already fill the class with early decison candidates.

I tried to email Sandra Molina to see if interview invites had gone out, but all I got back was a generic email saying qualified applicants would be invited to interview, and to apply to multiple programs to increase my chances of matching with a program.
Yea I've been wondering the same thing about UTSW. Also when you emailed TWU, she said there is a second applicant pool they look at, at the end of october?
Yes, Mary-Beth said another round of decision letters would probably go out late October.
For UTSW they only do like 4 interviews and I don't think the next one is untill late October or early November
I heard from a couple people who got into TWU last year if you were not in the first two groups you won't know until Christmas time. I feel like we won't hear for another interview or results for another month since a lot of schools due dates are not for another month or so. Or even January(UNT). This waiting game sucks!
Anybody hear from UNT/Texas Tech? I submitted late (like latter half of September). UNT portal says my application is complete and TTU sent a generic email saying they will contact me. Does anyone know how much of the class has been filled for these 2 schools? Also, when do they send rejection letters (now or later on?)
I'm interviewing at UNT on Nov 15th, which is the first interview date as far as I know.

I interviewed this past Friday at Tech at the Lubbock campus, but I know they also had an interview at the Amarillo campus the week before that and were having an interview at the Odessa campus the same day I was in Lubbock, and those were all the first interviews for each campus.

As far as acceptance and rejections letters, pretty sure they haven't filled the class very much yet and no idea when letters will go out.
Checking in.

Eagerly awaiting any news from early decision TWU... My stats beat all their averages, so I am just waiting to hear back.

Good luck to everyone. :luck:
I'm surprised no one (at least on this forum that I've seen) has heard from TWU yet...seems like notifications are going out later than last year.
I'm surprised no one (at least on this forum that I've seen) has heard from TWU yet...seems like notifications are going out later than last year.

Yeah it is so strange, I remember reading on the forum last year that people were finding out like late September. There must be a large pool of applicants or something.
Heard from TWU today!

The news was good.

Good luck everybody.

So I had sent an email to Mary Beth and alluded to second round of early decisions. She said there was only the one and quoted the GRE criteria of 154/154/4.5. She said next round is in November with notifications going out in December. So it seems like there is only 1 round of early decision with an extremely high bar. (Also Last 60 hours GPA 3.7
M&S GPA 3.6). She said 6 in Dallas and 3 in Houston were offered so lots of spots left!
Pruitt did she say what was the next criteria cut of in terms of stats?
No. I'm just assuming the next is regular admissions since she said they'd start looking Mid November and that's after regular deadline. So I think it's just a ranking system at this point instead of numerical cut offs. Again, this is just my assumption since I didn't ask that specific question.
I also called UNT and they said so far only about 10 November interview invites had gone out and that they are still in process of reviewing applications to invite for the 1st interview. He said the second interview would be in February and no other interview sessions were planned after that. Online it says they interview a total of 100 people so keep the faith until the fat lady sings!
thanks pruitt for providing that info about UNT and TWU, I've had the same questions about those schools. And gratz wanderpt!
Update: I got an interview invite for TTU on November 1. Based on this thread, I believe this is the 2nd round of interviews.

Thanks for the update on UNT! I was going to call them also to find out my status. I wonder how many they plan on inviting for the early interview? Stay positive and best of luck y'all!:):thumbup:
YESSS!!! Thank you for the update on UNT! I was getting kind of worried! I wonder why they are taking their time sending out interviews.... Flights are getting more expensive!
Ennuisitic around when did you apply to TTU?

Also do u mind sharing your stats, gpa, science gpa, gre, hours
Ennuisitic around when did you apply to TTU?

Also do u mind sharing your stats, gpa, science gpa, gre, hours

I applied to TTU late September and they verified my app 10/1, and they notified me on 10/15.

I'm considered a non-trad student; I received my B.S. in 2007.
Major: Accounting
Overall GPA: 3.52
Pre-Req GPA: 4.0 (taken at community college)
Last 60 Hours: 3.92 (only B was O-Chem); this is mainly my science GPA since I didn't take science courses in my first degree
GRE: 150/150/4.5
Work Experience:4000 hours as therapy tech in inpatient rehab, acute care, wound care

Best of luck to you!
I just received my acceptance email from TTU this morning. :)
Got an interview at ttu in Odessa nov 1...best of luck
Has anyone heard anything from UTSW? Really the only school I've heard nothing about. Also has anyone gotten a interview for UNT? My stats are way higher than there averages yet I havent heard anything from them yet.
I'm scheduled for an Interview with UNT on Nov. 15th.

I have not heard anything from UTSW. I emailed them last week and all they told me was that they are reviewing candidates, and to apply to multiple programs, which is what they tell me everytime I try to ask them a question about interviews.
Anyone else heard from UNT or the others i mentioned besides Impulse lol?