Texas Resident WAMC/ cumulative: 3.68; sci: 3.73 (AMCAS)/ cumulative:3.72; sci: 3.79(TMDSAS)/MCAT 517.

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Rishikesh Venkat

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Mar 20, 2024
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The reason for the lower cumulative GPA is that while I started to show an upward trend after my sophomore year, I gained 2 Fs in the summer after sophomore year. This is due to me having to go to India to care for my parents and sister because they were all hospitalized and bedridden, which resulted in me failing a government and history class at community college. I did retake the classes the following summer after my junior year and got an A in both classes with 4.0s in my junior and senior year.

Research - 850 hours with four poster presentations

Leadership - Treasurer for one club and vice president for another (2 years both positions). Lead volunteer ambassador at the hospital (1 year)

Organizations - Thirst Project, Astronomy society, AED

Non clinical volunteering - 150 hours at museums and garden for the homeless, First year mentor program teaching a class of freshman

Clinical volunteering - 165 hours in a hospital volunteering program

Awards - Research scholarship twice

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, reading, and endurance racing (spartan race, savage race, and triathlons), having completed 3 sprints in the spartan race, 2 supers in the race, and one beast portion of the race. I've also completed a triathlon.

TA - 2 semesters (one for introduction to neuroscience and the other for neuroanatomy)

Shadowing - 150 hours in a London hospital across two specialties: pediatric endocrinology and neurology.

Work - 150 hours in an ED as a scribe and over 1000 hours as an EMT

How do I stand as a texas applicant? Any Advice on how to go from here would be appreciated, considering my lower GPA because of my circumstances.

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