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Jul 26, 2000
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As an MS-II, is it too early to start contacting residency programs to get information from them? My wife has just started law school, and it would help her out if she had some idea of where we might be during my residency (different states require different classes to get ready for their bar exam). Thanks.

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Apr 9, 2000
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Its not too early - I suggest looking up information on FREIDA (or at SFMatch if relevant) for programs you *might* be interested in, as well as individual programs' web sites.

Be aware that some programs may simply tell you "see the website" or "see FREIDA" for information; they no longer send out glossy brochures.

Because residency programs are widespread, you are probably better off selecting a small geographic area in which you PREFER residency and your wife can adjust her studies accordingly. However, you both should be prepared for the very real possibility (depending on your application and the competition in your field of choice) that you don't match in a state of your (first/top) choice. It may be time for a "what if" discussion - "what if" you don't match to one of your ranked programs (presumably in a state where she has completed the requirements for the bar) and have to scramble, only for a position out of your desired geographic area?


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Jun 25, 2002
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I'd check out most programs' websites, as they have lots of info these days. (unless you have specific questions) Most programs don't send out pamphlets in the mail, just website info nowadays anyways...
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