Aug 21, 2016
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Hey guys!

I've been studying medicine in Europe for 2 years and now I'm taking a skip year because of family reasons (my sister was told day becofe her graduation that she has a brain tumor so I opted to come home to stay with her.) and next spring my sister is applying to study in US and due to her high grades she's got high hopes of getting in, co-incidentally at the same time it looks like my parents will be moving to FL for work sometime after next Jan.

I'm wondering if there's any chance for me to transfer to US through USMLE since I've already completed the 2 first years of med school here in Europe? I wouldn't mind starting from year one, but wouldn't be bummed out if I had to do start from pre-med.

Anyone have more information of this? I'm not particularly picky of where or what school, but due to parents future location I will definitely will be applying to FL.

Do you guys know if there's any school known to be taking in international students or what's the timeline as to when apply? Or knows a website where to find this all?

Thanks for reading!



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Oct 11, 2006
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US medical schools very rarely accept transfers, and when they do it's usually only from other US medical schools and for very specific/unique reasons. You can't "transfer to US through USMLE". USMLE is an exam that most US medical students take, it doesn't have anything to do with transferring schools. Bottom line: You'd probably need to apply to start again in the US. To do so, you'll need an undergraduate diploma and take the MCAT exam, like all other applicants. Very few US schools allow international students. And you'll need a way to pay for it -- medical school in the US is usually at least $40K-50K for each year, and as an international student you may not qualify for most student loan programs.

Honestly your best option is to complete school where you are, and then try to complete residency training in the US. Although that isn't easy either, it's much easier than trying to get into a US school.