1. P

    Medical University Łódź English Division

    Hello everyone! I am an American undergraduate student majoring in biology. I am interested in studying medicine at the Medical University Łódź (English program). How difficult are admissions (what is the approximate admission rate)? How is the entrance exam and interview? How is the process...
  2. I

    Long-winded journey back to Medicine

    Greetings all, I was suggested this forum by a friend who is also interested in Medicine. I am perhaps a blatant non-traditional student (applicant as of yet though). To tell my entire story and background is very long, so I will summarise here to keep it relatively short. However, it might end...
  3. Est1108

    How to become a doctor in Spain

    Hi🙂, I’m currently in high school (U.S) and was wondering if there is anyway I can attend medical school in Spain. Spanish is my first language and I want to study in spain for med school. Is there any way I can do this? Do I get a bachelors then transfer? Or can I go right after high school...
  4. D

    How does admission to european medical schools work?

    I am not considering applying to medical school in Europe, but I have always wondered how their admissions system differs from ours. It seems like most students go straight from high school into medical school there. Are there ever any "non traditional" medical students in that system (i.e., you...
  5. D

    Prospects of becoming a dentist in Europe and Canada as an international student

    Hello. I've been seeking some guidance about the process of becoming a dentist as a foreigner in the EU (Prague, The Republic of Ireland) and North America( precisely Canada). I've heard some terrible data about the labor state in Canada, especially in the dental realm. A lot of people are...
  6. Saint Richie

    EU Dental Licensing Laws

    Hey guys, so I tried doing my own research online but have come short of any useful information. I'm currently a dental student in the US working at getting my license in the US. I'm also a dual citizen of Italy. I know that US law does not allow foreign dentists to practice there, and the EU...
  7. D

    International Practice Rights?

    Pod student here. I understand that DPM is an American degree with no guarantee of practice rights abroad (heck, there's no guarantee of practice rights state-to-state), but I would be very interested in working in Southern Europe seasonally if not full time. Does anyone have experience with...
  8. L

    Working as a physician in Europe

    Hello everyone, If someone has their MD degree from outside Europe, but completes residency in Europe, does it entitle them to work in any European country or only the country where they did their residency? Thank you :)
  9. V

    international vet schools

    Hi, I am an international student, in college in the US at the moment. I would like to keep my options open as to where I would like to work after completing my degree in vet med (US or Europe). Is there an advantage to choosing an international vet school (eg Glasgow)? Or does a degree from a...
  10. A

    Undergraduate student from Texas wanting to complete a medical degree in the Czech Republic.

    Hey, I’m a sophomore at an undergraduate program in Texas (I’m a US citizen with a US passport). I’m currently completing pre medical requirements with an Interdisciplinary Degree (foundations in natural sciences and arts and humanities, with a concentration in health). I want to go medical...
  11. I

    Applying to Medical School In Germany

    Hey Everyone, About me, I am an American living in Germany (seriously) considering applying to medical school here. I have done two years of pre-med undergrad in the US before I moved here. I had very good highschool grades, AP scores, SAT, etc. as well as Bio, Chem, Ochem, Phys, Math in the...
  12. W

    International Opportunities for Psychologists

    Hello there: I am new to the forum, but could not find any previous information about this, so hopefully I'm posting in the right place. I am finishing up a PsyD degree and have an interest in living abroad for a limited period of time (anywhere from 3 months to 3 years). I am wondering if...
  13. S

    Poland Medical Students click this!

  14. H

    Charles University In Czech Republic

    Hey, so I'll be joining Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine, I've noticed that theres quite a few posts here about the university but they seem to be really outdated and some may even be upto 8 years old. So anyway, Any piece of advice from anyone already studying there? What are the...
  15. M

    PhD PhD opening in truma epidemiology (Finland)

    Might be of interest for those with an interest in trauma. https://
  16. T

    Dental Biomaterials Fellowship (Finland)

    The Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre ̶TCBC at the University of Turku (Finland) offers a fellowship in biomaterials science. The overall purpose of this fellowship is to increase the knowledge of biomaterials science and to prepare young researchers in this domain. TCBC's expertise is focused...
  17. Sherine

    interventional cardiology fellowships in europe .

    hello fellow doctors , can anyone guide me to an interventional cardiology center/hospitals in europe that offers interventional cardiology fellowships for non EU physicians . Thanks in advance ,
  18. B

    Get paid to travel Europe and South America this summer while mentoring pre-meds

    You fought through freshman Bio, overcame O-Chem, defeated the MCAT, persevered through personal statements and secondary essays, crushed the in-person interview and have been accepted to medical school. Give back this summer and travel fully-funded to Europe or South America for 8 to 15 weeks...
  19. Xenops

    MD/PhD Program Equivalents in Europe?

    In the U.S., there are programs where it's a joint program with the student earning an MD along with a PhD in a related field. These programs can be 8 years or longer, but the appeal of the programs is that these are often covered by grants and stipends. While I am interested in going to...
  20. H

    Best Czech Medical College?

    Hey, I would like to know what the best university in czech republic would be for studying medicine in terms of quality of education, recognition, workload, cost etc? I have already qualified for the 2nd Faculty of Medicine and Palacky University and will be sitting for the entrance exams for...
  21. NeuroendoHolism

    Anyone go to European Medical School and Stay?

    Hi there I've been thinking a lot about European medical school not for the tuition rates but because I want to live and work in Europe, I'd rather do psychiatry but I think I'll end up with neuro because psychiatry isn't popular in Europe. I don't have family there, ancestors sure, how do I...
  22. germindian123

    Europe perio programs

    Hello guys! I am a D2 at a CODA-accredited US dental school. I was wondering, does anyone know the rules and regulations for applying to an EFP-accredited perio program based out of Europe? Most of these schools require 2 years general dentistry working experience. For example, if I graduated...
  23. N

    From Doctor Human Med to Veterinary Med, how can I do it?

    Hi, So as you can see in the title I'm looking to find out about transitioning from Medicine to Veterinary. I've found a post about doing the reverse but no info on Med -> Vet. At the minute i'm in my third year of medical school (3rd of 5) and whilst I don't hate it, in fact I quite like many...
  24. R

    thinking about German medical school - don't know any German

    Ok so I am a native English speaker, non-US and non-EU citizen and thinking about studying medicine in Germany for next fall 2018. I have a Bachelors degree from a US university and finished 2 years of medical school in the US but had to withdraw due to personal and financial reasons. Anyhoos I...
  25. DiagnasaurusRex

    Transitioning from US to EU as and MD

    Hi all, First a a little about me. American citizen MD, graduated from UTMB Completed Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Board certified in Internal Medicine 2 years in practice as a Hospitalist. Have Colorado and Texas medical license. Pretty good experience regarding critical care...
  26. D

    Studying in an International Medical School in Europe vs US Medical School

    I am currently a senior at a US high school. I am debating whether attending UT Austin or UT San Antonio or enrolling in Charles University 2nd Faculty of Medicine. I am a US citizen but lived most of my life abroad because of my parents work, so I am not considered a Texan resident and pay...
  27. O

    Residency in Europe

    Hello people, Introduction: I am a 4th year medical student in Europe. I was thinking about doing my residency in USA or a western european country. Lately, everyone is telling that the working hours in USA are more compared to Europe(80 vs 48 to be exact, even though not all countries apply...
  28. C

    Medical School in Europe for US Citizens

    I am a pre-med student in the United States and I am very interested in the prospect of going to medical school in Europe, especially France. I am from the US and I just completed my first year of university in the US. My grades are where they should be and I'm not worried about the difficulty...
  29. I

    Australian Looking to study Medicine in the Netherlands.

    Made the decision that I very much want to study and practice medicine in the Netherlands. I am currently in year 11 and hopefully looking at an ATAR high 80's low 90's with my school being in an under represented low socio economic area for university access programs. I am just trying to grasp...
  30. I

    Australian Looking to study Medicine in the Netherlands.

    Made the decision that I very much want to study and practice medicine in the Netherlands. I am currently in year 11 and hopefully looking at an ATAR high 80's low 90's with my school being in an under represented low socio economic area for university access programs. I am just trying to grasp...
  31. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Western Europe

    Hello Guys!!!!! I would like to do my post grad in Western European countries like the following Germany, Austria, Belgium, Swiss As far I have researched Germany seems to be a better option cuz the PG courses are offered in English, as a non German i think it will be very difficult to do PG in...
  32. J

    Travel Plans/Advice for Accepted Students

    Hi guys, got inspired by @ChrisMack390 's post about plans prior to matriculating in a few months. I am looking to travel before going to school. I quit my full time job and have a few thousand dollars saved up for travel. I have never left the country before and I have been trying to google...
  33. doctorsdoctor

    Practicing Radiology in (EU,NZ, AUSTRALIA) after residency training in PH

    After finishing radiology training in the Philippines for 4 years I plan to go abroad (New Zealand/Australia/Europe/Dubai). So I have researched and my best chance of practicing medicine abroad is to train residency here in my home country Philippines, and later on take a fellowship program...
  34. I

    EU Citizen and NON-EU MedSchool looking for residency in europe.

    Hello! I'm a 5th year med student from Venezuela looking for residency options in Europe. I have Portuguese Nationality by descent. I would love if someone has some information about Belgium or Germany residency and specialties, what steps to take (besides learning the language) and if I'll be...
  35. R

    Applying to Poznan University of Medical Sciences

    Hey guys, I'm a first year kinesiology student at the University of Calgary but I will be dropping out to pursue dentistry in Europe. The main school I want to get into is in Poznan. Anyone else planning to apply there? Any tips for the interview and entrance exam? Thanks!
  36. S

    Applying to European Med Schools during US college degree

    I'm 16, and I'm a freshman who is double majoring and is part of an honors program at an American university. I want to become a physician-scientist, and anything that can limit my family's financial strain would make the path much easier. Med schools in Europe are low cost, if not free, and...
  37. R

    Gave up on pursing dentistry in Canada - Is Europe an option?

    Hello, This is my first post on here and I apologise for any typos in advance. In a nutshell, I did a year of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary in hopes of getting a GPA high enough to apply for dentistry. However, after a year of handwork, the best I could do was a 3.0 GPA and when...
  38. M

    RT to MD. The (Best) Path To Becoming A Doctor.

    Good evening everyone, I've been reading a lot of posts on this site and figured it's time I get my story out there and see what people have to say about my plan. I'm currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia working as an RT (Respiratory Therapist) and I moved here 15 months ago to challenge myself...
  39. M

    American going to med school in Europe?

    Would medical schools in Europe, specifically Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Charité in Berlin or Heidelberg consider accepting an American high school graduate who meets the language requirements?
  40. M

    What is being a doctor like in Germany and Switzerland?

    What is life like for a doctor in Germany or Switzerland? Like, what is the average salary and what kind of lifestyle does the salary allow one to lead? What are the working conditions in these countries for doctors?